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The Union: Dead, Marw, Déide, Marbh, Neuvio, Marow

A poll in today’s Sunday Telegraph shows that a massive 68% of English people believe that England should have an English Parliament and 48% of people believe that England should declare its independence.

What is most interesting is that English support for North British independence is higher than in North Britain.

The figures are as follows:

Should Scotland become and independent country?

Yes – 59%
No – 28%

Yes – 52%
No – 35%

Should England become independent of Scotland, Wales & NI?

Yes – 48%
No – 43%

Yes – 45%
No – 38%

Should England have its own Parliament with similar powers to those of the Scottish Parliament?

Yes – 68%
No – 25%

Yes – 58%
No – 31%

Should Scottish MP’s be allowed to vote on English laws when English MP’s can’t vote on Scottish laws?

Yes – 34%
No – 62%

Yes – 47%
No – 46%

Government spending per head is higher in Scotland that in England, is this justified?

Yes – 28%
No – 60%

Yes – 51%
No – 36%

Are there too many Scottish MP’s in the Cabinet, not enough it or doesn’t matter?

Too Many – 21%
Not Enough – 2%
Doesn’t Matter – 76%

Too Many – 4%
Not Enough – 17%
Doesn’t Matter – 77%

Who do you support when England/Scotland are playing a foreign team?

Scotland – 70%
Foreign Team – 14%

England – 48%
Foreign Team – 34%

The SNP are predicted win the North British elections next year and with a win will come the end of the union.  The fact that it will coincide with the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union and the 50th anniversary of the European Federation (if the UK doesn’t exist then England won’t be in the European Federation either) will make it even more meaningful.

Gordon Brown told the Scots yesterday that they didn’t want independence and neither did the English yet this is the latest poll to prove that is a downright lie.  The Welsh Assembly was established on the back of a 51% yes vote in which only 50% of the country participated.  If this is claimed as the settled will of the Welsh people then how many more polls like this is it going to take to force the Scottish Raj to hold a referendum in England?

When the union is dissolved, Labour will pay for it’s anglophobia.  The SNP have taken Labour’s majority in North Britain and the Conservatives have long been the choice of English voters with Labour relying on a combination of votes from north of the border and gerrymandered electoral boundaries to win the last election.  The Conservatives will lose their beloved union because of their unwillingness to support equality for the English.  The Illiberal Democrats are nothing and without their combined vote in England, North Britain and West Britain they will soon disappear off the political radar.

NI devolution in March

Northern Ireland will, if all goes to plan, have its devolved government restored by March 2007.

The “St Andrews Agreement” will include:

  • A financial package (ie. they will be given more English taxes)
  • The introduction of a Victims Commissioner for Northern Ireland (because 73% of the population being officially designated victims already isn’t enough)
  • A permanent secretariat to the British-Irish Council (which doesn’t have a representative for England but does from Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Isle of Man, the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands)
  • Joint commissions with the Irish government (to send out a clear message that NI is part of the UK by letting the RoI make decisions affecting NI)

The agreement won’t give England a devolved government like the rest of the UK has, we have to be discriminated against and subjected to minority rule by the Scottish Raj.

Can we have it too Tony?

Princess Tony says there is a will to restore devolution to Northern Ireland.  I wonder if it’s more or less of a will for an English Parliament which every survey in the last 12 months or so has shown to be the will of the majority of English people.  So can we have devolution too?  I’ve asked our glorious leader, I wonder if I’ll get a reply …

Dear Tony,

Your dedication to restoring devolution to Northern Ireland is commendable, as is your dedication to giving more devolution to Scotland and Wales.

Can you please tell me when you will stop discriminating against the English and allow us a parliament of our own?  The most recent polls on the subject all show that a majority of people either want an English Parliament or to stop foreign MP’s from voting on English laws.  By contrast, the British government relies on a study that is 4 or 5 years old to claim that English people don’t want their own parliament.

If Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all deserve their own parliament then what is it you hate about the English so much that you can’t bear to think that we should get the same?  I voted for you in 1997 because I thought you were a good man.  If I’d have known then what I know now I wouldn’t have given you a second thought, you’ve let me and the other 50m English people down very badly.

Hain’s nose put out

Peter Hain, Northern Ireland and Welsh Secretary and prize bigot, has got his knickers in a twist over Tory plans to stop MP’s that don’t represent English cosntituencies from interfering in English-only legislation.

The bigot supports the Labour Stazi policy of anti-English apartheid and minority rule and sees no problem with him being able to vote on matters entirely restricted to England when he can’t vote on those same matters in his own constituency.

Hain is a firm believer in devolution … but only for Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.  He thinks that the Tories policy of English Votes on English Matters (EVoEM) will break up the union … but stopping English MP’s from voting on devolved matters in the rest of the UK won’t.  He also thinks that stopping MP’s not elected in England from voting on English-only matters will create second-class British MP’s … but stopping English MP’s from doing the reverse hasn’t.  He believes it is his “right” to vote on English-only legislation … but not to vote on devolved matters outside of England.

The only thing consistent about the bigot‘s arguments is that they are consistently inconsistent.

Germany unveils “trans-national” regions

Germany has unveiled their planned “trans-national” regions which they will propose when they take over the EU presidency in January.  They have also promised to revive the EU Constitution which was rejected in referenda in France and the Netherlands – both pro-EU countries.

The new euroregions will cross national boundaries in an attempt to destroy the borders between member states and foster a European national identity.  A German minister called Wolfgang Tiefensee is quoted as saying “There is the great hope underlying the goal of a United Europe that we can overcome old borders.”  The best map I’ve seen today is, I’m afraid, in the Sun.  Apologies in advance for linking to the gutter press but needs must – The EU’s Mad Map.

Wolfgang, Schieben Sie Ihre Karte auf Ihren Arsch.