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No2ID have excelled themselves this time

Britishness Brown outlines plans for PM’ship

Britishness Brown is expected to outline his plans for “Britain” under his premiership.

He has already made statements and speeches about how power will be devolved in “Britain” from central government to “independent” boards and today he will tell the Labour Stazi faithful that he is the centre-ground.

When he says “Britain”, of course, what he actually means is “England” (or the regions as he likes to call them).  British MP’s actually have very little say in anything that goes on outside England yet foreign MP’s somehow think it acceptable to govern England as their own personal feifdom.

Nothing can change the fact that the Ignorant Jock is elected to a North British constituency by North Britons on his manifesto relating solely to reserved matters.  He is not elected on his policies that only affect England (80% of the work of the British government) and therefore has no mandate to govern England.

The Tartan Taxman is unaccountable to the English electorate – 85% of the population – and is unacceptable both morally and democratically as a British Prime Minister.  The only way an MP not elected to an English constituency will be accepted as a British Prime Minister is when England has her own Parliament with at least the same powers of the North British Parliament.

Until then Mr Brown, NO MANDATE!

New Age Discrimination Laws

New age discrimination laws from the European Federation are coming into force today.

The new law will make it illegal for employers to discriminate against people because of their age – both old and young – which is a good thing.  However, the law also extends to career development and training, making it illegal not to offer the same training and development opportunities to someone based on their age.  This means that if a company offers training such as an NVQ to an 18 year old employee they also have to offer it to a 64 year old employee.

Whilst this may seem like a positive thing to ensure that older workers aren’t left on the scrapheap, the net effect will be a reduction in the training and development opportunities companies offer.  A company will be loath to offer expensive training courses to a member of staff they could theoretically get the benefit of for the next 47 years if they will be breaking the law by not offering the same course to someone who will retire in 12 months time.

Legislation is not the answer to age discrimination.  If companies are to seeolder people as a valuable asset then they need a carrot, not a stick.  Employing somebody is an expensive business and a lot of that expense is down to red tape and taxes that the employer has to pay.  Make it easier and cheaper to employ older people, possibly with free or subsidised training courses, and employers will consider them a valuable resource.

Police will consult Muslims on terrorist raids

The Metropolitan Police will consult a panel of muslims before carrying out any raids on the homes of suspected terrorists.

The force will present their evidence to a panel of muslim “community leaders” who will decide whether the evidence is sufficient to act on.  The panel members will promise not to reveal the evidence they see but they won’t be required to sign the Official Secrets Act.  MI5 and the Home Office are also considering revealing intelligence information to the panel and other police forces in the country are considering whether to take the scheme nationwide.

What the fuck is going on in this country?  Talk about the lunatics running the asylum!  Who is best placed to decide whether there is enough evidence to raid a suspects home – the police or a bunch of self-appointed muslim leaders?

Write to the Chief Constable of your own police force and tell them not to follow the lead of the Met.

29 councils pass motions against ID cards

NØ2ID lists 29 councils who have passed motions against the British government’s ID card scam and the Identity Database.

In addition to these 29 councils, the North British Parliament and West British Assembly have passed motions against it with the former refusing to require ID cards for any state services and two trades unions – Labour’s traditional allies – have passed motions against them.

Come on America

Normally I would rather stick pins in my eyes than support the Americans at anything but for the Ryder Cup I’m prepared to make the sacrifice and shout for Team America … Fuck Yeah!

I can’t stand watching the news or reading the back pages of the papers and seeing that bloody EU rag representing English golfers.  I assume the European Federation is throwing vast sums of English taxpayers money at this ridiculous sporting event that means diddly-squat to pretty much everyone in the world, even golfers.

Speed Camera’s don’t work: from the horses mouth

Straight from the horses mouth, proof that speed cameras don’t work and they are there simply to make money.

The West Mercia Speed Camera Partnership was telling us how wonderful their speed cameras are and how they’ve cut accidents at camera sites by so 60-odd %.  Fabulous.  The article then went on to say that accidents as a whole were down by something like 25% so the 60% figure is rubbish.  Still, if they stop accidents then they’re worth the money aren’t they?

Today, the Speed Camera Partnership launched a camera bike.  The motorbike has a speed camera attached and can be used whilst on the move.  The bike will be used around camera sites because (remember, this is the speed camera people saying this) motorists slow down for the camera and simply speed back up again when they’ve gone past it.

Hale-bloody-lujah.  Finally they get it.  Yes, 99% of people slow down for the camera and then speed up again.  This is why they don’t work – they only catch the people who aren’t paying enough attention to slow down.  People who are paying more attention to pedestrians and other motorists than their speedo for instance.

They can call them “safety” cameras and they can make more adverts showing mock-ups of children being run over by someone driving at 5mph over the speed limit but they won’t convince the majority of the public that their cameras do the job they say they do.  If their sole interest was in saving lives and reducing accidents they would have a traffic officer in place of the speed cameras stopping people driving too fast, people driving too slow, people driving erratically, people talking on mobile phones whilst driving, people smoking whilst driving, cyclists riding without lights in the dark, people in unsafe and/or untaxed cars.  The list of dangerous driving habits is endless but, of course, the only one that can be detected without anyone but the man who collects the film having to get off their arses is speeding.

Speeding isn’t dangerous, driving too fast is.

Labour get out the begging bowls

Hazel Blears, the Labour Party Chairwoman, has said that Labour should be given more funding out of the taxpayers pockets because they have to do more work as they are the government.

Labour can, of course, call on the civil service for the extra work they have to do – that’s what the civil service is for.  The excuse that they have to do more work is just that – an excuse.  The Labour Party is on the rocks with the loss of several big donors, ongoing investigations over the cash for peerages affair and financial improprieties.  They are laying off 1 in 5 staff because they can’t afford to pay the bills.

Now Hazel, what’s the word I’m looking for … NO!

Hands off our NHS

Gordon Brown, Tartan Taxman, Ignorant Jock and heir apparent to Princess Tony’s throne has been explaining what he intends to do with the English NHS when he takes over.

The MP for Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath in North Britain has decided that he’s going to “devolve” the NHS in England to an “independent” board.

I’d like to suggest a name for this independent board – how about the English Parliament?  While they’re at it they might as well devolve farming, fisheries, forestry, housing, local government, heritage, planning, police, fire service, social work, sports, arts, statistics, public records, transport, tourism and economic development to the same body.

Labour talk about devolution

Just listened to some Labour flunky on BBC News being interviewed about the Ignorant Jock slipping into the Prime Ministership.

He talked about the future – Parliament will be enhanced and more devolution will take place.  Don’t get excited though, it’s devolution to government departments, devolution to town halls and devolution to pretty much anything and everything except ENGLAND.

Come the revolution …

All we hear is …

… Radio Shropshire.

I recorded a 4 or 5 minute piece for BBC Radio Shropshire today on political blogging.  Not sure how well it went, I found myself unusually stuck for words.  Talking on the radio isn’t as easy as it seems, even if it’s on a subject with which you should be able to talk with some authority.

The show is probably going out next week.

Spain wants money to tackle immigrants

Spain has asked the European Federation for more money to tackle illegal immigrants flowing over the border from North Africa at todays meeting of home affairs and justice ministers in Finland.

This is the meeting where the European Federation is demanding the British government gives up his veto on justice so the EU can save us from terrorists by imposing its foreign, backwards legal system throughout the continent.

I’ve got a solution to the problem of immigration.  Rather than paying asylum seekers and refugees not to work, make them work for the state.  The same goes for people on unemployment benefits.  Rather than local authorities having to pay contractors to do shit jobs like street sweeping, cleaning graffiti off walls, etc., people in the area they should use people who are a burdon on the state but are capable of work.

I guarantee you that if asylum seekers and immigrants had to work for a living when they got to their destination, they’d stop coming.

Selective Justice

A BNP member in Swansea has been convicted of racially aggravated disorderly conduct despite there being no victim and only one witness.  The man was accused of racially abusing an Asian woman by shouting “sieg heil” from his car as he drove past her.  The woman didn’t complain and to this day the authorities don’t know who she was.  A woman who witnessed the incident told the police, testified and the man was convicted and fined £200 plus £200 costs.  He denies the offence and the witness said:

“He was shouting. To me it appeared that he was being venomous. His face appeared quite contorted.”

“But I could not swear to the words I did hear.”

Meanwhile, a wannabe muslim terrorist in London, known to the police for his membership of several banned Islamic terrorist organisations, calls for the pope to be executed for insulting Islam.  Nobody complained so the police didn’t feel it necessary to arrest him for the crime of incitement to murder which is serious enough to carry a life sentence.

Spot the difference.

I refuse to accept EU justice

The Home Secretary is in Finland today for a meeting with other home affairs and justice ministers from Federal Europe where he will be instructed to give up the UK’s veto on justice.

The vice president of the European Federation’s commission for justice, liberty and security – Franco Frattini – has said that the only way the UK can be safe from terrorism is to allow the federalist crooks in Brussels complete control of our justice system.

Obviously he didn’t use those words.

He says it’s time to put aside our “national jealousies” and allow police, secret services, courts and prosecutors to extend their jurisdiction across the whole of Federal Europe.  Worryingly, he says that this should extend to accusations of racism or xenophobia.

Frattini says that we should trust Federal Europe with our justice system.  He says he things Habea Corpus and trial by jury are great and should be applied elsewhere in Federal Europe … but what about the rest of Federal Europe?  They’re all quite keen on their backwards legal system where you are guilty until proven innocent and can be locked up for years just on the accusation of your next door neighbour if the accusation sounds feasible.  And what about Frattini’s successor?  Will he be of the same opinion?  Doubtful, that wouldn’t further the federal dream.

If we lose the veto then he aims to make it easier for national police forces to exchange information and to consult each others DNA databases.

In a blatant attempt to scare the public into supporting this hideous power grab by the European Federation he explains that “The precondition is, of course, mutual trust,” and “If you say mutual trust doesn’t exist, fine, but in that case terrorists will win.”

There you have it – if we don’t trust the European federalists who want to establish a federal European superstate and impose their inferior and incompatible Napoleonic legal system on us then we’re handing victory to the terrorists.

Here’s my suggestion.  Tell Frattini to go and take a running jump.  Leave the EU immediately and cease all funding.  Repeal any and all EU laws that force us to accept immigrants or asylum seekers – the method that a lot of wannabe terrorists use to get into this country.  Sack Reid, Blair and anyone else responsible for integrating us further into the European Federation and charge them with treason.  When we control our own foreign and domestic policies and our own legal system, then we can deal with would-be terrorists.

And I do declare, That no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.

Bill of Rights

Trust the EU?  I would rather trust a strapped-up suicide bomber than that bunch of crooks. 

Hat-tip: Englishman’s Castle

Branson Can’t Lose

Richard Branson has announced a $3bn investment in biofuels in an effort to fight climate change.

The investment will be made through a new venture, Virgin Fuels.  The man is a genius, he can’t lose!

The State of California has just launched a law suit against major car companies over climate change and the oil market is volatile, not to say finite.  Biofuels are a renewable source of energy and can be grown by or for the company that produces it.  Biofuel is cheaper than oil-based products and cleaner to make.  A large percentage of the Virgin empire is transport-related and cheap fuel will improve the profitability of those businesses.  On top of that, I expect that Virgin Fuels will retain the patent on new technologies they develop meaning that they can rake the cash in from selling the technology to other people.

For a dyslexic Noel-Edmonds lookalike he’s not to shabby when it comes to business.

Revised New Tory Logo

The Russian mafia have come across a revised version of the new Tory logo due to be release before the local elections in North Britain next year.  The logo is thought to have been leaked by a junior officer within the Tory Party.

Seems like I was right*:

* This is made up

Don’t Mention the War

Jenny Tonge, Lib Dum peer, has been criticised again for upsetting the Israeli’s.

Tonge was sacked from the front benches for suggesting that the only difference between a Palestinian suicide bomber and an Israeli bomber pilot is that the Palestinian gives up their life and the Israeli goes to the bar for a beer afterwards.

Clearly suggesting that the Israeli’s are terrorists just like Palestinian militants is not acceptable to the Lib Dums, especially when they have a Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel.  I wonder how long Ms Tonge would last if she tried to set up a Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine?

She is being denounced as an anti-semite naturally.  Online dictionaries are slow to catch up with this new definition of the word anti-semitism describing it as behaviour discriminating against Jews rather than the more common definition of criticising Israel or anyone Jewish.

That was scary

Came home from work, had a shower and Mrs Sane inspects my fine chiselled physique (no giggling at the back there).

“You know that red spot you’ve had on your belly for years?” she says.  “You’ve got loads of them on your front and back”.

Hmm.  My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer, my maternal grandfather died of prostate cancer and my mum had (still has) Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  With a family history like that one things spreads to mind – well it would wouldn’t it?

Anyway, phoned the doctor, triage nurse phones me back and asks me what’s the matter.  I explain it to her and she says I can see the nurse tomorrow morning.  I ask for an appointment tonight and she caves in and gives me a doctors appointment this evening.

Went to the surgery, walked in, sat down, lifted my shirt and the doctor says “Yep, nothing to worry about, it’s something complicated and latin“.  Basically, it’s just little blood vesels that have burst near the skin, they’re very common in freckly people and they’re completely harmless.  Which is nice.  But it had me worried for a while.

Well done BBC

This morning I spotted the BBC mixing up England and Britain again on their website.

Following on from complaints made by several members of the CEP, the BBC have corrected the misleading article.

BBC confusing England and Britain again

The BBC is at it again, confusing England with Britain.

Apparently, the North British Conservative logo is bigger and leans less to the right than the English Conservative logo.  Amazing really considering there is no English Conservative Party and no English logo.  The Conservative Party that operates in England is the British Conservative Party and the logo of the British Conservative Party is the British logo.