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Cameron for Scotland

David Camoron gave a speech in Edinburgh yesterday in which he extolled the virtues of the union and dashed any hopes that England under the Conswervatives might ever achieve equality.

Camoron is a tit.  A complete and utter fucking idiot.  The Tories will never be elected in Scotland yet at every possible opportunity, Camoron treks up to Scotland to tell them how great the union is and how shit the English are.  Get it through your thick skull Camoron, only England votes Conswervative.

The following statement by Camoron confirms that England will always be bottom of the Tories’ list of priorities:


This is where I stand, here in this great and beautiful capital, an English politician in a Scottish city saying clearly today and for all time that Britain comes first.

Britain comes first.  The shitty, pointless, unwanted union comes before English people being treated as equals with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It comes before all those people who go blind because so much English money goes into subsidising the celtic fringe that there’s not enough left for the NHS in England to give the same treatment to English people that they’re paying for Scots and Welsh to receive.  It comes before all those people who needlessly die of cancer because there’s not enough money in England to pay for the cancer drugs that English people are paying for Scots to have.

And in every part of these islands I want people to hear me when I say this.

That if it should ever come to a choice between constitutional perfection and the preservation of our nation, I choose our United Kingdom.

Constitutional perfection?  Constitutional frigging perfection?  You mean English people getting treated as equals in the union?  You mean English people getting a devolved government of their own the same as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have?  Not at the expense of the union though, eh?  And anything that doesn’t keep English people unrepresented, discriminated against and continually out of pocket is a threat to the union isn’t it?

That is because being British is one of the most successful examples of inclusive civic nationalism in the world. We are a shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-national society can and should be.

What?  What the fuck?  What is so great about a union in which 85% of the population have no national government whilst the remaining 15% have 3 between them?  What is so great about a union that can only function whilst the nationality of 85% of the population has to be abolished and suppressed for it to survive?  What is so great about a union where 15% of the population are financially insolvent and have to live off hand-outs from the other 85%?  What is so great about a union where 85% of the population are racially discriminated against by the state just to preserve the union?  And what is so great about a union that NOBODY EXCEPT POLITICIANS WANT?

That means saying loudly and proudly: together, we are stronger.
Britain is one of only five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

We have a seat at the top table and are listened to in a way that other countries can only dream of.
So yes, together we are stronger.

And you know that England won’t inherit the seat on the UN Security Council do you Camoron?  No you don’t because nobody knows.  Most people in foreign countries don’t know there’s a difference between England and Britain anyway you muppet.

The City of London overtaking New York as a global powerhouse……Edinburgh’s role as a great financial centre.

Yeah, Edinburgh.  Well know international financial centre.  It’s got the Royal Bank of Scotland and … erm … yeah, Edinburgh.  London is in England Camoron, they subsidise the rest of the UK by an enormous amount.  London would benefit more from the end of the union than any other part of England.

The NHS is the best of British……created by a Welshman and benefiting from the skills of doctors trained in the great medical schools of Scotland.

Yes and if you live in England you will receive inferior medical treatment to the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish and you will pay for their superior health service.  The NHS practices medical apartheid, it’s hardly something to be proud of of and there are four national health services – one for each nation – not a single British NHS.

Britishness is also about institutions, attachment to our monarchy, admiration for our armed forces, understanding of our history, recognising that our liberty is rooted in the rule of law and respect for parliament.

Our institutions, most of which have been split up into two or more national versions.  Most institutions have seperate Scottish versions.  Is that what Camoron means?  And our history?  Who knows about our history?  Our history is being written out of history books.  Anything between the Battle of Hastings and World War 1 is out of bounds in schools now.  We even have fucking retards like No Mandate Brown claiming Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights as great British achievements.

So, to those in England who are angry about rising council tax, angry about the rising cost of living, and angry when they look across the border and hear about no prescription charges and free social care, I say this.

Don’t blame the Scots.
Don’t blame the Union.

It’s not because of the Union that your aspirations are not being met.
It’s not because Scotland is taking and not giving.
It’s because your Government is failing and not delivering.

It’s the Scottish government that have introduced all these things.  It’s the Scottish-British government that has allowed them to do this by giving them home rule and billions of pounds of English taxes to pay for it all.  We even paid for their bloody parliament building.  It is because of the union that our aspirations are not being met – it is because of the union that the British establishment won’t give us our own parliament so that we can give ourselves what the Scots have got.  We can’t afford to have what the Scots have got at the moment because they get what they want first and we get what’s left.  It’s not our government that’s failing, it’s your government Camoron.  You and your British chums are just as bad – you will not give England parity with the rest of the UK and that is why we are unhappy and that is why the union will be dead within a decade.

So yes we will take part enthusiastically in the Constitutional Commission, and I applaud Annabel Goldie for her courage and determination to do that.

So you’ll take part in the second Scottish Constitutional Convention but not in the first English Constitutional Convention?  Fucking hypocrite.

We have not leapt on the Barnett formula bandwagon.
We have not sought to exploit these matters to foster a sense of English nationalism.

And we never will, because we believe in the Union and we will never do anything to put it at risk.


Consider all our Party’s history, not just the recent past.
It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, who set up the Scottish Office.
It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, who elevated the Scottish Secretary to full Cabinet rank.

And it was the Conservative Party after the war that stood up for Scotland’s identity, and the life of Scottish businesses, against the attempts at nationalisation and centralisation by Labour.

And they still don’t vote Conservative.  And they never will vote Conservative.  What is this obsession with Scotland?

Stronger together; weaker apart.
Stronger together: let us keep that precious idea forever in our hearts.

Fuck off Camoron, just fuck off.  You are a turncoat, you are a traitor, you are a disaster.  I will never vote for your Conswervative Party and if I ever see your grinning face in my vacinity I will spit in it.  If you love Scotland so much, buy a house up there and move out of London.  We don’t want you and we don’t want your union.

How can any English person support this party?

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Half a boycott for Mugabe

Britishness Brown has boycotted a Federal Europe-Zimbabwe summit because the tyrant Mugabe was attending.

However, his moral stance doesn’t stretch as far as refusing any representation from the UK – he sent Baroness Amos in his place.

Mugabe’s flight should be redirected to the Hague where he should stand trial for crimes against humanity.  Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans (if not more) have died at the hands of this tinpot dictator and his jackbooted militia.  Zimbabwe used to be called the bread basket of Africa because they produced so much suprlus food.  Now they can’t even feed themselves and they can’t afford to buy food from abroad because the Zimbabwean dollar is worthless evan after Mugabe knocked three zeroes off the end of it and the unofficial rate of inflation is estimated to be running at over 11,000%.

Like everything No Mandate Brown does, he appears to be doing one thing but really he’s doing something else.  I knew he was devious but I didn’t think it had reached Blairite proportions.  Guess I was wrong.

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Virgin on ridiculous

The NHS has found something new to spend our money on.  Not something frivilous or wasteful like cancer treatments, but hymen repair jobs for muslim women.

I kid you not.  Muslim women can get a pretend virginity for their husbands free of charge on the NHS.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) refuses lots of medical treatments because they don’t provide “value for money”.  But fake virginities do.

I am increasingly of the opinion that the only way we’re ever going to reclaim England from the traitors who are running the country into the ground is a revolution.

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Sarkozy won’t hold EU referendum

The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, says that a referendum on the EU constitution in the UK would result in a no vote and has refused to hold a referendum in France “because that would mean having one in Britain and that would be a danger to Europe”.

The French and Dutch have already rejected the EU constitution once but are being refused the opportunity to reject it for a second time.

Jim Murphy, a Minister for Europe, is in the Netherlands today to discuss ways of avoiding having a referendum.


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EU Constitution Lords Committee

A House of Lords Committee is being challenged by a group of Lords over the composition of a committee advising the British government on the EU not-a-constitution.

The committee currently meets in secret and 16 out of the 18 committee members are in favour of the EU constitution.  Two of them even have EU pensions and under EU rules they could have their pensions taken off them if they don’t promote the EU.

The committee is deliberately made up of eurofederalists and peers with a vested interest in Federal Europe to ensure the EU not-a-constitution’s safe passage through both houses and deny us the referendum we were promised.

On a related note, the Irish Republic will be holding a referendum in 2008 despite concerted attempts by the eurofederalists in the Irish government who have been trying to find a way of not having one.

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Gordon Brown: Criminal and Traitor

The One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan has sold us down the river.

Last night he signed a treaty establishing, amongst other things, a European nation, primacy of EU law over national law and a commitment to adopt the Euro.

Don’t be taken in by the propaganda spouted by the eurofederalists and the traitor politcians who want their chance to play at being world statesmen – this treaty is the UE Constitution in all but name and Gordo the Goblin King’s “red lines” are certainly not drawn in permanent marker.

The not-a-constitution is a self-amending treaty.  Anything in the not-a-constitution that currently requires a unanimous vote of member states can be changed to a majority vote without another treaty.  Our oil supplies are coming under EU control, as is asylum and immigration.  The not-a-constitution establishes the Euro as the currency of the EU and requires all member states to commit to its introduction.  It also requires members to start giving up their derogations – the precious “red lines” that the Tartan Traitor says are protecting “British” interests.

This is undeniably a transfer of sovereignty from the British government to the EU.  Commitments have been made, in signing the treaty, that will bind successive parliaments.  This is not allowed but the highest court in the land will be a European court which is obliged to work for the benefit of the EU so any attempt by future parliaments not to honour these commitments will likely be ruled unlawful by the EU.

The Bill of Rights 1689 – a law still in effect today – says “That no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm”.  The terms are a bit archaic so I’ll just explain what they mean.  A “foreign prince” is a member of a royal family from another country that has settled in this country and been allowed to keep their title.  A “prelate” is a high-ranking member of the clergy.  A “potentate” is either the unelected head of a state or an “ambassador” performing negotiations on behalf of a large group.

The EU cannot negotiate on behalf of England.  No “ambassador” of the EU can have jurisdiction over England.  To allow this to happen – which No Mandate Brown has just done by signing the not-a-constitution – is unlawful and nothing short of treason.

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More EU Constitution lies

The One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan has been lying about the EU not-a-Constitution again.

On Tuesday the European Scrutiny Committee – which is mainly made up of Liebour MPs – said that the EU Reform Treaty is essentially the same as the EU Constitution and to claim that they aren’t basically the same thing is misleading.

David Cameron called on Gordo the Goblin King to honour Liebour’s promise to hold a referendum on the Constitution but the lying, corrupt bastard said no.  He said it was the “red lines” that make it different enough to the Constitution not to require a referendum.  The treacherous shit has previously said that it was the fact that it amends exsiting treaties instead of replacing them that makes it different enough.  Make your fucking mind up Gordon, you two-faced traitor.

The EU Constitution and the Reform Treaty are the same damn thing.  They are 92% identical, leaders of other EU member states have said that it’s the same thing, the eurofederalist Nazi bitch Merkel said it’s the same thing, even a committee of eurofederalist Liebour MPs said it’s the same fucking thing.  I want my referendum and I want it now.

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I want a referendum

I was promised a referendum on the EU Constitution by Traitor Blair and I want Britishness Brown to honour that promise.

I don’t want to hear bullshit excuses such as “it’s not the EU Constitution” or “it’s a much more cut-down version” – the text in the new treaty is 96% identical to the text in the EU Constitution and it’s only cut down because most of it has already been brought in piecemeal after the French and Dutch voted against it.

Sign up at

British government is racist

An 18 year old girl has been refused permission to apply for a job with the  Environment Agency because she is white and English.

The application form asked for ethnic origin and included “White Other, eg. Irish, Welsh, Scottish”.  The application said that preference would be given to those from minorities.  When asked if being White English ruled her out for the job, Abigail Howarth was told by Bola Odusi of PATH National Ltd, the company running the recruitment scheme, “Thank you for your enquiry unfortunately the traineeship opportunity in targeted towards the ethnic minority group to address their under representations in the professions under the Race Relations Act amended 2000.”

However, the Environment Agency admits that it has “no evidence that white Welsh, Scottish or Irish workers were under-represented” in the area where Abigail Howarth wanted to apply but claims that the Commission for Racial Equality has confirmed that it is acting lawfully in racially discriminating against white English people.

Mary McDowell from PATH National Ltd said “The White Welsh, White Irish and White Scottish is a technicality in law – if they are a minority, they are entitled to places on these schemes – they are not part of the majority group, which is White English.  “The White English in this area are the majority group and hence could not apply.”

So, the recruitment officer from PATH National was black, the Organisational Development Manager from PATH National was Scottish, the head of the Environment Agency is Scottish and the Commission for Racial Equailty is headed up by a black person and people are acting surprised because White English people are being discriminated against?  This oppresive, politically correct, racist bullshit has got to stop.  Why the fuck should White English people be prepared to be discriminated against because of their colour and their nationality in their own country?  PATH National should be immediately sacked as a public sector supplier and the staff involved in this racist campaign should be prosecuted for racial discrimination.  The Chief Executive of the Environment Agency should be hauled in front of the Parliamentary Standards Committee and the Commission for Racial Equality after which, the CRE should be wound up and all “positive discrimination” laws repealed.  You cannot positively discriminate against anyone, discrimination is exclusively a negative action and to discriminate against someone for belonging to the majority colour and nationality in their own country is indefensible.

Criminal Justice System

The English language sometimes makes it hard to convey your actual meaning in writing but, on the other hand, it makes for suitably ambiguous headlines like this one.

Some time ago, the British government tried to change the law so that “terrorist suspects” could be locked up for 3 months without charge.  The attempt failed as even Labour MP’s saw through the thinly-veiled attempt to curtail civil liberties unnecessarily and the shonky way in which justification was invented by instructing police forces to draw up proposals for 90 day detention without charge and then claiming those proposals were requests for its introduction.  Let’s be realistic here – if you’ve got enough evidence to suspect somebody you don’t need three months to find a charge that will stick.

The “independent” reviewer of anti-terrorism legislation, Lord Carlile, recently said that unelected judges should decide how long people can be held without charge instead of elected politicians.  I think this is probably the first time the “you gave the wrong answer before so we won’t ask you again” method of democracy has been used on MP’s.  Lord Carlile has previously proposed bringing in an English version of the US Patriot Act which allows the US government to lock up non-US citizens indefinitely without charge, without trial and without access to legal advice.

This is all illegal under our existing constitution of course.  Habeas Corpus (yes, it’s a law, not a principle) and the Bill of Rights between them guarantee the right to trial by jury and ban summary justice and arbitrary imprisonment.  What other basic rights do we need?  We certainly don’t need a new Bill of Rights which is what No Mandate Brown is planning to introduce.  What we need is for our existing rights under our centuries old constitution to be respected.  Under English law you can’t lock people up indefinitely, the police or local authority “enforcement officers” can’t hand out on-the-spot fines and you can’t be convicted of any crime without standing trial in front of a jury if that is your wish.

The curtailment of our civil liberties and blatant disregard for our constitution and legal system is all in the name of fighting terrorism.  The British government calls it a “war” but it’s not.  You can’t have a war against a word or a crime, a war is between two or more nations.  If this was a war, terrorism suspects would be prisoners of war and would have more rights from the Geneva Convention than they do under anti-terrorism laws.  But what constitutes an offence under the “anti-terrorism” laws that the British government have introduced?

Reading the names of dead soldiers outside the war memorial next to Downing Street is a crime under anti-terrorism laws.  Carrying a blank placard within 1km of Parliament is a crime under anti-terrorism laws.  Wearing a T-Shirt insulting the Prime Minister within 1km of Parliament is a crime under anti-terrorism laws.

Anyone who has seen Taking Liberties or read the book by the same name will remember the man who was put under house arrest for not being a terrorist.  Off the top of my head, the story goes something like this: a muslim went to live in Afghanistan before the invasion because he wanted to experience living in an Islamic country.  When the Americans threatened to invade liberate the country he moved his family to Pakistan.  The Americans subsequently offered a bounty to anyone in Pakistan accusing someone of terrorism.  As an outsider, the man was promptly sold to the Americans by locals.  He was taken to Afghanistan and tortured interrogated for a few months with the full knowledge of British government.  He was then taken to Guantanamo Bay where he was tortured interrogated some more and then sent back to the UK without standing trial where he was placed under house arrest by the Home Secretary for not being a terrorist.

There is another story in the same book about another muslim who stood trial as a terrorist for knowing someone who knew someone who stabbed a police officer during a “terror raid”.  He was acquitted after the CPS’ case fell to pieces when it became clear that he didn’t even know the person who had stabbed the police officer but his freedom was short-live because the Home Secretary put him under house arrest for not being a terrorist.

What is so absurd about “anti-terrorism” legislation is that it isn’t actually needed.  Committing a terrorist act, when you break it down, is one or more existing basic crimes.  Blowing something up is criminal damage, killing somebody is murder and trying to kill somebody is attempted murder.  Planning to commit one of these crimes is conspiracy to commit criminal damage or conspiracy to commit murder and trying to undermine the state is treason.  All these have been crimes for centuries and, until recently, carried serious sentences.

To use a recent example: the two muslims, Singe Maheed and Allaburn Majeep, who drove a jeep into Glasgow Airport were guilty of criminal damage and attempted murder.  The fact that they were a pair of nutjob jihadi’s doesn’t make it anything other than those two basic crimes.

So, getting back to my original comment about the failings of the English language and the ambiguous headline – is it a criminal justice system or is the justice system criminal?  Answers on a postcard …

A different type of politics?

A couple of months ago Gordon Brown said that he wanted a “different kind of politics”.  He said that he would “listen and learn”.  Gordon Brown is a liar.

When Shropshire County Council first proposed abolishing local councils and replacing them with a single, sub-regional unitary authority, people said they didn’t want it.  Three of the five districts that were under threat held referenda and all three referenda rejected the idea of one council for Shropshire.  The county council, however, showed its utter contempt for public opinion by not only continuing with its bid but submitting its proposal to central government on the day one of the referenda results were due to be announced.

In all, local democracy is being abolished in nine areas and being replaced with unitary authorities.

Comments on West Midlands NO! please.


A black binman from Burnley has been banned from wearing his Cross of St George bandana at work because it might be racist and/or offensive.

Pendle Council told Matthew Carter that they had received complaints and gave him a verbal warning.  He was told that he is not allowed to wear any clothing with a Cross of St George on it in case it offends someone.  They don’t have a problem, however, with the Skull and Crossbones bandana that he is now wearing to keep his dreadlocks from getting trapped in the machinery on the back of the bin lorry.

I wonder if he’d have got into trouble for wearing a Union Flag bandana.  Or a Stars and Stripes bandana.  Or how about a Scottish one?  The council’s operations manager goes by the name of Ian McInery … I’m sure the Scottish connection is just a coincidence.

No Mandate Brown defends his feifdom

No Mandate Brown has ruled out banning MPs from Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish constituencies from interfering in matters that only affect England over which they have no say in their own constituencies.

Gordon the Goblin King says that he will Britain only Britain support Britain constitutional Britain changes Britain that Britain will Britain make Britain Britain Britain stronger. Britain. Britain Britain Britain. Britain.

The Ignorant Jock says that stopping MPs such as himself from voting on things that only affect England because that would create two classes of MP – those that could vote on all legislation and those that couldn’t vote on devolved matters in England. David Cameron, unusually, put up a bit of opposition by pointing out that there are already two classes of MP – those who can vote on matters that only affect another country from the one they were elected in and those that can’t.

Needless to say it fell on deaf ears. I mean, what would No Mandate Brown actually do all day if he couldn’t fuck up the English NHS, English education system, English environment, English fishing industry, English trade and industry, English emergency services, English local government and all the other policy areas that are devolved in his own constituency and for which not a single voter has ever elected him? How could he carry out his pledge to make the English NHS and English education system his top priorities despite not a single English voter having the opportunity to judge what he does to them through the ballot box?

The man is a two-faced, hypocritical bigot. He has no right to govern this country, he has no right to mess with our constitution. The only decent thing that the Goblin King can do – indeed the only thing he should be allowed to do is resign and call a general election with immediate effect.

Traitor MEP

The English Demcorats have exposed an English MEP as a traitor.

Andrew Duff, the eurofederalist Illiberal Democrat MEP for the Eastern euroregion, says that England, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands are standing in the way of a united Europe.

He goes on to say that “If the English can be defeated then the opposition in Prague will disappear”.  Didn’t Hitler say something similar during the Second World War?

Duff should be locked up in the Tower for his treachery.  His loyalty lies with the European Federation, he is a traitor.