Happy St George’s Day

George Slaying the EU

The war on paganism and the true meaning of Easter


GNU Terry Pratchett

SNP and Northern Irish MPs outvote English MPs on Sunday Trading laws

Feck off Death!

British tuition fees push English students into escorting and prostitution

Sugar Daddy

Happy New Year


English National Anthem to be debated in the British Parliament

Keep Calm and Sing Jerusalem

Happy Holidays

Lest we forget

Some simple steps to bypass the British government’s new internet spy ring

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Remember, remember …

Happy Dress Like a Slut Day


Lawful Rebellion is a myth

Mass Delusion for Dummies

You wouldn’t bring a British flag to an England match … #Anthem4England

You wouldn't take a British flag to an England match

World’s most mediocre arts critic describes world’s most successful fantasy writer as mediocre

GNU Terry Pratchett

Storm footage in Broseley

British Paymaster General wants to send young English people to unemployment boot camps

Matt Hancock MP

What do you do when Three won’t #makeitright?

The best way to keep your biometrics safe is not to give them away in the first place