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Detention without charge

The British government has decided that it now wants to hold “terrorist suspects” for 58 days without charge.

A few months back Liebour tried to change the amount of time someone could be held without charge from 2 weeks to 3 months.  Thankfully this was blocked but a compromise was reached allowing suspects to be held for a month without charge.  Now the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan wants it increased to 2 months.

As I’ve pointed out in the past, the “anti-terror” laws in this country are wide open to interpretation and have been abused many times since their inception.  A woman was arrested outside Downing Street for reading out the names of dead soldiers and a man was arrested for carrying a blank placard within 1km of Parliament – both under anti-terrorism laws.  Walter Wolfgang, the elderly Liebour supporter who was manhandled out of the Liebour Party conference last year for saying “nonsense” when Jack Straw was talking bollocks, was banned from returning to the conference under anti-terrorism laws.  At the same conference every delegate was stopped and searched before entering and a delegate taking pictures of the stop and search had his camera taken from him and the images wiped – again, under anti-terrorism laws.

Anti-terrorism laws seem to have been used for everything except actually arresting terrorists.  Lord West, the unelected Liebour Minister for Security, said that he was not convinced that the limit needed to be extended until Gordo the Goblin King hauled him into his office and told him that he had to change his mind.  Like the good little mindless, spineless, Liebour drone that he is, he is now in favour of the proposals … again.

There is one concession in the proposals – the period of detention without charge (which is unconstitutional, incidently) would only be changed from 28 days to 58 days if a state of emergency was declared.  A bit like the state of emergency that General Musharraf declared in Pakistan when he thought he might not be president for much longer perhaps?  How reassuring.


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13 years and counting

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has refused to sign off the EU’s fraudulent and corrupt accounts for the 13th year running.

Their report criticies nearly every major area of spending.  UKIP’s new Party Treasurer, Marta Andeasen, reckons that 80% of the EU’s accounts are fraudulent and she’s better placed than most having been sacked as the European Commission’s chief accountant for refusing to sign off their fraudulent accounts.

Only 40% of the accounts have been signed off by the ECA as legitimate, something the Vice President of the European Commission seems to think is an achievement to be proud of.  The directors of a company attempting to file accounts with Companies House, 60% of which has been ruled to be fraudulent, would find themselves in prison but European Commissioners have immunity from prosecution and are therefore free to steal as much of our money as they want without fear of prosecution.

In response to the rampant fraud, Federal Europe has suspended £1.2bn of payments to “English regions” and is blaming member states for audit failings.  The European Commission is complaining that it can’t do much when 80% of money is disbursed by member states.  I think we can all see where that is going …

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CfER rises from the ashes

The Campaign for English Regions (CfER) has apparently risen from the ashes with an article in today’s Guardian by their Chairman, Phil Davies, calling for more regional government.

The CfER is headed up by Phil Davies, former Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council.  Davies was sacked a few years ago following a vote of no confidence and was parachuted into a job with a couple of Labourite regional quangos – Transport West Midlands and the West Midlands Regional Assembly – where he wouldn’t be at the mercy of voters or an elected council.

Davies campaigned with CfER for regional government in the West Midlands a few years ago when John Prescott promised referenda in every euroregion in England and then cancelled them because the North East gave the wrong answer.  He helped set up the West Midlands Constitutional Convention which wasn’t the talking shop to discuss ideas or gauge public opinion that you would expect from a Constitutional Convention but had only one stated objective – to come with ideas on how to introduce regional government in the West Midlands.

The Constitutional Convention died a death – their website hasn’t been updated for nearly four years.  The CfER website is now owned by a search engine company and the West Midlands Regional Assembly is being disbanded in 2010.  Not the kind of record that looks good on a CV!

When the CfER was first campaigning for regional government it was calling for regional government with the same powers and the Scottish Parliament.  Now they’re calling for the same powers as the London Assembly – a glorified town council.  Davies says that he wants a return to the time when English cities and counties had the same power as the Scottish Parliament like in the second half of the 20th Century – the Scottish Parliament was only created in 1997 and hadn’t existed for night on 300 years prior to that.  He cites the regionalisation found on the continent as an example of how great things would be if we were to carry out the EU’s directives on elected regional government but fails to mention that fact that no member state has a mixture of national and regional governments in place at the same time.  Can you imagine a single government for Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) with a national government for Belgium, a national government for Luxembourg and the Netherlands broken up into regions?  Of course not, it wouldn’t be fair but that is what is being proposed for England.

I don’t know which is sadder – that abject failures like Phil Davies still manage to get themselves presented by the media as a credible source of innovation or that people like him really believe that if they write to enough newspapers promoting their regionalist agenda they’ll somehow convince the people of England that what they really want is for their country to be broken up and to be run by toothless regional governments answerable to the EU Committee of Regions.

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Shropshire Star: Schemes no worry to Scots

This was in last night’s Shropshire Star (no, it’s not me using a false name) …

Schemes no worry to Scots

So the Scottish cabal in power at Westminster has instructed English councils to pilot pay-as-you-thorw rubbish schemes with a view to introducing these charges only in England.

Well in one respect the English are like the Scots, ie they will not pay for something they can get for nothing.  So councils in England should expect a lot more fly-tipping, rubbish burning in gardens, disposal of household rubbish in street litter bins, bottle banks, paper banks and can banks.

And the authorities can expect a large increase in the use of toilets for flushing organic waste, eg kitchen waste and uneaten food, both human and pet.

Something some people already do to avoid flies, maggots and vermin being attracted to their household rubbish following the introduction of fortnightly collections.

Of course the people that Labour ministers represent won’t have to worry because they live in Scotland.

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The Daily Mail has a tendency to invent random connections but this headline at UK Daily Pundit is too tenuous even for them!

A member of a transport industry pressure group called Transaction 2007 says that he attended a secret summit where business leaders demanded protests.  The member – Andrew Spence – was once a BNP candidate which leads UK Daily Pundit to post the headline “Far-right set to cause chaos with fuel blockades”.  There’s even the obligatory association of UKIP with the BNP in the comments even though they’ve got nothing to do with the story.  Pure Tory.

The issue is a serious one.  The last lot of protests were going well until Traitor Bliar summoned Rupert Murdoch to Downing Street, following which the Sun started publishing the British government’s propaganda on the protests and public support stopped overnight.  The price of fuel is mostly tax and it affects every single one of us directly, whether you drive or not.  Most goods are transported around the country by road and the more the fuel costs, the more it costs to transport – a cost that is passed on to the consumer.

The British government ended the last set of protests with the help of Rupert Murdoch and some outrageous propaganda.  Amongst the lies put out by the British government were tanker drivers being intimmidated and even attacked by protesters, roads to refineries being blocked by lorries and the emergency services and military running out of fuel.  Firstly, the police were present at all the protest sites.  Intimidating or attacking tanker drivers or blocking roads would be a criminal offence and the police were there to deal with any law breaking.  Funny how the news footage never showed a single incident.  Secondly, the military have their own pipelines from refineries so they don’t have to rely on vulnerable road transport.  You can even buy maps showing the pipelines.  The emergency services and military were never at risk of running out of fuel.

One thing the British government can’t rely on this time around is Rupert Murdoch’s blind devotion to the Scottish Raj (he only backs winners).  Gordo the Goblin King might find it a bit more difficult to buy the front page of the Sun this time around.

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What planet is Camoron on?

Someone, please, tell me what planet David Camoron is on because it certainly isn’t the same one that I’m on.

Camoron is actually fucking retarded enough to complain that England and Wales has the lowest conviction rate – 5.7% – amongst “leading” European states and suggests tightening laws to ensure more prosecutions.  But the conviction rate isn’t the problem – three quarters of rapes are apparently not reported in the first place.  Is the 5.7% conviction rate 5.7% of the rapes reported or 5.7% of this hypothetical figure of unreported rapes?  Does this mean that, actually, 22.8% of reported rapes result in conviction?  Is that a good rate of conviction?

What next?  Will targets be introduced for convictions?  Will judges be told to convict more suspects if they’re missing their targets?  Can we expect innocent men to be locked up in the name of hitting a government target?

There is something seriously wrong with that man.

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EU Constitution Lords Committee

A House of Lords Committee is being challenged by a group of Lords over the composition of a committee advising the British government on the EU not-a-constitution.

The committee currently meets in secret and 16 out of the 18 committee members are in favour of the EU constitution.  Two of them even have EU pensions and under EU rules they could have their pensions taken off them if they don’t promote the EU.

The committee is deliberately made up of eurofederalists and peers with a vested interest in Federal Europe to ensure the EU not-a-constitution’s safe passage through both houses and deny us the referendum we were promised.

On a related note, the Irish Republic will be holding a referendum in 2008 despite concerted attempts by the eurofederalists in the Irish government who have been trying to find a way of not having one.

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Lest We Forget

Millions of servicemen and women gave their lives for their country, the least the British government can do is Honour the Covenant.

Another WordPress hack: Comments on Cross-Posts

Although most of my blogging is done here, on Wonko’s World, I also author the West Midlands NO! Campaign blog and sometimes post on the Campaign for an English Parliament blog.

It’s common for bloggers who write on collaborative blogs to cross-post the same article on both their own blog and the collaborative blog they write on but what do you do about the comments? You might not necessarily want to have two seperate sets of comments on the same post. You can turn off the comments and put a link in the bottom of the post to the other post but they rarely get clicked.

Today I had a brainwave – add a metadata item with the url of the other post and change the comments link when the post is displayed. So, I tried it and it works and this is how to do it …

First up is the main index page of the blog. Open the index.php file and find comments_popup_link – this is the function that displays the comments link. The line should look like this:

<?php comments_popup_link('No Comments', '1 Comment', '% Comments'); ?>

Change it to this:

$xpostcommentsurl=get_post_meta($post->ID, "xpost", $single=true);
echo '<a href="'.$xpostcommentsurl.'" target="_blank">Comments</a> (off-site)';
comments_popup_link('No Comments', '1 Comment', '% Comments');

Next we have to change the single post file – it should be called single.php. Open it and look for comments_template. The line should look like this:

<?php comments_template(); ?>

Change it to this:

$xpostcommentsurl=get_post_meta($post->ID, "xpost", $single=true);
echo 'This entry has been cross-posted from another site.';
echo 'Click <a href="'.$xpostcommentsurl.'" target="_blank">here</a> to open the comments page for this post.';

One you’ve made these changes, everything is ready. When you write your post, scroll down the page to Custom Fields and add an entry named "xpost". Give it a value of the url of the cross-post you want the comments to appear on and save. Simple as that!

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Another one bites the dust

A by-election in the Brookside ward of Telford & Wrekin Council yesterday saw Liebour lose yet another seat on the borough.

Earlier this year the Conswervatives took control of Telford & Wrekin Council from Liebour who had held the unitary authority since it was created.  On balance the change from red to blue has been a good one – a few broken promises but more good than bad.

My candidate of choice (an independent who runs Telford Council Watch) didn’t win, unfortunately, but I would rather a Conswervative won than another Liebour candidate.

The run-up to the election wasn’t entirely without event.  The independent candidate was first out with his posters which he replaced 3 times before giving up.  His posters were torn down and Liebour posters appeared in their place.  The police reluctantly got involved, asked the local Liebour MP, David Wright, and the prospective Liebour councillor if they knew anything about it and they said yes, they’d been told who’d done it.  Unfortunately, the police weren’t really interested in finding out who did it which is a shame because trying to unduly affect the outcome of an election is a criminal offence.

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Shropshire Star: Residents warned of sub region

The following story appears in tonight’s Shropshire Star:

A Telford campaigner against a regional Government has said that giving a “sub region” tax raising powers would be bad for residents.

Hazel Blears, Communities and Local Government Secretary, yesterday announced plans which would put Telford in a new “sub region” with the Black Country, Birmingham and Coventry.

It could have powers to drive regeneration including tax raising.  Stuart Parr has been campaigning against regional Government for several years and set up the West Midlands No! Campaign website.  He said: “the West Midlands No! Campaign warned, as far back as December 2006, that the city region had ambitions for tax raising powers.  Many ‘business community’ leaders in the West Midlands have backed the city region in return for a promise they will get more say in decisions affecting both business and residents.  The people involved with the city region have no intention of consulting taxpayers and are relying on the business community for support.”

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Press Release: City Region tax-raising powers

Press Release
For Immediate Release

The West Midlands NO! Campaign warned, as far back as December 2006 [1], that the City Region had ambitions for tax raising powers.

Many “business community” leaders in the West Midlands have backed the City Region in return for a promise that they will get more of a say in decisions affecting both business and residents.

The press is today reporting that ministers are set for a collision course with this same “business community” over the possibility of the City Region having tax-raising powers! [2]

Leader of the West Midlands NO! Campaign, Stuart Parr, said “I would love to gloat and say ‘I told you so’ but this is far too serious a matter for point-scoring.  The people involved with the City Region have no intention of consulting taxpayers and are relying on the business community for support.  Hopefully the City Region will be a tax too far for West Midlands businesses – they’re our best hope for halting the progress of this expensive, toothless talking shop”.

Stuart Parr
West Midlands NO! Campaign


The West Midlands NO! Campaign is a non-partisan campaign opposed to the imposition of unaccountable, unelected, undemocratic regional government in the West Midlands.
Regionalisation has been growing throughout England, particularly in the West Midlands culminating in the proposal of a West Midlands City Region centred around Birmingham and incorporating several satellite urban areas.  The City Region has been officially named as the Birmingham, Coventry and Black Country City Region.
There is little or no support for regional government in any part of England yet the UK government and local authorities continue to cede power to unelected regional quangos without the consent of the electorate.
We believe that the introduction, extension and strengthening of regional government and quangos without the consent of the people affected is wrong and demand a public referendum on its future.
[ – ENDS – ]

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GLA have no confidence in Blair

The London Assembly has passed a vote of no confidence – 15 votes to 8 – in Met Commissioner, Ian Blair.

Blair said that he won’t resign but will “survive”.  A luxury Jean Charles de Menzes doesn’t have.

All 7 Liebour members of the London Assembly voted against the vote of no confidence.  Ken Livingstone has given him his backing which is as good a reason as any for sacking him.

The President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), Ken Jones, said “we not that the assembly divided largely along political lines” and “the prism of party interests is a flawed perspective from which to judge those who are called upon to make life or death judgements” when condemning the vote of no confidence.

I wonder if Mr Jones has considered that it is more likely that it is the Liebour contingent who all voted to support their man, rather than an unlikely cross-party alliance of four parties (Conswervative, Illiberal Dipshits, Greens and One London), that are playing the party politics game?  Could it be that the Liebour members in the Liebour-controlled GLA, with their Liebour mayor, are supporting their Liebour Met Police Chief because he’s a party stooge?

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Queen’s Speech

The Queen was put through the indignity of having to read the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan first (and hopefully last) Queen’s Speech.

The BBC, to my utter amazement, have actually identified which bills are only applicable in England although there is no explanation of why this is so utterly reprehensible, undemocratic and morally wrong.

First up is the Apprenticeships (draft) Bill which only applies to England. 16-18 year olds will be given an entitlement to an apprenticeship. Who they will be apprenticed to, how companies will be convinced or forced to take on apprentices and why this is neccesary when kids will soon have to be in school until they’re 18 isn’t explained.

Mandate Rating: 0/5

Next is the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Bill which will “clarify the legal and regulatory position of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, ahead of the restructuring of the company which built the link”. The BBC says this applies to the whole of the UK although the Channel Tunnel is actually in England and Eurostar doesn’t go to Scotland or Wales. And I thought the situation was pretty simple – it cost a horrendous amount of public and private money, won’t break even for decades and the taxpayer will see little or no return ever on the “investment”. 

Mandate Rating: 0/5

The Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill comes next which will reform (god, I hate that word) the child maintenance system. Can’t really pick fault with that provided it actually works, unlike the piss poor job the CSA does. Applies to England, Wales and Scotland. 

Mandate Rating: 1/5

Next is the Children and Young Persons Bill which will prevent children from moving schools in years 10 and 11 (the last two years for 16 year old school leavers). There is no explanation of how the state will prevent you from moving home or if they, perhaps, intend to take your child into care if you try to move when your child is that age. Also requires local authorities to provide children leaving institutional care continued support. Only applies to England and technically to Wales. 

Mandate Rating: 0/5

Possibly the most unbelievable one is the Citizenship and Immigration (draft) Bill which will “take forward any recommendations” from a review by Lord Goldsmith. Nobody knows what those recommendations are going to be but it looks like it’ll be pushed through regardless of what it contains. Probably applies to the whole of the UK but policing is devolved so possibly not. 

Mandate Rating: 1/5

Next up is the Climate Change Bill which is going to decimate our economy. Statutory targets are going to be introduced to reduce our CO2 emmissions by 60% by 2050, effectively making the country a no-go for any type of heavy industry. Also provides for pilot schemes such as pay-as-you-throw rubbish tax by local authorities which the British government believes will result in less household waste rather than more fly-tipping. “Much of the bill” applies to the whole country according to the BBC although the bits intended to directly empty our pockets will only apply in England. 

Mandate Rating: 1/5

The Constitutional Renewal (draft) Bill will apparently give more power to Parliament to hold the government to account and decide where to deploy troops. Doesn’t abolish the party whip or stop the British government from telling blatant lies to secure the answer they want so pretty pointless really. Also changes the way judges are appointed … because that’s something we all want to see changed (he said, sarcastically). “Most of the bill applies to the whole UK” says the BBC. We’ll see. 

Mandate Rating: 4/5

The Counter Terrorism Bill is the most dangerous bill proposed giving the state more power to obtain and use DNA, assumes terrorist suspects are hiding something if they refuse to answer and (you’ll like this) bans convicted terrorists from travelling abroad. Firstly, why would convicted terrorists not be in prison? Secondly, why would we want to keep them here if they’re not? Applies to the whole UK apparently but policing is devolved, remember. 

Mandate Rating: 4/5

Next, the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill. This will allow non-dangerous criminals who’ve been released early from prison but breach the terms of their release to be jailed for only 28 days rather than having to serve the rest of their sentence. That’ll teach them. Also gives convicted terrorists a new immigration status … did I already ask why we want convicted terrorists here? “Extreme” pornographic images on the internet will be made illegal and people who defend themselves in their own home will be “fully protected” by the law. Mostly relates to England but partly applies to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Mandate Rating: 1/5

The Crossrail Bill is still floating atop all the other turds and has been since February 2005. Only applies to England apart from the bit where Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland get chucked a couple of billion extra in their subsidy for the privelege of spending English taxes on England. 

Mandate Rating: 0/5

The Cultural Property (armed Conflicts) (draft) Bill is a meaningless ratification of a convention protecting cultural artefacts during wars. Probably applies to the whole UK. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

The Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill will be met with dismay by our beleagured banking industry who will lose have to hand over cash from dormant accounts for the British government’s slush fund instead of investing it. Applies to the whole of the UK. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

The EC Finance Bill will allow the British government to hand over the £27.1m per day contribution they give to Federal Europe from their own bank account, the “Consolidated Fund”. Applies to the whole of the UK. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

Next is the Education and Skills Bill which will require all children to remain in school until the age of 18 by 2015. Also requires employers to release young people for one days training a week and requires parents and local authorities to make them do it. Applies to England. 

Mandate Rating: 0/5

The Employment Bill aims to strengthen employment law and improve dispute resolution. Applies to England, Scotland and Wales. 

Mandate Rating: 1/5

The Energy Bill will offer greater incentives for renewable energy generation such as ridiculously inefficient and cost-ineffective wind and solar power. Applies to the whole of the UK. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

The EU Reform Treaty Bill will pass the EU not-a-constitution into law making every MP that supports its passage through Parliament a traitor. Applies to the whole UK. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

Next, the Health and Social Care Bill. This merges three existing health regulators into one “super regulator” and which will have more power to intervene in failing hospitals. Only applies to England. 

Mandate Rating: 0/5

The Heritage Protection Draft Bill will unify the two different heritage schemese – scheduling and listing – into one. Applies to England, Wales and partly to Northern Ireland. 

Mandate Rating: 0/5

The Housing and Regeneration Bill paves the way for massive house building by merging the national land bank, English Partnerships, with the Housing Corporation which hands out money for social housing. Technically applies to England and Wales but realistically only applies in England. 

Mandate Rating: 0/5

The Human Tissues and Embryos Bill will ban sex selection for non-medical reasons and will recognise same-sex couples as legal parents of children made from donated eggs and sperm. Applies to England and Wales and partly to Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Mandate Rating: ½/5

The Local Transport Bill will allow local authorities to introduce local road pricing schemes. Applies to England, technically to Wales and tehcnially, partly to Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, transport is devolved so actually only applies to England. 

Mandate Rating: ½/5

The Marine (draft) Bill will introduce a new system for planning marine and offshore developments. Applies to the whole of the UK. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

Next us is the Marine Navigation and Port Safety (draft) Bill which will “reform” lighthouse authorities and clarify the legal framework for port safety. Applies to the whole UK. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

The National Insurance Contributions Bill will make the National Insurance upper limit match the Income Tax upper limit over a period of about 18 months. Applies to the whole UK. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

The Pensions Bill will force all employees into a private pension scheme with minimum employer contributions. Applies to England, Scotland and Wales. 

Mandate Rating: 3/5

The Planning Reform Bill will create a two-tier planning system – one for major infrastructure works and one for minor home improvements. Should result in less formal planning permission requirements for minor works but will probably mean more regional planning decisions by unelected quangos. Only applies to England. 

Mandate Rating: 0/5

The Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill aims to “reduce unnecessary burdens” placed on business by local authorities, probably by moving more powers from elected local authorities to unelected regional quangos. Applies to the whole UK. Allegedly. 

Mandate Rating: 5/5

Finally, the Sale of Student Loans Bill will allow the British government to sell the student loan portfolio to private companies. This is expected to raise £6bn over 3 years but there are no figures given on how much interest would be earnt in the long term. Applies mainly to England. 

Mandate Rating: ½/5

Total mandate rating for the whole Queen’s Speech: 62½/145 (43%)

Go home Gordon, England doesn’t want you.



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Ask Liebour Ministers about the Queen’s Speech

The Liebour website is basking in the glory of No Mandate Brown’s first Queen’s Speech, most of which – naturally – only applies to England.  In fact, you would be forgiven for mistaking it as a Liebour thing rather than something that he was being paid to do by the taxpayer (however unwillingly).

Anyway, Liebour’s website is asking for questions for various ministers that might be asked on Liebour’s YouTube channel.  I don’t think mine are going to get asked …

This was to Ed Balls, Alan Johnson and Yvette Cooper respectively:

As [education/health/housing] is a devolved issue in Gordon Brown’s constituency, his constituents didn’t give him a mandate on [education/health/housing] at the last election.  Do you think that it is right that Gordon Brown can decide on [education/health/housing] policy that only affects England when English voters don’t have an opportunity to pass judgement on his policies through the ballot box? 

And this to Harriet Harman:

Do you think that the gratuitous use of the words “Britain” and “British” will distract from the fact that most of Gordon Brown’s policies only apply to England and not in Scotland where he was elected?

What do you reckon my chances are of getting an answer?

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Orphaned for Jehova

A woman from Telford – a couple of miles away from where I live i fact – has died following childbirth.

She suffered complications shortly after giving birth and died because she refused to have a blood transfusion.  She had just enough time to cuddle her twins before she died.

The woman, who was only 22, was a Jehova’s Witness and refused to be given blood because it was against her religion.

Religion: killing people for thousands of years.

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EU Contribution

The UK’s gross annual contribution to Federal Europe now stands at €14,270,042,046.

That’s £9,901,500,170 per year or £27,127,397 per day.

The eurofederalists claim that we more than make this money back in grants and increased trade.  £27m a day?  Don’t make me laugh!

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What a co-incidence

A quick scan of the BBC News website this morning turned up a story about the British government’s intention to try and increase the amount of time they can hold someone suspected of terrorism without charge from 28 days to 56.

Offences under the recent anti-terrorism laws include carrying a blank placard within 1km of Parliament and reading out the names of dead soldiers outside Downing Street.  Heinous crimes I’m sure you’ll agree.

Entirely co-incidently and not at all carefully planned to support the latest attempt to deprive us of our liberty and rights, the head of MI5 has this afternoon announced that up to 2,000 people are a threat to the UK because of their support of terrorism.

Any mention of this purely random co-incidence on the BBC?  Have the two stories been linked in any way?  Of course not, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation is faithfully carrying out its role as New Liebour propaganda machine.

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And the winner is …

Belgians today awoke to their 150th day without a government.

The Christian Democrats and Liberals have so far been unable to get their acts together and form a coalition leaving Belgium without a government.  The job of governing the country is being taken care of by the outgoing government.

Belgium is the model on which Federal Europe is based – a multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic unholy union of people who don’t even like each other, let alone want to be stuck in a union.  The longer Belgium stays in this state, the more obvious it becomes that the EU model is fatally flawed.  The federal state that eurofederalists like the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan and David Camoron want will flounder very early in its life and end up fractured along racial, religious and lingustic lines, just like Belgium is now.

The good news is that the EU not-a-constitution is due to be signed in December and it looks increasingly likely that Belgium won’t have a government to ratify the treaty as the incumbent rump government doesn’t have the authority to deal with matters of that importance.  This, coupled with a likely referendum in Denmark, could be another significant nail in the EU not-a-constitution’s coffin.

The Brussels Journal has some bits and pieces on Belgium’s farcial inability to govern itself.

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Remember, Remember …

… the 5th of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

There’s not so much gunpowder round Parliament nowadays but the treason and plot is still in abundance.

On this day in 1605, Guy Fawkes made history as the first man to enter Parliament with honest intentions – the intention to blow it up.  His plan was foiled and he was branded a traitor and locked up in the Tower of London.

On the anniversary of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot, parliament is over-run with traitors and plotters.  There is a plot to hand over yet more sovereignty to Federal Europe in the form of the EU not-a-constitution.  There is a plot to double the length of time that someone can be held without charge.  There is a plot to force us all (except politicians) to hand over our DNA to be held in a database and recorded on ID cards.  There is a plot to introduce more on-the-spot fines (summary justice) in place of a trial by a jury of your peers as is our right.

Those traitors sitting in the House of Commons today should remember the fate that befell Guy Fawkes on this day 402 years ago because, come the revolution, they will be the first against the wall.

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