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Lords approve EU Constitution

The House of Lords have approved the ratification of the EU not-a-constitution.

The Illiberal Eurocrats supported Liebour in pushing through the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty even though it cannot legally be brought into force and in defiance of their manifesto promise to support a referendum.

Fucking traitors.

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Federal Europe says “Fuck EU” to voters

Federal Europe is in a bit of a quandary at the moment.  That pesky Irish constitution won’t let them impose their constitution on an unwilling populace so what can they do?

Well, the Romanian social-democrat group gives us a clue in the European Weekly:

The referendum in Ireland has demonstrated that direct democracy (by way of referendum) cannot ensure the progress of the European process.

The security, liberty and prosperity of hundreds of millions of European citizens ask for complex leadership actions, which cannot be appreciated by heterogeneous populations, from the point of view of the information level and the education one.

European integration is a process that must be conducted politically by the elected representatives of the European citizens.

Translation from eurobabble into English:

The paddy’s have stitched us up, we need to stop them from asking silly questions.

To try and get the European integration project past the plebs we’ve have to make it as complicated and as hard as possible to understand so you’ve got to be a fucking PhD to get past the first page of stuff like the Lisbon Treaty and lets face it, most of them are thick as pig shit.

What we need to do is stop asking people to give us permission to do this stuff and leave it to us politicians.

God, how I despise those eurofederalist traitor scumbags.

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Traitor MPs vote for internment

315 traitors assembled in the cradle of democracy to vote for the detention without trial of “terrorist” suspects for a month and a half.

They ignored the fact that it is unconstitutional and illegal and voted to deprive citizens of their constitutional right to freedom from arbitrary detention.

So what does it mean for us “normal” people?  The Terrorism Act has such an unbelievably loose definition of terrorism that most people reading this blog have probably committed an act of terrorism.  And now you can be locked up without charge for a month and a half under laws that were supposed to protect us from terrorists.
So how easy would it be for the British government to inter you for a month and a half?

If Gordon Brown was on fire, would you pour on petrol?  If you say yes, you’re a terrorist.

Are you a member of the CEP?  If I was to ask you, as a national council member, to take part in an email campaign targeting a British government department then not only have I committed an act of terrorism but the CEP could also be declared a proscribed organisation and have its assets frozen.  If you’re a member of the proscribed CEP then you would be a terrorist as well.

Ever considered wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Osama Bin Laden on it?  Best not, that would make you a terrorist.

Do you know how to make a bomb using a can of hairspray, a bag of nails and a box of matches?  I do but if I tell you that would make both of us terrorists.  Do you know how to shoot a gun?  I do but I can’t teach you because that would make us both terrorists.  There is a document that has been around on the internet for years called the Terrorists Cookbook.  It tells you how to make home made explosives and the like and was written for a laugh years ago.  I can’t give you a link to it though because that means I’m a terrorist.

Did you know that Prince Charles and Camilla came to Shropshire for a visit today?  It was in the paper yesterday but if I’d mentioned it on my blog yesterday that information could have been useful to a terrorist and that would make me a terrorist.

For any of the above the “criminal” could be locked up for a month and a half without charge.

What is quite disgusting about this is not the fact that 315 MPs turned traitor to vote for the Counter Terrorism Act but that the DUP and other MPs were literally and quite blatantly bribed or bullied into voting for it.  The DUP were bribed with the promise of a huge wedge of cash for Northern Ireland and the proceeds of MOD land sales in the province.

Is there any depth to which these illiberal bastards won’t stoop?

Come the revolution, they will be the first against the fucking wall … whoops, there I go committing terrorism again.

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European Constitution Judicial Review

Stuart Wheeler’s judicial review of the British government’s refusal to give us the referendum on the EU not-a-constitution that it promised started today.

Wheeler’s QC provided evidence that the EU Constitution and the Lisbon Treaty are basically the same thing in all but name, including evidence from Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the eurofederalist who first came up with the EU Constitution.

No Mandate Brown’s QC claims that Wheeler is only bringing the case for the “inappropriate purpose” of getting a judgment critical of the British government.

The House of Lords, which has still been debating the EU not-a-constitution despite it being sub judice, is due to vote on giving away our sovereignty on Wednesday, the same day the Commons will vote on whether to institute the illegal and unconstitutional internment of “terrorist” suspects for a month and a half.  That’ll be convenient for our new masters on the continent because Common Law is incompatible with the Napoleonic Code used in the rest of Federal Europe.

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Camoron – lying eurofederalist traitor

David Camoron has admitted that the Conswervative promise of a restrospective referendum on the EU not-a-constitution would be useless.

He said that once it had been ratified and brought into force in every country, it would be “almost impossible” to have a referendum on the not-a-constitution. He said …

We may have to say, well look, we’re not happy with this situation, here are some of the powers we’d like to have back.

But we can’t give you that referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because it’s already been put in place across the rest of Europe.

No, what we may have to say is “Well look, we’re not happy with the situation so we’re leaving. We understand that under your constitution you think we need to have your permission to leave but it’s our decision and we’re leaving right now”. But of course, he won’t say that because Camoron is a eurofederalist.

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Brown plans more regionalisation in England

According to the Times, Gordon Brown is planning to create a network of London-type mayors in the “English regions” to combat Englishness and promote the Britishness agenda he has become obsessed since being parachuted into the post of Prime Minister without a mandate.

England has always been considered expendable by the Labour Party, hence their willingness to embrace the EU’s regionalisation agenda.  Balkanising England suits Labour’s political agenda – England doesn’t vote Labour but enough of “the regions” probably would making it easier possible for Labour to win another election.

The North East euroregion rejected regionalisation in a referendum a couple of years ago but that decision has been ignored.  Only 22% of people in the North East wanted regional government and that was the euroregion that the British government said had most support for regional government.

The people of England don’t want regionalisation, the British government has no democratic or moral mandate to impose it on us.

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Treasonous Lords Committee plays down EU Constitution

The Lords Constitution Committee has said that the EU not-a-constitution does not have any constitutional implications for UK citizenship.

They cite the clauses specifically setting out the right of a member state to withdraw as “evidence” that parliamentary sovereignty remains intact.  Bullshit.  As it stands now, we have the right to withdraw whenever and however we want.  When the EU not-a-constitution comes into force we will be allowed to withdraw only by following the rules set out in the Lisbon Treaty and the legality of any withdrawal will be determined by European Courts.  This is NOT confirming parliamentary sovereignty.  Losing the right to decide whether to be in or out of the EU on our own terms is the right of a sovereign parliament, having to ask the EU for permission to leave on its terms means that parliament is inferior to the EU.

Does anyone know how many of the Lords on the Constitution Committee have worked for the EU in the past and are therefore at risk of losing their EU pensions if they fail to promote the EU?

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No, no, no

No Mandate Brown is appealing to “middle England” to support more devolution for Scotland and support the union.

The One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan says that the UK is “the world’s most successful multi-national state” but that the union isn’t “a contract of convenience that can be renegotiated”. Multi-national or multi-regional? Remember, as far as Liebour is concerned there is no such thing as England.

Also today, Jack Straw is going to set out a “statement of British values” that define British citizenship and press the non-existent case for a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. There’s that word again – responsibilities. It’s no longer enough that you live here, work here, pay your taxes here or were even born here – you must have some good old British responsibilities for the British good.

The Demon Headmaster will be pressing for more power at local, regional and national level with more power for city governments. The national level is, of course, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (which isn’t even a nation). The regional level, obviously, is England which must never be given any form of acknowledgment as a national entity. City government (aka City Regions – the EU’s favoured form of “local” government) will only apply to England … sorry, the English Regions … because local government is devolved.

Apparently, today is the first day of Jack Straw’s consultation on Britishness, British values and a British Bill of Rights. Has anyone English been invited to take part in this “consultation”? If Jack Straw and Gordon Brown get away with what they’re trying to do right now then that’s the end of England forever.

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Shropshire Star: MPs ought to pay for EU treaty treachery

The following letter appeared (very belatedly) in the Shropshire Star last night:

MPs ought to pay for EU treaty treachery

MPs vote not to give us a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty by 311 to 248, this is despite all three main parties promising a referendum.

Labour and the Lib Dems both claim that the EU Reform Treaty and EU constitution are different enough not to warrant a referendum – this is an outright lie.

The EU Reform Treaty produces the same end result as the constitution except references to the flag and anthem of the EU are moved to an appendix which is voluntary.

The constitution replaced existing treaties, the EU Reform Treaty amends them. The payload is the same, it is the method of delivery that is different.

A private referendum by iwar.png showed that 88 per cent of the electorate wants a referendum on the treaty. David Wright and all the other (mostly Labour) MPs who voted against a referendum did so in the full knowledge they were going against the wishes of their constitutents.

I will do everything I can to ensure that David Wright loses his seat at the next election for his treachery.

Stuart Parr

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Tory Turncoat

A lot of people I talk to were of the opinion that Camoron would ditch the proposed English Votes on English Matters/English Grand Committee idea once they got into power.  How wrong they were.

David Cameron is poised to draw back from proposing to slap an all-out ban on Scottish MPs debating and voting on so-called English-only legislation in a “compromise” move, according to a well-placed senior party source.


Mr Cameron will reject the so-called East Lothian Answer proposed by Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former Scottish Secretary, involving the setting up of a stand-alone English grand committee.


But the senior party source claimed Mr Cameron supported the method of an English-only bill being debated exclusively by English MPs at just its key committee stage. While Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs could debate and vote on the legislation at the later stages of a bill, they would not vote against what English MPs had overwhelmingly decided at the scrutiny stage of an English-only bill.

This solution, he added, would enable all MPs to have a say and a vote on a matter.

And how exactly does this address the West Lothian Question?  How does it attempt to bring any semblance of fairness, equality or democratic accountability to the governance of England?  It doesn’t of course because for some unknown reason David the fucking moron can’t get it through his thick poncy skull that SCOTLAND DOESN’T VOTE CONSWERVATIVE.  It is in England that the Conswervatives will get elected and it is English people that they need to concentrate their efforts on.

Camoron is a liability, an absolute fucking cretin.  Every time he opens his stupid mouth the Conswervatives drop god knows how many points in the popularity charts.  His only saving grace was that he appeared to recognise that the West Lothian Question is morally and democratically wrong.  Whether he still thinks it’s wrong or not I don’t know but if he does then he’s not interested in sorting it out.  For too long the English have been treated as voting fodder for the Brit-Scot Nationalists.  David “I’ve got Scottish blood coursing through my veins” Camoron is no different.  To be honest, I’d rather Liebour got back into power than that lying, turncoat piece of shit Camoron – at least when Liebour refuse to allow England parity with the rest of the UK, we can point at them and say “but that’s not fair, you gave it to Scotland”.  If the Conswervatives get in they’ll just go on about how Liebour left them in this mess and there’s no workable solution and ever so sorry but we’ll have to continue to treat you like third class citizens in your own country at the mercy of the anglophobic whims of foreign politicians because that’s good for Britain.

Britain, Britain, Britain.  Fuck Britain, I want out.

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EU Referendum amendment rejected

The Conswervative amendment to the EU Reform Treaty calling for a referendum has been rejected by 311 to 248.

That means that the House of Commons contains 311 traitors and enemies of the state who must be hounded from their jobs at the next opportunity.

The EU Reform Treaty, despite assertions by the treacherous Liebour and Illiberal Dubmasscrat parties, is almost identical to the EU Constitution. The EU Reform Treaty produces exactly the same end result as the EU Constitution – with one or two exceptions – but implements it in a different way. The EU Reform Treaty removes references to the EU anthem and flag and adds something else in its place and then puts the bits removed into an appendix which is optional. The EU Constitution replaced all existing treaties whilst the EU Reform Treaty simply amends existing treaties (effectively replacing them almost in their entirety) to produce the same end result.

The EU Reform Treaty is, quite simply, the EU Constitution in a different package. We know it, our traitor MPs know it. Most of us want a referendum – 88% according to the private referendum held the other day – and our traitor MPs have voted against the will of their constituents. They are traitors and they must be punished.

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Referendum debate tomorrow

If your MP bothers to turn up, there will be a debate tomorrow on a Conswervative amendment to the EU Reform Treaty to provide for a referendum.

Liebour is arguing that the EU Reform Treaty is significantly different to the EU Constitution so their promise to hold a referendum doesn’t stand. Everyone else – including the leaders of every other EU member state – says that it’s basically the same thing repackaged. One thing is for sure – the end result is almost identical to the Constitution, it’s the payload that’s different.

It’s too late now to pressure your Liebour or Illiberal Dumbasscrat MP into doing the right thing but if they vote against a referendum then you must make them pay for their treachery.

You might want to sign the petition calling for a cost/benefit analysis of membership of the EU.

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88% want a referendum

The campaign group, , has announced the results of a private referendum it organised in 10 marginal constituencies.

The turnout of the referendum was 36.2% – higher than the average turnout for a local election and unprecedented in a private referendum. In 8 of the 10 constituencies where a referendum was held, the turnout was actually higher than the number of people who voted for the sitting MP!

Of the people who voted in the referenda, 88% said they wanted a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution.

So, faced with this clear and indisputable evidence that 9 out of 10 people want a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution, has the British government conceded defeat and promised to stand by Liebour’s election manifesto pledge? Erm … no. Jim Murphy, Liebour’s Europe Minister, ignored the wishes of his constituents (a referendum was held in his constituency) and said “The place to make these decisions is in this chamber – not on a crane half way above the city sky of London. This chamber will decide later this week whether it’s the right thing to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty or not”.
Well, your constituents want a referendum Jim and you’re in a marginal constituency so if you’re that confident that people will see the EU Constitution as a good thing when it comes to the next election that they’ll forgive your treachery then why not support a referendum now?

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Resistance is futile, you WILL be federated

There is, I believe, a deliberate attempt to stifle all dissent and opposition throughout Federal Europe.

The “speaker” of the EU Parliament has been given the power to arbitarily decide who can and can’t speak in the EU Parliament after UKIP MEPs staged a legitimate protest against the EU Constitution.  This was done to protect freedom of speech, apparently.

Now Liebour MPs are kicking off because 4 of their MPs are supporting the  group.  The efforts of the Liebour Party to stop this deviation from policy are extreme – they actually threatened the 4 MPs involved with expulsion from the parliamentary party if they didn’t withdraw support.  Sadly, Frank field and Kate Hoey have withdrawn public support for  after Geoff Hoon threatened to kick them out of their party for wanting to honour their manifesto pledge.

Liebour has gone on the offensive making vague and apparently baseless suggestions that  is a bit of a shady organisation, offering no specific examples of wrongdoing and never actually coming out and accusing them of anything but sowing the seeds of doubt.

Liebour has become more and more authoritarian and this is a pattern repeated throughout Federal Europe.  Attempts to force democratic votes are suppressed and in Portugal, two thirds of the political parties there are being made illegal through a new law due to come into effect soon.

The question is, is this just Liebour being a bunch of facist control freaks because they like the idea of being jackbooted nazi’s or is it a co-ordinated effort throughout Federal Europe to supress freedom of speech, the right to protest and the democratic process?

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You must be joking … right?

I thought I’d mistakenly typed the wrong url in and got a spoof version of the BBC News website when I read this but no, it’s not a joke.

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, says that adopting Sharia Law in the UK is inevitible and we should just get on with it.  He says that nobody should be forced to choose between cultural loyalty and state loyalty.

Cultural loyalty, that’s hit the nail on the head.  Immigants moving to this country expect the state to bend over backwards to accommodate their alien culture and they’re not disappointed.  The only time they have a problem is when they expect us, the natives of this once green and pleasant land to change our way of life to accommodate them.  I wouldn’t move to Saudi Arabia and expect them to adopt English law so that I can sit in my front garden in Riyadh with a bottle of Stella in my hand and my wife sitting next to me in a bikini.  Their culture and law forbids it and as much as I may think their reasons for doing so are utter bollocks, it’s their country and they should have to change for me.  So why shuold we change for people moving into our country?

Forget about chopping off the hands of thieves, the public lashings and stoning of adulterers and concentrate on the “civil” aspects of Sharia Law – divorce, finances, etc. because they’re the ones that aren’t quite so morally reprehensible to the civillised world.  There is nothing wrong with taking out a bank account that doesn’t pay interest if that’s what you want – the banks would love us all to give them our money without them having to give anything back in return.  The right of a man to divorce a woman without her even knowing about it isn’t the way we do things and we don’t do bigamy but it’s not a major no-no like shagging your sister or mutilating women’s genitals.  But whether it’s morally acceptable or not doesn’t matter.  We have our own culture, our own customs, our own religion and our own way of life.  We might whinge about how shit things are from time to time (or most of the time in my case) but this is no reason to capitulate to the advancing Islamic caphilate and adopt a barbaric, mediævil theocratic legal system.

Dr Williams should remember that his duty is to this country, the Church of England and to the Christians living in this country.  I’m not a Christian but our society is based on Christian values and it should continue to be based on Christian values, not on the values of a religion that practices female genital mutilation and the murder of raped women, tells its followers to kill non-believers and has brought suicide bombers to the world.

Fuck Dr Rowan Atkinson, fuck multi-culturalism and fuck Sharia Law.  This is England and if you don’t like it then fuck off somewhere else.

There, I feel much better now.

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Shropshire Star: MPs didn’t have long to prepare for EU vote

From last night’s Shropshire Star … 

MPs didn’t have long to prepare for EU vote 

MPs voted to give the EU not-a-constitution a second reading in a vote on Monday evening.  As sad as I may sound, I sat up and watched the debate and the vote on BBC Parliament.

MPs received the consolidated version of the bill they were voting on 4 hours before the debate started – not long enough to digest the hundreds of pages of text or understand the impact of what they were voting on.

However, rather than spend the next couple of hours in Parliament debating the bill with their colleagues, all but around 20 MPs decided they had something better to do with their time and the debating chamber was virtually empty.

Shortly before 10pm, MPs trickled in for the vote and in the end 586 MPs voted to give the EU not-a-constitution a second reading despite the fact that none of them had time to read what they were voting on and most of them didn’t bother to turn up to hear the arguments for or against.

The four Conservative MPs in Shropshire voted against the bill and David Wright, the only Labour MP left in the county, voted in favour of it.  Only Daniel Kawczynski bothered to turn up to the debate.

The EU not-a-constitution will be a disaster for England and as one MP commented, “this is the last treaty we will see before Parliament because this treaty is self-amending”.  The EU not-a-constitution represents a massive and irreversible transfer of sovereignty to Brussels and no MP with the interests of their country at heart would ever vote for such a thing.

Stuart Parr

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Civil Service Pay Review

The Senior Salaries Review Board has recommended that MPs get a 2.8% pay rise.

They have also recommended that the judiciary get an average of 2.4% staged to make it 1.5%.

No Mandate Brown has been bleating about how pay rises in the public sector in England have to be kept to below 2% because it’s good for the Peoples Republic of New Britain.  But not, it seems, when it comes to MPs pay.

One rule for us and one rule for them.

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A nation of Goldfish?

No Mandate Brown thinks that the English are a nation of goldfish who will forget the recent scandals – fraud, sleaze, incompetence, treason – that have marked his first few months in power.

He actually had the gall to say “I think people know that when a problem arises we will deal with it” – it’s his Liebour Party that is the cause of all the recent problems.  His party took illegal donations, his party is drowning in sleaze, his party full of incompetent failures, his party has committed treason.  The best way to deal with these problems is to nip them in the bud before they happen by resigning and calling an election.

The Goblin King says that he doesn’t want recent events to divert them from their long-term aims on housing, health and education.  None of which he has a mandate for because they’re all devolved in Scotland where he was elected.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you Gordo but I’ll make sure that every one of your failures, every criminal act, every act of treason, is remembered for as long as you manage to cling desperately onto the position that you have been given by your corrupt party.

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Not in my name

The One Eyed wonder of Wankistan, Prime Minister unelect, leader of the rump cabinet, Gordon “No Mandate” Brown, is travelling to Lisbon today to sign the EU not-a-constitution.

The EU Constitution was rejected by the French and Dutch in referrenda and has now been repackaged into another treaty that is 96% identical but has a different payload.  Instead of replacing existing treaties with a new one, it is amending existing treaties – the same acts of treachery but a different method of committing them.  The main differences between the constitution and the not-a-constitution are the bits about flying the flag and playing the anthem of Federal Europe.

The Goblin King couldn’t make the official signing to get his picture taken with all the other traitors signing away their own independence because he was busy getting his bollocks kicked over, amongst other things, signing the EU not-a-constitution.

The BBC shows its usual impecible impartiality on this page with one comment opposing the EU not-a-constitution and four supporting it.

Gordo may be signing the EU not-a-constitution but not in my name.

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We’ve heard it all before and we still don’t want it

The British government is still determined to press ahead with plans for 42 day internment for “terrorist” suspects.

As I’ve pointed out, several times before, anti-terrorism laws have so far caught 0 terrorists but have been used to arrest, detain, harass and deny liberty and fundamental constitutional rights for many innocent people.

The Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has proposed that the amount of time a “terrorist” suspect can be detained without charge be extended to 42 days from the current limit of 28 days.  This would give us the rather dubious honour of being the only developed nation on the planet to allow its citizens to be detained without charge for more than 28 days.  The law of that beacon of liberty and democracy, Zimbabwe, allows someone to be detained without charge for 9 days with a further 21 days allowed by Presidential decree.  Most developed nations allow only 3 days of detention without charge – even France, which has suffered far more attacks than England, only allows 4 days and Greece, which has an active terrorist organisation inside its own borders carrying out intermittent terrorist attacks, allows only 6 days detention without trial … even for terrorists!

Current a “terrorist” suspect can be held for 28 days without charge.  To get the extra 14 days, MPs would have to vote on a request for an extension by a chief constable and the Director of Public Prosecutions.  The “terrorist” suspect would be held while MPs took a vote.  MPs will have 30 days to make their decision.  Do the maths.

Jacqui smith is going to give a briefing to Liebour MPs on Tuesday evening.  Why just Liebour MPs?  Don’t all MPs need to know why the Home Secretary believes that the state needs to be able to lock people up without charge for 6 weeks, especially when only 6 out of 71 responses to a Home Office consultation fully supported the plans?

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