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EU Constitution debate – Live(ish) Blogging #3

Graham Stringer, Liebour MP for Manchester Blackley, reveals that the Liebour whips tried to convince him to vote for the Reform Treaty because it was in their manifesto but points out that the only treaty in their manifesto was the EU Constitution.  The whips are telling their MPs the Reform Treaty and Constitution are one in the same so how can any MP vote against the promised referendum?

Stringer suggests that MPs who are saying that their constituents aren’t capable of understanding the EU Constitution use their communications allowance to write to their constitutents and tell them just that which is met with a laugh from both sides.

David Curry, eurofederalist Conswervative MP for Skipton and Ripon, says that he entered politics to get Bwitain into Europe and that’s what has kept him going.  He agrees that the EU Constitution and the Reform Treaty are basically the same but says that Bwitain’s obligations aren’t the same.  Quite bizarrely he suggests that when (not if) climate change forces large-scale population movement then we’ll want closer policy management in Europe.

Ian Davidson, Liebour MP for Glasgow South West, criticises the British government’s interference in Portgual that lead to them deciding not to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution.  The Deputy Speaker tried to tell off Davidson for saying the Lib Dums talked balls all the time but was having trouble keeping a straight face.  Davidson reads the final line on the last page of the consolidated changes of the reform treaty which says “Printed on paper containing 75% recycled material”.  Brilliant.

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EU Constitution debate – Live(ish) Blogging #2

Austin Mitchell, Liebour MP for Great Grimsby, just made a fairly entertaining speech in which he congratulated a Tory MP on his speech and criticised his colleagues for claiming that the EU Constitution will solve all our problems.  Shame it’s only been heard by the very small handful of MPs that have bothered to turn up.

Some key comments from his speech:

“If it looks like a constitution, if it reads like a constitution, if it reads like a constitution then it’s a constitution and it does us no good to deny this”

“It’s no good telling us black is white, because it isn’t”

David Heathcote-Amory, Conswervative MP for Wells, points out that the EU Constitution will be the last treaty to come before Parliament because it’s self-amending and that there is a question mark over the right of the Commons to bind its successors.  There’s no question of course, they have no right whatsoever.

Has anyone noticed the difference in the ties on either side of the house?  Tacky ties on the Liebour side, posh ties on the opposition side – whatever happened to the classless society Liebour promised?.

There are only about 20 MPs in the Chamber, how can those who haven’t bothered to listen to the debate cast a vote?  They don’t have all the facts.

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EU Constitution debate – Live(ish) Blogging

I’m watching the EU Constitution debate on the BBC website.

Liebour seem to be hinging their entire argument on “what’s good for Europe” and “if we didn’t have a referendum on Maastricht under the Tories, why do we need one on the EU Constitution?”  Pathetic really – they’re debating the wholesale transfer of the governance of our country to Federal Europe and all the Liebour traitors can do is try and score points off the Tories for something that happened over a decade ago.

Bill Cash is putting up a brave fight but the verdict is a foregone conclusion – even with 20-odd Liebour rebels, the Illiberal Dumbasses will make sure that their eurofederalist colleagues in Liebour get the result they want.

More updates as anything interesting happens.

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Turn vegetarian and save the world

Paul McCartney says that the biggest single thing that anyone can do to combat climate change is become a vegetarian.

The McCartney household must have been a right barrel of laughs when he was still married to Heather Mills – it wasn’t that long ago that Heather Mills suggested we should drink rats milk.

What he says has some truth about it.  Cattle produce a lot of methane and other “greenhouse” gases so the more beef we eat, the more gas they produce.  However, it will take a damn sight more cattle than are eaten at present to match the amount of carbon produced by the biggest carbon “polluters” on the planet – ants.  Should we take up a diet of nuts, berries and ants?

The biggest problem with cattle, though, is the rate at which the Chinese (yes, them again) are adding it to their diet.  It takes 10 times as much water to keep a cow as it does to grow a ton of grain and it also takes 5 tons of grain to keep a cow leading to a shortage of cereak crops.

Humans have evolved to become omnivores.  The natural diet for humans is a mixture of meat and plants and turning vegetarian means you’re not getting the correct diet your body requires.  And for what?  A vain attempt to stop naturally occuring climate change happening as it has done for thousands of years?

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42 days internment

No Mandate Brown and Jacqui Smith are both pressing ahead with plans to increase the amount of time a “terrorist” suspect can be held without charge from 28 days to 42 days.

There is no evidence that an increase is needed.  The British government has already admitted that there has not been a single instance where the current 28 days limit was not enough.

Jacqui Smith has met with Liebour backbench MPs to threaten convince them of the need to support the unconstitutional, illiberal, undemocratic and needless infringement of civil liberties more commonly known as internment.

Will someone please tell Liebour that 1984 was a warning, not an instruction book.



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Who says crime doesn’t pay?

A 14 year old boy in Telford has been given an ASBO after terrorising his local estate, jumping up and down on neighbours cars, wrecking peoples gardens and setting things on fire.  As part of his ASBO the judge has rewarded him with quad bike lessons.

Apparently this is to show him that you can get a buzz by doing something good but apart from the fact that it shows him he can get a treat for all the things he’s done, it sends out a message to all the other 14 year olds that if they get into trouble then they can get rewarded as well.

The ASBO tells him that he’s not allowed to be abusive or threatening or vandalise things.  Why does the judge need to make a court order to tell him he can’t do things that are illegal anyway?

Does anyone think this a good idea?  What’s he going to do when he finishes his lessons?  He’ll probably start terrorising the neighbourhood on a quad bike instead!

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What next for gingers?

In the poll asking if gingers should be drowned at birth, 10 people said yes and 5 said no.  In view of this overwhelming support for the erradication of gingers, what should be done about the existing gingers?  I discussed this with my ginger colleague to gauge the views of the ginger community and he prefers a cull.

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Ignorance and Intolerance

Archbishop Cranmer tells us about a muslim Marks & Spencers shop assistant who refused to sell a childrens book of bible stories because it was “unclean”.

There have been quite a few stories of late about muslim shop assistants at supermarkets refusing to sell alcohol and, in some cases, to even stack shelves in the alcohol section on religious grounds despite there being nothing in the Koran telling them not to do so.

What a lot of people don’t realise – and maybe even the muslim who refused to sell the book – is that the Old Testament is one of the holy books of Islam and that Jesus is one of their prophets.  The chances are that the book that the muslim refused to sell was full of stories about one of their prophets and stories from one of their holy books.

Stories like this show these people up as intolerant and ignorant.  They don’t do these things out of religious sensibility, they do it to take the piss, to try and provoke any kind of reaction they can use to try and portray themselves as victims.  There is nothing in the Koran that says story books about other religions are unclean or that muslims must not sell or handle alcohol.

This was a deliberate act of provocation and the employee in question should be sacked for displaying religious intolerance and for gross professional misconduct.  The employee should be charged with religious discrimination – just as a non-muslim would if they’d refused to sell a Koran to a muslim on the same grounds – and ordered to attend religious education classes.

We must not put up with this blatant religious intolerance and discrimination in our own country by adherents of a foreign religion that is incompatible with our own way of life.

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What England means to me

A few years ago if you’d asked me my nationality I’d have said I was British. If you’d gone on to ask me if I was sure I wasn’t English I’d have told you that of course I was English because I was born in England but I was British. I’d probably have given you a funny look.

Read the rest at What England means to me.

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Twat of the Year 2007: Results

The votes have been cast and there is a clear winner.

Al Gore did take an early lead but proved to be no match for No Mandate Brown who knocked him into second place on day 2.  Michael Martin and Al Gore were level pegging for the last couple of days but Gore took him by one vote, probably cast after seeing one of those bloody irritating global warming propaganda adverts on the telly.

Camoron rallied slightly yesterday but it was too little too late and he finds himself languishing in joint 4th with Batshit.

Paul Hughes, my pretendy Welshman colleague who asked so nicely to be included in the poll despite not being a public figure, put in a magnificent showing finishing 6th in front of Jacqui Smith, Traitor Bliar and Alistair Darling who, with zero votes, really needs to put in more effort.

The final results were as follows:

A triumphant Gordon Brown thanked the people of the Republic of New Britain when presented with his award this morning at breakfast.  “This shows that the people have trust in New Labour and the reforms being delivered by the Ministry of Truth” he said between mouthfuls of porridge.

Al Gore, who had flown in specially from the US on his private jet for the celebration breakfast, was gracious in defeat although he was heard to call the Prime Minister a “kilt wearing polar bear murderer” for leaving the bathroom light on.

David Camoron missed the award ceremony after getting knocked off his bike by one of Alistair Darling’s eyebrows at a set of traffic lights.

David Milliband wasn’t present at the breakfast and hasn’t been seen since going on a binge with Peter Hain on Thursday night.  The pair were last seen staggering down Clapham High Street with a traffic cone and a car park sign singing what appeared to be a song about hedgehogs to the tune of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”.

Also missing was Tony Bliar who declined the invitation as he had a conference call with Jesus at 8.30am followed by guitar lessons with Jimmy Hendrix but thanked the Prime Minister for his vote.

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Millibeast talks shit … again

Somewhere in the history of the Milliband clan someone must have been on the receiving end of a particularly powerful gypsy curse.  I can’t think of any other reason why the Millibeasts would talk complete shit every single time they open their mouths.

David the Millibeast will tell the Fabian Society, one of Liebour’s propaganda sockpuppets, that Liebour needs to show it is excited by the prospect of a fourth term in government rather than exhausted by it.  He will also tell them that the UK isn’t the bridge between the US and Europe but rather a “global hub” linking world “networks”.

I will show restraint by addressing his first statement first.  Liebour members are struggling to get excited by the prospect of the next election because they’ve made themselves unelectable.  Bottler Brown bottled out of holding an early election while Liebour was basking in the “Brown bounce” because even with a new leader he knew that they were unelectable.  Why waste energy getting excited about the prospect of winning the next election when everyone knows full well that they are unelectable.

Now onto the newspeak.  Global hub?  World networks?  This is a country you’re making trying – and failing – to run here, not a fucking company.  I’d expect a PR consultant or a marketing person to come with that kind of shit which, no doubt, they did.  It’s not as if the Millibeasts have the gumption to write a speech by themselves, not with the gypsy curse.  We do more trade with the US than we do with the entire continent of Europe and comments like this from the Foreign Secretary won’t do much for our relationship with our biggest trade partner.

What hope is there for any of us with cretins like this in charge?

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Visit Wonkoville

Gareth has founded Free England at MyMiniCity.  After you’ve been to Free England, take a left at the bottom of the High Street and 5 minutes down the road you’ll find …

The more visits a city gets, the bigger the population gets so be sure to pay a visit.

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Someone hasn’t thought this through

In today’s Birmingham Post … 

Blind are targeted with leaflet campaign

BLIND and partially-sighted Sandwell people and their carers are to be targeted in a year-long leaflet campaign offering help.

The project has been launched amid fears people with varying eyesight conditions are unaware of the assistance available to them.

Polly Kaur, who is leading the campaign for Sandwell’s adult services section, said: “I will be advising them of local services that are available to them including how to get a Blue Badge.”

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One down, two to go

Teflon Hain has got been given the green light over breaking the Ministerial Code of Practice after the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Gus O’Donnell, decided that taking donations off two companies for his leadership campaign and then endorsing both companies was perfectly acceptable.

It now falls on the Electoral Commission and the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner to nail his crooked ass to the wall.  If the Electoral Commission find some balls in time to decide that he’s broken the law again (he already has a conviction for fraud) then the police will be called in to investigate.

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Do you want rice with that?

No Mandate Brown has decided to spend god knows how many millions of pounds of our taxes on a teach-yourself-English website with a call centre full of “master trainers” answering calls via VOIP.

Brilliant.  Except the website is being targetted at China and the call centre will be in India.

A fifth of school children in England fail to achieve a minimum acceptable level of English in their exams but none of the money will find its way to them.  And what was the rationale behind siting the call centre in India?  The Goblin King says that even more of our tax money is going to be spent on improving the standard of English in India so that it’s good enough to teach the Chinese.

Gordo said he wants to make English the “world’s common language of choice”.  Bearing in mind that English is already the world’s common language of choice, it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve that objective.  Bet you a fiver they still bugger it up.

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Get your priorities right

My eldest came home from school yesterday complaining that kids at school were given gifts if they stayed for school dinners instead of sandwiches.

As much as I would love my kids to be able to have school dinners (I wouldn’t have to get up at 6.30am to make their sandwiches then) I can’t afford it.  I have 4 kids and 3 of them are at school.  At £2 each for a dinner that’s £30 per week or at least £120 per month.  That’s more than a weeks shopping!

Of course, if I didn’t have a job or I refused to work more than 16 hours a week or I was an asylum seeker then I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for school meals because they’d be free.

Anyway, I was more than a little pissed off about this so I phoned the council.  The person I spoke to said that they wanted to encourage children to have school meals and that they needed to do this to protect the school meals service.  This I understand and told him so but, I asked, have you considered the position that this puts parents in when their kids come home asking to stay for school dinners because they want a present like their friends have.  A bit of bluster and then he said that no, he hadn’t considered that and he can see that it might encourage children to put pressure on their parents just like McDonalds giving away free toys with Happy Meals and that they would take this into account when they discuss marketing in future.  I pointed out that they were rewarding every child that has a school meal even though 25% of them are entitled to a free meal and don’t need encouraging.  There wasn’t a lot he could say to that really other than say that they didn’t differentiate between paying and non-paying children.  Understandably so but it still doesn’t make it right.

So what’s the underlying issue here?  Well partly it’s marketing people treating school meals like a business but mostly it’s the way that public services have been turned into businesses.  School meals are a service and if they cost money then so be it.  School meals should be free for every child, not just the children of wasters and asylum seekers.

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Twat of the Year 2007: Reminder

Just a reminder to vote in the Twat of the Year 2008 poll. Details of the nominations are here.

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Hypocritical Liebour

Two Liebour MPs have asked the Electoral Commission to investigate eighty Conswervative MPs over donations from “patrons clubs”.

They said that the Conservative MPs will end up paying back thousands of pounds of donations but the Conswervatives reckon that Liebour has received £2m in donations from “patrons clubs” themselves!

This is a truly pathetic attempt to divert attention from Peter Hain’s criminal failure to declare £103,000 in donations, some of which were illegally donated via a third party without the donor’s consent.

But perhaps there’s an ulterior motive at work here.  How many Liebour MPs and MSPs have been caught taking illegal donations or not declaring donations?  Four or five?  And why would Liebour MPs shoot themselves in the foot by asking the Electoral Commission to investigate donations to the Conswervatives from “patrons clubs” when they have received far more in donations from the same type of Liebour-supporting groups?  Could this be a deliberate attempt to bring so much disrepute to Westminster that the public will be convinced of the need for state funding of political parties?

If criminal convictions don’t come out of this then serious questions need to be asked of the Electoral Commission and the Metropolitan Police, both of which have so far failed to secure a single conviction for serious fraud committed by Liebour MPs.

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Jerusalem is anthem the English want

Edited to within an inch of its life but published in the Southern Daily Echo … 

I DISAGREE with Teresa Rumsey and Proud Englishman over adopting Land of Hope and Glory as an unofficial English national anthem (Letters, December 20 and January 5). Land of Hope and Glory is a British royal anthem.

I wonder how many are aware that British flags are handed out at the proms to ensure that more British flags can be seen than English, Scottish and Welsh flags? Even the Britishness is artificially created.

Out of 1,256 visitors who voted in a poll on the website, 36 per cent voted for Jerusalem. Only 20 per cent voted for Land of Hope and Glory and a mere eight per cent for God Save the Queen.

The England cricket team have adopted Jerusalem as their anthem and it is played before most England international rugby and football matches.

STUART PARR, Telford, Shropshire

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England excluded from the affairs of the union

CEP Press Release: Tuesday, 15 Jan 2008

Today January 15th behind closed doors in a room in Portcullis House in Westminster in London, England’s capital, six of Scotland’s MPs and MSPs will meet to decide what further powers to give to the Scottish Parliament. England, which makes up 80% of the Union population, has 550 of its 650 MPs and contributes 85% of its wealth, is being totally excluded from the discussions. No English MP is invited. This will be their second meeting, the first was in November of last year

The Scottish Six are: Des Browne Labour MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun and (part-time) Secretary of State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael Lib-Dem MP for Orkney and Shetlands, David Mundell Conservative MP for Dumfrieshire, Clydesdale and Tweesdale, Wendy Alexander Labour MSP for Paisley South, Annabel Goldie Conservative MSP for the West of Scotland and Nicol Stephen Lib-Den MSP for Aberdeen South.

They are meeting in a state of intense inter-party anxiety. One thing unites them, their opposition to the Scottish National Party. The latest You-Gov poll for the Scottish Daily Express has put the SNP nine points ahead of labour in the constituency vote, and of course streets ahead of the Lib-Dem and the Tory parties. They meet under the banner of defence of the Union. Their principal concern however is the survival of their parties in Scotland.

In 1997 the Labour Party led by Scottish MPs Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Donald Dewar, Robin Cook and Des Browne was convinced that a devolved Scottish Parliament would kill off the SNP for good. It did not. The Scottish First Minister is Alex Salmond. They believed that giving to Scotland complete power over all its internal affairs such as health and education would stop the rise of Scottish nationalism in its tracks. It achieved the exact opposite. They believed that keeping the power of Scottish MPs in the Union Parliament to legislate in every single matter for England while excluding English MPs from any say in Scotland’s internal affairs would go unnoticed by the English people. But the last ten years of devolution has dramatically witnessed the biggest rise in English patriotism ever. In addition the resentment of the English people against the rampant injustice inflicted by the 1997 legislation upon them is now filling every MP’s postbag. 58% of English people want Scotland to go independent, 72% want their own separate English Parliament.

The Scottish Six are meeting behind closed doors, no English representation allowed, to decide what extra powers to give to the Scottish Parliament to keep the SNP at bay. What lessons they might have learned over the past ten years are their business. What is England’s business however is the knowledge that these Scottish MPs think they can play fast and loose with United Kingdom constitutional matters without consultation with England which is 80% of the Union. What is England’s business is the sheer brass of these Scottish MPs giving even more powers to Scotland and even less say for England in Scottish matters while keeping for themselves the right to legislate for England in every single thing.

‘The next ten years,’ says Mrs Scilla Cullen, Chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament, ‘will see all this put right. The constitution of the United Kingdom cannot be made to serve just the interests of Scotland’.

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