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CRE warning of race violence

Trevor Phillips, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality, has warned that the recent debates over muslims wearing veils, the “positive” discrimination in favour of muslims and the discrimination against christians may end up leading to race riots.

Good.  Let the likes of the Islamic Human Rights Commission and the Muslim Council of Britain justify the actions of violent muslims who are so intolerant that they will not accept any criticism of their religion or way of life and naturally gravitate to violence as a way of expressing their intolerance.

Phillips seems to be suggesting that any debate over muslims and their intention to islamify the country must only be on subjects that don’t offend muslims.  The trouble is, any criticism of Islam is a sin to muslims and it all offends them.  He says “The main beneficiaries from this debate – because it is having a corrosive impact – will be the far-right, the British National Party, and organisations like al-Ghurabaa and al-Muhajiroun.”  You’d think he’d know his left/right wings wouldn’t you?  The BNP are a far-left party – read their manifesto, it wouldn’t be out of place in the USSR or China with its racial purity and common-ownership of state industries.

He also refers to the race riots in France last year which he says was caused by the French government allowing North African communities to grow up seperately from the rest of the country and hence not feeling French and says that he doesn’t want that to happen here.  The man’s an idiot!  It is the likes of the CRE aiding and abetting the British government that has resulted in the muslim community in the UK growing up separate from the rest of society, mixing only with other muslims, refusing to learn English, wearing veils and burkha’s to segregate themselves.

I really can’t be bothered to turn over these muslim stories any more.  Devout muslims can’t live in harmony with non-muslims because their religion tells them that they have to Islamify the world.  No end of soul searching, debating or pussy-footing around the issues will help.  They are committed to Islamifying our country and we don’t want it.  Things will come to a head, the only question is who will win and it won’t be the likes of the BNP, the Muslim Council of Britain or politicians who will decide it – it will be the average man and woman on the street.

I’ve never been in a burning restaurant before …

Mrs Sane’s cousin owns a posh restaurant in Chester (Micheal Owen goes there from time to time) so we went for a meal today.

It’s only a small restaurant – 40 odd seats – but at £16 for 3 courses of some of the best food I’ve eaten (and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot of food) I can’t praise it enough.  It’s worth going if only for the home-made ice cream which knocks the socks off Häagen Dazs and lets be honest, that’s not something that can be said very often.

We had a bit of excitement between the main course and dessert when the oven set on fire.  Mrs Sane said “I’m sure there’s something on fire in the kitchen” (you can see into the kitchen from the restaurant) and seconds later the chef ran up the stairs and back down again with a fire extinguisher.  When he opened the oven door the flames shot out a good 7 or 8 foot.  Most impressive.  It was the oil for the Yorkshire Puddings that did it apparently. 😆

Ramadan advent calendars

I kid you not, Tesco are selling halal Ramadan advent calendars.  I went to Tesco yesterday and there they were, on the end of one of the aisles.  Looked like they’d been selling quite well too.

Clare Short resigns from Labour Party

Clare Short has resigned from the Labour Stazi and will spend remain as an independent MP until the next election when she will stand down.

She was reprimanded recently for saying she hoped there would be a hung parliament after the next election and for criticising the party and Traitor Blair.

Full story: BBC News

Prison ships

Criminals are now being locked up in English police cells at huge cost because all our prisons are full.

The British government is now considering building prison ships to take the strain.

Prison ships are a good idea for certain types of prisoners – those who are likely to try and escape for instance – but for general use?  There are a couple of problems with prison ships.  You can’t extend them when they’re full for a start, whereas a prison built out in the sticks somewhere can be expanded if needed.  The other problem is that you can’t really hold dangerous criminals there because of riot control.  How do you get large numbers of prison officers or riot police in to a prison ship if there’s a riot?  Helicoptors and/or boats are expensive and not ideal for controling large numbers of rioters on a relatively small ship.

I have the perfect solution.  North Britain is mostly uninhabited and unused empty space – build prisons on it and let the North Britons do something for us instead of the other way round as usual.

Sick, sick bastard

A known paedophile kidnapped a 6 year old girl while she was in the bath, violently raped her and left her naked in a lane.

He molested a 12 year old girl 5 years ago, was caught and locked up.  He was released after 2 years because a judge thought he was sorry for what he did.  Two years later and he did this.

He has been told to expect a lengthy jail term.  I prefer natural justice – show his face on prime time national TV and then release him naked on the street and let nature take its course.  He certainly wouldn’t reoffend.

Daily Mail: Medical apartheid

Front page on todays Dail Mail:

Medical apartheid as English cancer patients are denied life-extending drug

Terminal cancer patients accused Health Secretary of condemning them to death because they are English after the NHS drug rationing body refused to fund a new wonder drug that is available in Scotland.

Patricia Hewitt came under fire from three women with bone cancer after the National Institute for Clinical Excellence rejected calls to supply English patients with the drug Velcade.

The treatment, which can extend the lives of sufferers by up to seven years, was approved for patients in Scotland in October 2004 and is routinely available in the rest of Europe.

The leaked ruling, seen by the Daily Mail, which was not due to be made public until next week, reveals that the drug is more clinically effective than chemotherapy but is not regarded as ‘cost effective’.

Velcade is just the latest drug to be rejected in England when it is available in Scotland. Implants for newly diagnosed high grade gliomas – a fast growing form of brain tumour – got the go ahead in Scotland last December, but NICE blocked them in April this year.

The drug Alimta that extends the lives of people with mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs, was approved in Scotland in August 2005 and was also rejected by NICE in April.

Cancer charities claimed the latest ruling is clear evidence that NICE is refusing to fund treatments that extend the lives of cancer sufferers and give them valuable time with their families and buy them time while a cure is found.

Since June, the drugs watchdog has refused to endorse five treatments that would extend the lives of people with bowel cancer, leukemia, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

All of them were cheaper than the breast cancer cure Herceptin, which Miss Hewitt intervened to promote earlier this year.

The Velcade ruling is just the latest in a succession of decisions where drugs approved for use in Scotland have been rejected as too expensive for English patients.

Janice Wrigglesworth, 59, from Keighley in West Yorkshire, who has multiple myeloma – cancer of the bones and bone marrow – condemned the decision.

She said: ‘It’s absolute insanity that Velcade is available in Scotland but not England. Are they saying a Scottish life is worth more than an English life?’

‘They are effectively saying to people with incurable diseases: sit down in a darkened room and die.’

Fellow sufferer, midwife Jacky Pickles condemned Miss Hewitt for failing to intervene. She said that after 25 years working in the NHS she will have to give the final years of her life to a Health Service that refuses to save her.

Jacky, 44, whose condition improved when she went on a Velcade drug trial earlier this year, has now been told that she will not get the drug again when her condition deteriorates.

She said: ‘I am absolutely devastated by Nice’s decision. I believe that Patricia Hewitt has, through the back door of NICE, encouraged a new policy that saves the NHS money by condemning patients to an early death which means they are less of a financial burden both in the short term and the long term.

‘If treatment simply improves a patient’s quality of life and extends that life three or five years she is not interested. But those years mean everything to cancer patients and their families. Refusing the drug is not tough, it is heartless. It denies us the right to life.’

‘I am going back to work at Bradford Royal Infirmary for 12 hours a week in December. I am doing two six hours shifts because that is all I can possibly do physically. I am going to give them the last years of my life. I’ve got to go and work in a Health Service that won’t support me when I most need it. I have given my life to the NHS but it is a system that won’t give me something I need to save my life.’

The two women, and their friend Marie Morton confronted Miss Hewitt about their plight at the Labour Party conference last month and handed her a letter urging her to intervene. Last night they announced that they are raising funds to launch legal action to win access to the drug.

Marie, 57, added: ‘Patricia Hewitt said she would get back to us when we met her but she has not had the decency to reply to our letter. She just doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect her.’ The Velcade Three, as the women call themselves, have now set up a website ( to raise funds for their legal campaign.

Unless NICE approves a drug, hospitals are not compelled to supply it on the NHS. It is up to individual trusts to decide whether they can afford it.

Velcade costs between £9,000 and £18,000 for a course of treatment, compared with more than £25,000 for Herceptin.

Every year around 4,000 patients are diagnosed with myeloma.

A spokeswoman for Myeloma UK said: ‘If this is true the decision represents the single biggest setback in the history of the treatment of myeloma. There are 20,000 people with myeloma in the UK and this will affect every single person at one time or another. Eight people die of myeloma every day.’

NICE covers England but has proved slower in making decisions than its sister organisations the Scottish Medicines Consortium and the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group.

Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: ‘I had a constituent who fought to get Velcade and he is doing well. Either we have a National Health Service or we don’t. In fact it has become a Scottish and a separate English Health Service.’

LibDem spokesman Steve Webb said: ‘There cannot be any difference in the clinical effect of the drug North and South of the border and it simply cannot be any different in terms of cost effectiveness. If we place value on an extra few years with families NIce should be asked to do more to take that into account.’

Cancer charities are also concerned that NICE does not put the right value on extending human life.

Avastin and Erbitux, which prolongs life for those with Colorectal Cancer, and Gemzar, which extends life for those with advanced breast cancer have been turned down by NICE because they do not buy enough time for patients – along with four drugs which can slow the onset of dementia and Fludarabine, a drug which extends the lives of patients with leukemia.

Derryn Borley, Cancerbackup Head of Cancer Support Services, said: ‘Until this year, only one in eight cancer treatments have been turned down by NICE, but since the beginning of 2006 this has dramatically risen to one in two.

‘Many of the treatments being rejected are life-extending treatments. These treatments do not cure but they can give valuable extra time to spend with family and friends which is very important to cancer patients. ‘

Ian Beaumont, a spokesman for Bowel Cancer UK, said: ‘It’s wrong that people are playing God. Life is too precious for people to put a price on it like this.

‘Who is to say that living for another six months or a year or more is not worth it? You are talking about giving someone more time with their children, their family, another Christmas.

‘The UK has been at the forefront of developing these new treatments but we’re at the back of the queue when it comes to giving them to patients. People are left to sell their house or car to try and pay for the drugs themselves. People who should be fighting the disease are left fighting bureaucracy.’

A NICE spokeswoman said: ‘NICE’s expert advisors review all of the evidence on cancer treatments to determine whether they add benefits for patients when compared to other treatments that are already available.

‘The benefits that we assess include whether a drug extends life, and whether a drug improves patients’ quality of life.’

A Department of Health spokeswoman said they could not comment until the guidance is published. But she claimed that the Scottish and Welsh drug monitoring bodies ‘do not cover the area to the same depth or level of transparency and when final NICE guidance is issued it will be used in Wales.’

She claimed that the concerns of the Velcade Three ‘are taken seriously’ by Miss Hewitt ‘and they will receive a response very soon.’

When will the people of England wake up and smell the roses?  We are worthless in the eyes of the Scottish Raj, nothing more than unwilling donors to the Labour Party election fund.  Thanks to the British government’s lopsided devolution botch, 85% of the population – 50m English people – are expected to just give up and die because there is no money left to pay for medical treatment after the English taxpayer has finished subsidising the rest of the UK.

Apartheid?  Conspiracy to murder more like.  Voters of England, remember this next time you go to the ballot box.

Back home

I’m back. 🙂

Mrs Sane and I managed to get away without the kids for a few days to go back to Alvaston Hall, the no-kids-allowed hotel we went to last year.  Missing the tropicarium (like a sauna but not as hot), sauna, steam room and spa already … 🙁

On holiday (again)

Yes, I know I’ve been on holiday about 4 times already this year but I’m going again.  We’re going back to Alvaston Hall in Nantwich, the no-kids hotel we went to last year.  Five days of peace, quiet and relaxation without the children.  Feel a bit guilty about leaving the kids behind of course but it’s either that or I end up having a nervous breakdown by Christmas.

Anyway, blogging will be light or non-existent depending on whether I can be bothered to try blogging with a 115k (or less) 3G mobile data connection.

Why should I change?

Ruth Kelly says that we need to fight extremism which includes the “still poisonous” far right (presumably she means the left-wing socialist border-line Communist BNP).  She says that the British government will be working with colleges and universities to combat extremism that festers there.

Lord Nazir Ahmed trots out the usual durge about muslims being victims.  Apparently, muslims are under “constant threat of demonisation of the muslim community” because “it is fashionable to have a go at muslims”.  And here was me thinking that muslim terrorists blowing up women and children in the name of their medievil intolerant religion.

A few weeks ago, John Reid was shouted at by a muslim for coming into their community and telling them what to do – an example of the lack of respect that certain sections of the “muslim community” have for the British government.

More recently Jack Straw has seen protests outside and inside his constituency surgery for asking muslim women to remove their veils when they come to talk to him because it is a barrier to communication.  Groups of right-wing muslim women (fundamentalist Islam is right wing) turned up solely to have Jack Straw ask them to remove their veils so that they could refuse.  Others paraded outside with placards claiming that they have a right to wear their veils.

The teacher that was suspended for refusing to remove her veil when teaching English as a second language to primary school children after children and staff complained that it was hard to understand her.  She also claims it is her right to wear a veil.  An anonymous muslim (woman I think) commenter on my blog says that it can be solved by banning men from going to her classroom.  I say no, that isn’t acceptable in our society and it is up to the woman to accomodate us, not the other way round.

What has to be borne in mind is that since the IRA stopped blowing up dustbins in England, the only terrorist attacks have been perpetrated muslims.  Our civil liberties and freedoms have been seriously curtailed in the name of tackling Islamic extremism.  What we tolerate in England is up to the 50m English people who live here, not the 3% of the population that describes themselves as muslim and not to the handful of ministers who make ridiculous laws telling us that we have to change our ways to accomodate an alien religion.  Why should I change my ways to accomodate the ever-increasing unreasonable demands of an immigrant population?  If they don’t like the way we do things in England, there are another couple of hundred countries they could go to where they might do things differently.  I don’t want to change, why should I?


I was tinkering with the widgets for the West Midlands NO! blog and spotted one called “Meebo”.  In the spirit of online adventure I visited and I’m certainly glad I did!

Basically, it’s a kind of web messenger with a twist.  If you’ve ever used Trillian you’ll recognise the functionality.  You can log in to multiple IM clients at the same time – AIM, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo and Jabber.  You get a single contacts list and a common chat window regardless of which client you are using.

The killer feature, though, is the “Meebo Widget”.  In a nutshell, it’s a Flash instant messenger plugin for your website.  Users can visit your website and send messages to you using Meebo’s native IM protocol with messages delivered to you when you log in to the Meebo website.  Visitors to your website can send messages to you without registering and – this is the best bit – you can chat back to your visitors if you are online at the same time.

For a free service it can’t be faulted.  I’m a little concerned that there appears to be no way of them generating revenue from their users – it’s ad free – which means that unless they start generating some revenue they’ll most likely fold.  Hopefully they’ll make it ad-supported rather than subscription-based although Haloscan’s subscription-based service is the perfect price at $1 per month – worth accepting the payment for Haloscan and worth paying for subscribers.

Anyway, give it a test drive.  It’s on the outside sidebar under “Recent Posts”.

Ve have vays of making you eat healthily

A school in Kent forced a pupil to eat his lunch outside the dinner hall because his packed lunch breached their guidelines on healthy eating.

The school has a rule that meals are allowed a maximum of 2 snacks but 10 year old Ryan Stupples had a fromage frais yoghurt, a packet of cheese biscuits and a cake.  The child was removed from the dinner hall and made to eat his lunch outside the hall under supervision.

BBC News have a picture of the boy in question who, if anything, looks a bit thin.  A bit of junk food might do him some good, fatten him up a bit.


I remember my kids being told once that they weren’t allowed to bring sweets to school in their packed lunch.  I made a point of sending them with them again because it is entirely up to me what my kids eat.  They very rarely have sweets and chocolate and they are all the right weight for their age and size.  In fact, Satan Joseph is too bloody thin, we can’t seem to fatten him up.

If any of my kids were removed from the dinner hall because of what I’d put in their lunch boxes I’d be straight round to the school.

Hat-tip: View from Middle England

BA worker suspended for refusing to remove crucifix

A BA check-in employee has been suspended for refusing to remove the small crucifix that she wore (the size of a 5p piece).

However, BA do allow a head scarf, turban and bangles to be worn conspicuously but a crucifix must be covered up.

NI devolution in March

Northern Ireland will, if all goes to plan, have its devolved government restored by March 2007.

The “St Andrews Agreement” will include:

  • A financial package (ie. they will be given more English taxes)
  • The introduction of a Victims Commissioner for Northern Ireland (because 73% of the population being officially designated victims already isn’t enough)
  • A permanent secretariat to the British-Irish Council (which doesn’t have a representative for England but does from Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Isle of Man, the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands)
  • Joint commissions with the Irish government (to send out a clear message that NI is part of the UK by letting the RoI make decisions affecting NI)

The agreement won’t give England a devolved government like the rest of the UK has, we have to be discriminated against and subjected to minority rule by the Scottish Raj.

Any volunteers?

Somebody needs a slap, any volunteers?

A 14 year old girl was accused of being a racist at school, put into isolation and then a week later was arrested by the police and questioned for 4 hours before being released without charge.

Her crime?  She was put in a group for a science lesson with 5 other children, all Asian, who sat there talking to each other in Urdu so she asked the teacher if she could move to another group because she couldn’t understand them.

A perfectly reasonable request you might think – how can she possibly work with a group that can’t/won’t speak English?  But no, this is the most hideous of racist crimes.  The teacher screamed at her that she was a racist and she was put into isolation.  A week later the police arrested her for racism, kept her at a police station for 4 hours and interviewed her before releasing her without charge.

Would the same have happened if a child who only spoke Urdu asked to be moved from a group of English speaking children because they didn’t speak English?  Would it buggery.  This obsession with branding people as racists is really starting to get on my tits.

Teacher suspended for wearing veil

Source: BBC News

A muslim woman has been suspended for refusing to remove her veil when teaching English.

Staff and pupils had complained that they found her hard to understand when she was wearing her veil.  The school has a lot of children who speak English as a second language and they need to be able to see the teachers lips when learning the language.

The woman refused, has been suspended and has taken Kirklees council to a tribunal.  The council says that even if the tribunal goes her way it won’t change its stance.

Even muslim children are complaining that the veil is a barrier to communication.

No more foreign law

The European Federation wants to force car drivers to use their headlights at all times.

The British government says it will result in the death of more motorcyclists because their riding lights will no long make them stand out from the crowd but they have admitted that they will be unable to veto a directive forcing motorists to use their lights.

Why the fuck not?  It’s our country and our legal system.  Every other country in the European Federation seems perfectly capable of picking and choosing which directives it implements so why not us?

Enough is enough.  I’m not going to comply with any more foreign laws.  It is against the law for any foreign power to run this country and I think I’m perfectly within my rights to refuse to recognise any law coming from the European Federation.

And I doe declare That no Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiasticall or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.
Bill of Rights

Lib Dums up the creek without a paddle

The Illiberal Democrats are up shit creek without a paddle.

They received a £2.4m donation from 5th Avenue Partners Ltd, a company that the High Court has ruled is entirely fraudulent and has never traded.  Electoral law says that a company must be carrying on business in the UK to be allowed to make a donation to a political party.

Unfortunately for the Lib Dums, they don’t have £2.4m to give back which means that if the Electoral Commission orders them to refund the donation they are insolvent and creditors will be entitled to petition for a Winding Up order against the party.

What a loss that would be … 🙄

Boris gets his hammer out

Boris Johnson has got out his special laser-guided hammer and hit the nail right on the head over the Iran and North Korea nuclear bomb “story”.

He suggests that Iran should be allowed, maybe even helped, to develop nuclear weapons in the hope that it will put the Americans off invading saving them.  As he quite rightly says, the US invaded the only middle eastern country in the “axis of evil” that wasn’t actually developing weapons of mass destruction.  He also points out that the Israeli’s have over 200 nuclear warheads and the Iranians are quite unlikely to try and nuke Israel because “even the mullahs are not mad enough to take on a country that could turn their desert into molten glass”.  A very good point Boris but I’d be more concerned about Israel’s nuclear capability than Iran’s.

I’m sure Boris’ article will upset the Americans and Israeli’s (I hope it does) but as usual he’s right.  If David Cameron had the balls to say even half the things Boris does, the Tories would be romping home to victory in every election.

Boris for Prime Minister.

State funding for Islamic groups

The British government is offering funding to Islamic groups that can “prove” they are tackling extremism.

Massoud Shadjareh of the Islamic Human Rights Commission says “The deliberate confusion surrounding the word extremism is a ploy by the government to use its financial muscle to socially engineer a new brand of Islam”.

Any complaints if the British government socially engineers a new brand of Islam that doesn’t involve terrorism, honour killings, genital mutilation, stoning women to death, hate preachers or spreading Islam by the sword?

The thought of my taxes being given to an alien religious organisation on some vague promise that they’ll tell wannabe terrorists not to blow people up disgusts me but then so do the pathetic attempts of self-appointed muslim “community leaders” to portray muslims as the eternal victims.