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2008 Six Nations: England -v- Wales

It’s only 5 minutes until England’s opening Six Nations match against Wales.

Not so long ago I’d have been looking forward to this game to see how much of a pasting we give the mutton munchers but just lately Wales have become a force to contend with and it’ll be a challenging game.

Jonny Wilkinson is playing but Lawrence Dallaglio is out of the squad.

Jerusalem has been played, it’s cold, it’s damp and it’s muddy.  What more could you ask for?  Apart from God Save the Queen not to be played as our national anthem again that is.

Bring it on boyo’s!

England are leading 16-6 at half time.  The crafty celts have played a decent first half but England have out-classed them.  The huge New Zealander that’s now playing for us is very good – a beast of a man but fast.

Edit 2:
England’s game has collapsed and the taffy’s have taken the lead.  England are playing embarrasingly badly – bring back Dallaglio!

Edit 3:
Holy shit!  Wales haven’t won at Twickenham for 20 years and England have thrown away a brilliant first half and comfortable lead.

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Could England’s future be in the hands of Kosovo?

Kosovo has suffered terribly at the hands of the Serbs ever since Yugoslavia broke up.

For a while now, Federal Europe has provided mediators to try and come up with a solution that would allow Kosovo to remain part of Serbia which would be acceptable to both the Serbs who don’t want to lose Kosovo and to the majority Kosovan Albanians who want independence.

They have so far failed to come up with a solution and it’s now almost certain that Kosovo will declare independence very soon but there is opposition amongst some EU member states who are concerned that recognising Kosovan independence would set a precedent and force them to recognise the independence of their own seperatist regions.

Belgium has seperatist movements in Flanders and Wallonia; Denmark has seperatist movements in the Faroes and Greenland; Finland has a seperatist movement in Åaland; France has seperatist movements in Brittany, Corsica and Savoy; Italy has seperatist movements in Sardinia, Sicily and Northern Italy; Romania has a seperatist movement in Transylvania; Spain has seperatist movements in the Basque Country, Catalonia and Navarre; Sweden has a seperatist movement in Lapland; The UK has seperatist movements in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Cornwall.

Belgium has been without a government for months now after the main parties failed (several times) to form a coalition government.  The former Prime Minister has been caretaker-Prime Minister ever since the last election.  There are strong calls for independence for Flanders and to a lesser extent, Wallonia.  The situation in Belgium is similar to in the UK – a constitutional monarchy, no-mandate Prime Minister, an artifical union at the end of its useful life, one nation of the union subsidising the rest and a lack of concern as to whether the union breaks up or not.  What is different, however, is that Belgium is held up by Federal Europe as the perfect multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual union.  It is, in short, what the European Union wants to be when it grows up and that’s why the break-up of Belgium is so important to the majority of Europeans who don’t want to live in a Federal Europe.

The Basque Country is virtually independent now within Spain.  They have so much autonomy that there is virtually nothing that can be devolved from Spain other than foreign relations and defence.  It is only a matter of time before Basque declares unilateral independence from Spain.

Scotland is also on the verge of leaving the UK but it’s proving difficult for the SNP to convince the Scots to cut the apron strings and go it alone.  This is, I think, partly to do with the fact that they want to leave a union that they control and benefit from financially to a European Union in which they will be an irrelevance and will probably end up being a net contributor to.

Kosovo could be the key to independence for many nations in Europe and ultimately the dissolution of the European Union.  The UK, Italy, France and Germany have written to other EU member states asking them support Kosavan independence if they declare it.  Italy, France and Germany don’t have much to worry about from a precedent for recognising independence because they don’t have strong seperatist movements but the British government does.  There are two possible reasons why No Mandate Brown would support setting a precedent for recognising unilateral declarations of independence – either he thinks that he could take power in an independent Scotland or he really is stupid enough to think that the union will last beyond the next 10 years.

No matter what the reasons the powers that be have for supporting independence for Kosovo, it has the potential to give English people what they want – self-government (one way or the other) and the break-up of the Federal Europe.  For these reasons, every Englishman should actively support the Kosovan independence movement.  A vote for Kosovo is a vote for England!

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Ministry of Deference

It was announced the other day that RAF Cosford has lost its bid to keep the DARA (Defence Aviation Repair Agency) training centre to RAF St Athan in South Wales.

It has been mentioned that the winning consortium contains QinetiQ (formerly DERA – Defence Evaluation and Research Agency) which is 21% owned by the British government and it has been suggested that this may have influenced the decision.

However, what hasn’t been mentioned is that around 18 months ago, RAF Cosford was told that it was not allowed any public money to refurbish facilities but RAF St Athan was given £184m of public money by the Welsh Assembly to build the super hanger which clinched the deal for St Athan.

Bearing in mind that Wales is running at a multi-billion pound budget deficit which is plugged with English taxes, this means that effectively English taxes have paid for the facilities that have enabled St Athan to take the business off RAF Cosford.

Hain tells Welsh to protect union

Anglophobic bigot, Peter Hain, has followed the Tartan Taxman by warning that the union is being attacked by the Tories and nationalists.

He tells the Welsh that “the contribution of Wales to the industrial development of Britain was enormous, helping to create prosperity and to turn us into a world power.  In return, Wales has long benefited from support from the Treasury, with Welsh public spending almost £1,000 per head higher than in England.”

He repeated the Ignorant Jock‘s claim that nationalists and the Tories were trying to balkanise Britain – something Labour has already done with the regionalisation of England and the re-establishment of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as “nations” within his “nations and regions of Britain”

“By trying to whip up and then harness nationalist sentiment in England, they risk unleashing forces which can lead to only one thing: the Balkanisation of Britain. That would damage Britain and damage Wales.”

“Unless we see it off, it will prove a one-way street to the disintegration of the United Kingdom – and a one-way street to irrelevance for Wales.”

Not only is Hain a bigot but he is also a hypocrite.  He openly reminds the Welsh that they are reliant on English taxes to balance the books and that without England, Wales is an irrelevance.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Wales and in the past Welsh coal and water has helped our economy boom but nowadays Wales is a drain on English resources.

For the benefit of English taxpayers and for the benefit of Wales’ self respect, a fully federal union or complete independence is the only way forward.  The balkanisation of Britain has already happened thanks to New Labour and their anglophobic devolution project.  It’s too late to stop it happening and nationalism will keep rising no matter how many times these self-serving politicians talk about “shared values”.

English Parliament – lovely, isn’t it?

Lord Elis-Thomas, presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly, has called for the establishment of an English Parliament.

This is the latest in a line of increasingly high profile supporters of devolution for England.

Don’t get too excited though – Lord Elis-Thomas’ vision of the UK is a “United Kingdom in a United Europe”.  Which would make him one of the minority of people in the UK who want to preserve the union and one of the even tinier minority who are interested in being part of a United Europe.

Predictably, the story isn’t anywhere on the England pages on the BBC News website but it did make it to the British politics page which is an inprovement over the usual policy of burying anything to do with an English Parliament somewhere English people won’t look for it.

Thieving toads

The New Labour election fund Barnett formula has been sending even more English money to our neighbours.

The Times has today published an article explaining exactly how much of our taxes goes to our thieving, subsidy junkie neighbours leaving our health service so underfunded that cancer patients are told to shut up and die because we can’t afford the treatments our taxes are paying for in Scotland and Wales.

The Chancellor – elected to a Scottish constituency – sets the rates for the Barnett Formula and has, once again, ensured that Scotland’s loyal Labour voters receive more money than those dastardly Tory voters in England.

UK government spending in Scotland was an average of £7,248 per head compared with only £6,361 per head in England.  The difference between spending in England and the rest of the UK has jumped significantly with Wales now receiving £7,248 per head and Northern Ireland £7,597.

The Scottish Parliament has the ability to vary income tax in Scotland to raise more revenue, thereby reducing the burden on the English taxpayer but this would cost valuable votes for Labour who have only a 66 seat majority in the British parliament with elections looming in May next year.

The Conservatives have responded with an attack on Labour for their discrimination against the English which they now accept is leading to the break-up of the union.

The SNP has responded with the “oor oil” argument, again ignoring the fact that a lot of it is actually “our oil” and in spite of figures showing that if Scotland received North Sea oil and gas revenues it would still have had a £3bn budget defecit.

Labour responded by saying the SNP figures on oild had been discredited.  Because that’s relevant.

I’m the only unionist in the village

A Welsh hotelier who was been forced to temporarily remove a Union Flag flying outside her hotel in Llanfairpwll, Anglesey, is now under pressure from the local council to move the flag poles closer to her hotel so visitors understand that it’s nothing to do with the residents of the village.

The hotel flies both a Welsh Dragon and Union Flag at equal heights from poles outside the hotel grounds on the hotel’s land.  Residents weren’t content that the hotelier had already broken the flag flying rules by flying another flag at the same height as the Union Flag instead of in an inferior position and started a campaign to have it removed.  The hotelier eventually caved in and took the flag down but has since had it put back where it was.

Since putting the flag back, she has received a letter from the local council trying to convince her to move the flag poles closer to the hotel so that visitors understand that she is the one flying the Union Flag, not the village or its residents.

I personally don’t care much for the Union Flag and you won’t ever find it flying at my house but if this woman is a unionist then she should be allowed to fly the national flag of the UK if she wishes.  There is no law against it and she doesn’t require permission to fly it.

Looks like the “shared values” argument isn’t winning over bittoted sheep sh Welsh people.

81% of Sun readers want independence

Yesterday’s phone-in poll amongst Sun readers resulted in 81% of people saying they wanted English independence from the rest of the UK.

UK Dead

The Union: Dead, Marw, Déide, Marbh, Neuvio, Marow

A poll in today’s Sunday Telegraph shows that a massive 68% of English people believe that England should have an English Parliament and 48% of people believe that England should declare its independence.

What is most interesting is that English support for North British independence is higher than in North Britain.

The figures are as follows:

Should Scotland become and independent country?

Yes – 59%
No – 28%

Yes – 52%
No – 35%

Should England become independent of Scotland, Wales & NI?

Yes – 48%
No – 43%

Yes – 45%
No – 38%

Should England have its own Parliament with similar powers to those of the Scottish Parliament?

Yes – 68%
No – 25%

Yes – 58%
No – 31%

Should Scottish MP’s be allowed to vote on English laws when English MP’s can’t vote on Scottish laws?

Yes – 34%
No – 62%

Yes – 47%
No – 46%

Government spending per head is higher in Scotland that in England, is this justified?

Yes – 28%
No – 60%

Yes – 51%
No – 36%

Are there too many Scottish MP’s in the Cabinet, not enough it or doesn’t matter?

Too Many – 21%
Not Enough – 2%
Doesn’t Matter – 76%

Too Many – 4%
Not Enough – 17%
Doesn’t Matter – 77%

Who do you support when England/Scotland are playing a foreign team?

Scotland – 70%
Foreign Team – 14%

England – 48%
Foreign Team – 34%

The SNP are predicted win the North British elections next year and with a win will come the end of the union.  The fact that it will coincide with the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union and the 50th anniversary of the European Federation (if the UK doesn’t exist then England won’t be in the European Federation either) will make it even more meaningful.

Gordon Brown told the Scots yesterday that they didn’t want independence and neither did the English yet this is the latest poll to prove that is a downright lie.  The Welsh Assembly was established on the back of a 51% yes vote in which only 50% of the country participated.  If this is claimed as the settled will of the Welsh people then how many more polls like this is it going to take to force the Scottish Raj to hold a referendum in England?

When the union is dissolved, Labour will pay for it’s anglophobia.  The SNP have taken Labour’s majority in North Britain and the Conservatives have long been the choice of English voters with Labour relying on a combination of votes from north of the border and gerrymandered electoral boundaries to win the last election.  The Conservatives will lose their beloved union because of their unwillingness to support equality for the English.  The Illiberal Democrats are nothing and without their combined vote in England, North Britain and West Britain they will soon disappear off the political radar.

You can’t have your cake and dump it

Jack McConnell, the North British First Minister, wants their nuclear waste dumped in north England rather than in North Britain where it is produced.

The British government, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly are currently thrashing out a deal.

North Britain is roughly 2/3rds of the size of England but has only 5m inhabitants with England having 50m.  Most of North Britain is unoccupied and undeveloped with hundreds of uninhabited and/or uninhabitable islands.  Dumping nuclear waste in the north of England where, if something were to go wrong, it coule affect millions of people rather than dumping it in the Scottish Highlands where, if something were to go wrong, it would affect a flock of sheep and a few badgers is plain stupid.

If we had an English government the idea wouldn’t have been entertained, let alone seriously discussed.  North Britain produced the waste, they use the power, they welcome the jobs, taxes and vast sums of money that the operators of nuclear power stations throw at the local area to keep them happy.

See also: English Crusade

Hain’s nose put out

Peter Hain, Northern Ireland and Welsh Secretary and prize bigot, has got his knickers in a twist over Tory plans to stop MP’s that don’t represent English cosntituencies from interfering in English-only legislation.

The bigot supports the Labour Stazi policy of anti-English apartheid and minority rule and sees no problem with him being able to vote on matters entirely restricted to England when he can’t vote on those same matters in his own constituency.

Hain is a firm believer in devolution … but only for Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.  He thinks that the Tories policy of English Votes on English Matters (EVoEM) will break up the union … but stopping English MP’s from voting on devolved matters in the rest of the UK won’t.  He also thinks that stopping MP’s not elected in England from voting on English-only matters will create second-class British MP’s … but stopping English MP’s from doing the reverse hasn’t.  He believes it is his “right” to vote on English-only legislation … but not to vote on devolved matters outside of England.

The only thing consistent about the bigot‘s arguments is that they are consistently inconsistent.

Germany unveils “trans-national” regions

Germany has unveiled their planned “trans-national” regions which they will propose when they take over the EU presidency in January.  They have also promised to revive the EU Constitution which was rejected in referenda in France and the Netherlands – both pro-EU countries.

The new euroregions will cross national boundaries in an attempt to destroy the borders between member states and foster a European national identity.  A German minister called Wolfgang Tiefensee is quoted as saying “There is the great hope underlying the goal of a United Europe that we can overcome old borders.”  The best map I’ve seen today is, I’m afraid, in the Sun.  Apologies in advance for linking to the gutter press but needs must – The EU’s Mad Map.

Wolfgang, Schieben Sie Ihre Karte auf Ihren Arsch.

Council criticised for opposing ID cards

Two councils in West Britain have been criticised by British Labour MP for Caerphilly, Wayne David, for pledging their opposition to the ID Card scam.

The two councils – Cardiff and Ceredigion – both feel that ID cards will be expensive and useless and are refusing to take part in any trials or to require its use for services unless required to do so by law.

Wayne David MP said that it was unhelpful because we are at risk from terrorism. The British government has already withdrawn its claim that ID cards will prevent terrorism. He said that it is “incumbent” on local authorities to support the scheme. I wonder if Mr David intentionally used the word incumbent or perhaps didn’t realised that incumbent means obligatory. ID cards are voluntary aren’t they?