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The worms are turning

You’ve got to laugh haven’t you?  Eco-terrorists from Greenpeace have managed to get themselves onto the roof of Westminster Palace and are staging a rooftop protest calling for “change the politics”.

This is what happens when governments use militant protest groups as proxies – they always end up getting out of control and turning on their masters.  The British government-supported fascist UAF were at it yesterday, directing their violence at the police who were stopping them from getting to EDL protesters.  Now the eco-terrorists, supported and nurtured by the British government and given carte blanche to break the law in the name of environmentalism, have turned on their masters

If there are any experts in the field of high-powered projection reading this, can anyone give some indication of just how much power the projector beaming the protesters’ message onto the wall of Westminster Palace will be using?

As for the protesters: take away their ladders, cordon off the area and starve the freaks down.

Imagine if global warming wasn’t a load of bollocks …

Let’s just imagine for a moment, despite all the evidence disproving the theory, that catastrophic man-made global warming is upon us.

Let’s further imagine – suspending disbelief just a little further – that there are a few scientists that remember how real science works and one of them comes up with a technical solution to these hypothetical problems.

Who is going to engineer this technical marvel?  With the global economy destroyed, there will be very little industry left and once we’re relying on windmills and solar panels to provide our electricity, what is left of the manufacturing industry won’t have enough juice to keep the lights on, let alone mass-produce some piece of machinery to save the planet.  Not that anyone will be able to buy said technical marvel because subsistence farming doesn’t pay well and tax receipts will be virtually non-existent with a decimated mediæval economy so state aid will be out of the question.  And even if there was a company left with the capability to produce this technical wonder, one with a magic electricity supply that doesn’t turn off when it isn’t sunny or windy, one that hasn’t been bankrupted by global depression, regulation and green taxes, one that has the ready cash to buy enough carbon credits to cover the production of this technical marvel, they will hold governments to ransom for their magical piece of technology to save the planet.

Thank god it’s all a load of bollocks and the whole scam will soon fall apart in the face of undeniable evidence that it’s a great big socialist tax raising conspiracy.

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Ho hum, more climate change propaganda

The British government reckons it’s saved £7m in the last year through “green” measures in government departments.

The “green” measures referred to include double-sided printing, turning computers off at night and replacing PCs after 5 years instead of 3.

These are not “green” measures, they’re common sense money-saving ideas!  They may have a positive effect on the environment – less pollution and less landfull – but they are primarily common sense ways of saving money.  Turning electrical items off at night saves electricity which saves money.  Printing on both sides saves paper which saves money.  Replacing PCs after 5 years instead of 3 means you don’t have to buy new computers so often which saves money.

Whether these “green” measures were good for the environment or not, they would have saved money anyway.  The environmental benefit is just a happy co-incidence – the civil service has been on a cost-cutting drive since before the global warming scam started.

There is plenty of money to be saved by businesses and governments through “green” measures but they are all common sense cost saving ideas that have nothing to do with environmentalism and everything to do with saving money.  But ultimately, any cost saving made from this type of thing in the private sector is going to wiped out by “green” taxation.

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British government says electricity supply will fail in 7 years time

The British government’s new Energy Minister has admitted that the UK will be facing electricity black-outs by 2016 because coal and nuclear power stations are going to be decomissioned and “green” power can’t be produced in big enough quantities to keep the lights on.

It’s a welcome admission that the British government’s energy policy is going to destroy the country and that the green scam is intended to return us to a mediæval economy but there’s a gotcha.  It is, says David MacKay, our fault that there isn’t going to be enough electricity because we keep opposing wind farms, nuclear power stations and energy imports and not at all the fault of the British government for committing to closing down existing powerstations and replacing them with windmills.

So it’s our fault for objecting to handing over acres of countryside for windmills and the planning system is getting in the way of the British government’s plans.  The general public isn’t going to change its mind over wind farms and when electricity rationing and black-outs start there are going to be riots.  Therefore, in the mind of a politician, the only solution is to change the planning system so that we can’t object to wind farms.  And because planning is devolved, it will only be changed in England and large scale wind farms will only be built in England against our wishes.  The Scottish government has already said that no nuclear power stations will be built in Scotland even though they have thousands of square miles of uninhabited countryside that would be perfect for nuclear power stations.

So the burden will once again fall on England to provide for the whole UK while the celts get to pick and choose when they want to contribute and on what terms.  All I can hope is that when the lights go out – and there is very little doubt that they will – that the ensuing total failure of society will destroy the anti-English British establishment.

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Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT) has claimed that protesters occupying a wind turbine factory are having their human rights breached.

The Vestas factory on the Isle of White is being closed by its owners (announced on the same day the British government announced its fictitious “green jobs” figures) so workers have illegally occupied the building and are staging an illegal sit-in.

The RMT say that the illegal protesters’ human rights are being breached because, allegedly, Vestas aren’t allowing people into the building to give deliver food to them.

So which section of the Human Rights Act covers refusing permission for people to enter a private building to feed protesters illegally occupying said building?  Apparently, it’s the bit that covers depriving someone of their liberty.  Which is odd, because according to the BBC News website, Vestas has been to court to have the illegal protesters removed which would suggest that, far from depriving the protesters of their liberty, Vestas are actively trying to force their liberty on them by way of an eviction.

It’s idiots like this that devalue the Human Rights Act to the extent that it become a national joke.  Nobody’s human rights are being breached.  The protesters, I am sure, are free to walk out of the door any time they feel so inclined and go back to their families.  Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs in the last few months yet, strangely, none of them seem to have felt the need to illegally occupy their former employers’ offices in protest.  If these Vestas workers are looking for sympathy, making patently false and quite ridiculous claims of human rights abuses is a funny way of going about it.

The “green” industry is based on a complete fabrication and is entirely unsistainable.  The general public has neither the money, nor the inclination, to buy into the environmentalist scam.  In the case of wind turbines – the line of business that Vestas is in – they are hugely expensive to make, hugely expensive to run and are so inefficient and ineffectual that most of them will never recoup their manufacturing and operational costs before the end of, in the absence of more appropriate terminology, their “useful” life.  Anyone basing their long term future and financial security on the “green” industry is either a fool or one of the career environmentalists that makes a living spouting bullshit propaganda at TV cameras.

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Met Office gets it wrong again

The Met Office has, for the umpteenth year in a row, revised its summer weather warning down.

Earlier in the year we were told that there would be a blistering heat wave throughout the summer – a BBQ summer as the Met Office put it.  But even the Met Office couldn’t ignore the fact that, but for a couple of weeks, it’s been a cold and damp summer.

The Met Office can’t predict the weather a few months in advance – they can’t even predict the weather 10 days in advance – but they expect us to believe their bullshit climate change propaganda.  The Met Office’s short term weather forecasts aren’t that reliable, their medium term forecasts are decidedly iffy and their long term climate forecasts are pure fiction, constantly and consistently discredited and disproved.

Still, they weren’t entirely inaccurate in their prediction of a BBQ summer – every time we have a BBQ it rains!

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Eco-terrorists convicted

The 29 eco-terrorists that stopped a coal train going into the Drax power station have been convicted of obstructing the train and sentenced to community service.

Climate Change My ArseBack in September a group of hippy freaks from Greenpeace broke into Kingsnorth power station and caused £30k of damage.  They got away with it because they convinced a judge that their bullshit discredited climate change theories said that the power station would cause more damage to the environment than they were causing to the power station so their vandalism and criminal damage was justified.

I said then that the defence would be used again and it has – the Drax eco-terrorists tried to use the same defence but thankfully this judge didn’t buy into their climate change bollocks and refused to listen to their “evidence”.

Socialist Unity are having a whip-round to pay their fines.  Good luck with that, Jobseekers Allowance doesn’t pay that much.

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Another half a million will be in fuel poverty in 12 months time

El Gordo wants to set up a £60bn climate change fund to help poor countries come up with bullshit ways to deal with climate change.

Meanwhile, BBC News is reporting this morning (on the TV but not on the website for some reason) that an extra half a million families could be forced into fuel poverty because electricity companies are being forced to spend billions on expensive, inefficient and unreliable windmills instead of cheap, reliable power stations to hit bullshit government targets.

This is just getting beyond a fucking joke.  Climate change has been happening for millions of years and it will continues to happen for millions of fucking years.  There is no proof – not one single piece of evidence that stands up to the briefest of scrutiny – that the climate is being changed by human activity in any significant or detrimental way.

Windmills and solar panels can’t even come close to producing enough electricity to meet demand.  Relying on “renewable” energy will turn electricity into a luxury that only the ruling classes can afford which will, of course, solve the problem of electricity rationing which we will be seeing in the next few years.

And to rub salt into the wound, we’re going to be contributing our “fair share” of a £60bn fund so that corrupt third world despots can come up with similar bullshit claimte change policies while an extra half a million people are expected to be spending 10% of their income on gas and electricity in the next 12 months.

Where on earth can I get away from this fucking bullshit?  I swear to god, much more of this and I’m going to go postal in Westminster Palace.

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Wilkins Ice Shelf still hanging on by a thread, apparently

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS), government-funded “scientists”, have announced that the Wilkins Ice Shelf in the Antarctic is on the verge of collapsing.

Funnily enough, the BAS said exactly the same thing last year except last year the Wilkins Ice Shelf was the size of the Isle of Man and this year it’s the size of Wales.  That’s a hell of a lot of growth considering that global warming is supposed to be melting all the ice.

And there’s still no explanation from the BAS or any other global warming propagandists as to how the Wilkins Ice Shelf can collapse in 1998 and again in 2008 2009.

There is, of course, one explanation for all this: it’s another piece of outdated propaganda, invented by the author of the IPPC work of fiction on climate change (who happens to be the BAS lead “scientist”) and faithfully reproduced by lazy journalists in the mainstream media.

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Climate change propagandists are getting desperate

A massive gathering of climate change propagandists in Denmark have upped the stakes in the increasingly ludicrous and alarmist game of apocalyptic predictions.
The current prediction by the propagandists is that sea levels will rise by about 2ft in the next few years but not enough people are panicking and throwing money at them to save the world so they’ve decided it’s now going to be somewhere between 3.5ft and 5ft.

The “scientist” who seems to have come up with the new prediction is Konrad Steffan.  I can’t find much about him other than the fact that he’s backed by Nasa and has made a lucrative career out of climate change, appearing in a film and a book on the subject.

Unfortunately, as money gets tighter, the propagandists are going to come up with more and more batshit scare stories to try and justify the massive grants they need to fund the expensive lifestyles to which they’ve become accustomed on our taxes.  Expect to see more of this kind of alarmist, scientifically baseless shit as time goes on.
On a related note, it was good to see Prince Charles doing his bit for the environment, flying to South America on a chartered jet and travelling by stretch limo with a 6 car motorcade to talk about climate change.  I wonder if the Brazilians will show him the cast swathes of CO2 recycling rainforest that are being cleared to grow crops for biofuels?

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Global Warming propagandists blame Australian fires on climate change

The wildfires in Australia are a terrible disaster for the country with over a hundred people killed but why do the global warming propagandists have to seize on every natural disaster to try and scare people into believing in their scam?

The State of Victoria has assigned 100 police officers to investigate the fires which they believe were started deliberately and are treating it as a murder inquiry.  But in the next breath, the global warming propagandists at the state government are saying that the fires are down to climate change.

Australia is mostly desert and has been for centuries. It is the fact that most of the continent is hot and dry that causes fires to spread – which happens pretty much every year – not climate change which is causing a decrease in global temperatures.

Australians have been told by their government that the fires have been caused by climate change but if a police inquiry discovers that the fires were started deliberately, will the government publically announce that it was nothing to do with climate change after all?  No, because there is only one thing that’s incompatible with climate change theory and that is admitting when it’s wrong.

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Snow in Jamaica wouldn’t be incompatible with global warming

The Met Office’s chief advisor to the British government has just told the BBC that “severe snow storms aren’t incompatible with global warming”.

He said that years ago we had severe snow storms every 5 years and now it’s only every 18 years.  Extend that back through history and during the ice ages we had severe snow storms permanently and during the warm periods we went without them for decades.

The global warming scam is such big business now, nothing is incompatible with global warming according to the experts.  The earth is cooling in defiance of the predictions but that’s not incompatible with global warming.  The trend is towards global cooling but that’s not incompatible with global warming.  The micro-changes to our climate are nothing unusual but that’s not incompatible with global warming.

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Vision of the Future?

We went to Tesco today to do a bit of shopping. It was unusually quiet, devoid of the crowds of bargain hunters I would have expected this close after Christmas.

Vision of the Future?

That wasn’t the only strange thing about the shop today – half of the store was in darkness. On some aisles, they had even put lamps on the shelves to give some light because it was that dark. As I was pushing the trolley around the half empty aisles in the dark I started wondering if this is what it’s going to be like in a decade when we’re relying on windmills for 60% of our electricity supply.

It might sound like an exaggeration but it’s really not. In a few years we need to have replaced some of our power stations to be able to provide enough electricity to meet demand. The British government intends to replace them with windmills that will cost billions of pounds and won’t provide anywhere near enough electricity or the consistent, affordable supply we need. There is a very real risk of electricity being rationed, street lights going off in the night and factories time-sharing electricity supplies with their neighbours.

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Pre-industrial CO2 levels were about the same as today

Via the excellent Englishmans Castle, this article in the Canadian Free Press:

How many failed predictions, discredited assumptions and evidence of incorrect data are required before an idea loses credibility?

Proponents of human induced warming and climate change told us that an increase in CO2 precedes and causes temperature increases. They were wrong. They told us the late 20th century was the warmest on record. They were wrong. They told us, using the infamous “hockey stick” graph, the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) did not exist. They were wrong. They told us global temperatures would increase through 2008 as CO2 increased. They were wrong. They told us Arctic ice would continue to decrease in area through 2008. They were wrong. They told us October 2008 was the second warmest on record. They were wrong. They told us 1998 was the warmest year on record in the US. They were wrong it was 1934. They told us current atmospheric levels of CO2 are the highest on record. They are wrong. They told us pre-industrial atmospheric levels of CO2 were approximately 100 parts per million (ppm) lower than the present 385 ppm. They are wrong. This last is critical because the claim is basic to the argument that humans are causing warming and climate change by increasing the levels of atmospheric CO2 and have throughout the Industrial era. In fact, pre-industrial CO2 levels were about the same as today, but how did they conclude they were lower?


Go and read the whole article at the Canada Free Press website.

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Another day, another database

The British government is photographing every house from the air with infrared cameras and then knocking on doors and telling residents how much heat is escaping from their homes.

The figures will, of course, be stored in the obligatory database that will no doubt be linked to the council tax database at some point to tax people on their energy efficiency, or lack thereof.  It will, I imagine, eventually be linked into the new energy efficiency certificate database and the home information pack database and the electoral register database.

I can’t find any information about this online.  I’m particularly interested to know if this is happening outside of England because the environment is a devolved policy and the responsibility of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments in their own countries.  And, of course, I’m also keen to know who is doing the photography so I can tell them I don’t want my house photographed or anyone to visit me.

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UKIP Video: Out of Control

UKIP and the Ind Dem group have produced a new video called “Out of Control: How the EU is costing you the earth”.

There are two versions:

Low Res (less than 2mbit connection)
High Res (2mbit connection or higher)

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Greenpeace green light for criminal damage

The Greenpeace ecoterrorists that broke into Kingsnorth power station during a protest against the proposed building of a new, cleaner coal powered station on to replace the current one, have been acquitted of charges of criminal damage.

The ecoterrorists broke into the power station and climbed the chimney during their protest causing the power station to be shut down and £30k worth of damage.

Their defence was that the law says you can cause reasonable damage to property to prevent greater damage being caused and that a new power station would cause greater damage to the climate than the damage to the power station.

Holy.  Fucking.  Shit.

This is going to open the floodgates for similar action, safe in the knowledge that a jury has just given the green light to ecoterrorists to cause tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to private property if it’s in the name of fighting climate change.  Please, nobody tell Greenpeace and lets hope they don’t figure out that they’ve now got carte blanche to go around terrorising anyone and everyone in their fucking dipshit hippy crusade.

Oh shit, we’re too late.  Here’s one of the pale faced fuckwits talking to reporters outside the court:

This verdict we think marks a tipping point for the climate change movement when 12 normal people say that it is legitimate for a direct action group to shut down a coal fired power station because of the harm that it does to the planet then one has to ask where that leaves government energy policy.

Normal?  They broke into a power station, climbed a fucking 650ft chimney, shut down a power station and caused £30k of damage.  Fucking normal?  They’re fucking retarded hippy terorists that need locking up.

Where will it stop?  The ecoterrorists want to stop us driving cars because they say they’re damaging the environment so how long will it be before we can expect gangs of feral, dreadlocked ecoterrorist hippies roaming around housing estates trashing cars?

Won’t somebody do the decent thing and shoot these fucking retards?

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Oxfam accuses us of killing poor people

Another day, another bullshit propaganda report into climate change.

Oxfam says that climate change is killing poor people because of failing crops and losing water supplies to droughts.

Climate change was first seen as a scientific problem, then an economic one,” explained report author Kate Raworth. “Now it is becoming a matter of international justice.

Erm, no – first it was seen as bollocks, then it was seen as utter bollocks, now it’s being seen as a fucking big pile of horse shit.

Litigation is seldom the best way to solve a dispute.

I don’t know, it was the only way one scientist was able to get his name taken off the crock of shit IPPC report on climate change which he had resigned from because it was unscientific and politically motivated.

However, vulnerable countries do need options to protect themselves. Rich country polluters have been fully aware of their culpability for many years.

Damn those rich capitalists, they represent all that is evil in the world.  Sorry, since when did Oxfam become a mouthpiece for the global socialist movement?

In April 2007, a working group of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), consisting of hundreds of environmental experts, published a report warning that people living in poverty would be the worst affected by climate change.

The lead author of the IPCC report is a lying propagandist and since that report was published, 500 experts have signed the Manhattan Declaration and 31,000 have signed the Oregon Petition disagreeing with the concept of anthropogenic climate change and stating their opposition to the IPCC report.

Oxfam has called for a twin approach of mitigation and adaption to ensure human rights formed a central pillar of climate policies

The only climate change policy should be to prepare ourselves to adapt to a different climate if that’s the way things go.  The billions being spent trying to stop climate change from happening, just like it has for millions of years, could be spent on erradicating disease and povery.

How much did Oxfam spend on this bullshit report?  How much of the money intended to feed, clothe, educate and provide medical care to the worlds poorest people was pissed up the wall producing this piece of political propaganda?  Is it any wonder charities find it hard to convince people to donate money when they produce shit like this?

There is no consensus on climate change and there has been no global warming since 1998.  A whole industry has grown around peddling climate change propaganda with “scientists” having access to billions of pounds of funding to produce even more propaganda and drown out the voices of common sense.

Well fuck you Oxfam, I’ll make sure that you never get a penny out of me or my family.

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More Climate Change propaganda

The climate change propagandists are flapping about the North West Passage and holding it up as a shining example of how the evil capitalist human race is destroying the planet.

The North West Passage is the stretch of sea where the Arctic ice meets North America.  Usually the only ships that can navigate the North West Passage are big ice breakers and only then during the summer melt.  However, the Vikings are known to have made use of part of the North West Passage, around a couple of Canadian arctic islands which demonstrates that the North West Passage has been navigable by simple wooden ships in the past and that being permanently blocked by ice isn’t the natural state for the North West Passage.

When I read the propagandists claim that the North West Passage opening up again was down to anthropogenic climate change the first thing that came to my mind was not “we’re doooooooomed” but “ok, it’s been open before then it was blocked and now it’s opening again – so what?”.  Surely anyone with an ounce of common sense would look at the fact that the North West Passage has been open in the past when the only polution humans put into the atmosphere was from the odd blacksmiths furnace or a particularly rancid fart and come to the conslusion that this is just a natural event?

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Shropshire Star: Website has shades of Orwell’s 1984 about it

This is in tonight’s Shropshire Star …

Website has shades of Orwell’s 1984 about it

I was pointed in the direction of the npower website and was both shocked and disturbed by their low carbon economy section.  In this section npower encourages children to keep a diary of “climate crimes” committed by their parents and to challenge them to change their ways.

They even have a Climate Cops pack for schools to indoctrinate our children in the ways of eco-extremism.  Anyone who has read George Orwell’s 1984 will immediately recognise the tactic of recruiting children to spy on their parents.

Orwell intended his book as a warning, not an instruction manual.  The day my children come home from school and tell me they’ve been told to keep a diary of my “cliamte crimes” will be a very unfortunate day for the teacher that told them to do it!

Stuart Parr

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