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JK Rowling donates £1m to Liebour

JK Rowling has donated £1m to the Liebour Party, saying that poor and vulnerable people would fare better under Liebour than the Conswervatives.

For fucks sake.

Did she not notice the 10p tax band being abolished? Of course not, the hourly interest on her £560m fortune is far and above the amount a poor and vulnerable person was allowed to earn before having to pay the normal amount of income tax.

Mrs Sane has been instructed not to buy any more Harry Potter tat for the spawn.

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PC gone mad…der

An Englishman’s Castle has been kind enough to reproduce a list of words and phrases that are now considered offensive by the British Sociological Association.

The list of racist, disablist and sexist terms include:

  • Old Masters
  • Immigrants
  • Developing nations
  • Black
  • Patient
  • The Elderly
  • Special Needs
  • Civillisation
  • Seminal
  • Disseminate
  • Chinese Whisper

I’ve checked the list and there’s quite a lot of words missing that were previously offensive, such as:

  • Jihadi
  • Rag Head
  • Golliwog
  • Nignog
  • Puff
  • Arse Bandit
  • Old Fogey
  • Bint
  • Bird
  • Old Dragon
  • Ball and Chain
  • Spick
  • Wop
  • Trouser Press

On balance it looks like we’ve made a net gain.

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Evening Standard: Tory donor threatens to defect over Europe

Stuart Wheeler, one of the Tories’ biggest donors, has brought David Cameron back down to earth with a thud greeting the news that the Tories have just polled 52% in an IPSOS MORI poll compared to Labour’s 24% with a threat that he will defect to UKIP next year if the Tories don’t buck their ideas up over the EU.

Cameron is a committed eurofederalist so I guess all that remains for me to say is “Welcome to UKIP Mr Wheeler”.

Tory donor threatens to defect over Europe

David Cameron was today threatened by the possible defection of one of the Tories’ biggest donors in a row over Europe.

Spread betting tycoon Stuart Wheeler hinted he may back Ukip in next year’s European elections unless Mr Cameron hardens policy on Europe.

The businessman bailed out the Conservatives with a record £5 million gift in 2001 and has continued to give smaller sums. But he made clear he did not trust the Conservative leader not to relegate the thorny issue of Europe to “the back burner” if he wins power.

Mr Wheeler said: “The reality is that a new Conservative government will have a great deal it wants to achieve which has nothing whatsoever to do with Europe. It does not like thinking about Europe. So Europe is all too likely to be put on the back burner.” Mr Wheeler was delivering today’s second annual Goldsmith lecture – in memory of financier Sir James Goldsmith, whose anti-EU Referendum Party stood against Conservatives in the 1997 election.

He is demanding that Mr Cameron commit the Tories to an “immediate and massive” renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU if he wins power, including junking the Lisbon Treaty. Mr Cameron has so far only pledged to block Lisbon if it has not been ratified by all 27 member states.

In recent months Mr Wheeler has been courted by Ukip leader Nigel Farage, whom he calls “clever and articulate”.

He mounted a legal challenge this year to Gordon Brown’s decision to ratify the Treaty, arguing the Prime Minister had unlawfully reneged on an election promise to hold a referendum.

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Couple of things …

Firstly, a new site for UKIP supporters:

Secondly, they say curiosity killed the cat but in this case it just resulted in me registering a Twitter account:

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Disunity is the least of Liebour’s problems

Fatty Prescott has told the BBC “Today” programme that Liebour MPs should get behind their liability of a leader because “disunity kills”.

He didn’t call No Mandate Brown a liability of course, what he said was … you’ve guessed it … “the best man for the job”.  Oh yes and he casually slipped in the fact that there is a global economic crisis, as has every other fucking Liebour stooge that’s managed to insinuate themselves onto the TV, radio or into a newspaper.  Yes, we know there’s a global economic crisis and we also know that there is no pot of money to keep us solvent while the rest of the western world goes bankrupt because El Gordo pissed it all up the wall trying to buy votes with his prudent mis-management of the economy.

The simple fact is that El Gordo is a fucking liability.  He’s a liability for Liebour and he’s a liability for the country.  Liebour managed to ride out the storm when El Gordo was appointed supreme overlord of the People’s Republic of New Britain because it’s been done before – a Prime Minister resigns and some equally vacuous little shit gets his job without the inconvenience of convincing anyone to vote for him.

But two unelected Prime Ministers in one Parliament?  That will be a bitter pill to swallow and I very much doubt that even in this modern age of politicians using the constitution to wipe their hairy arses with, Liebour will get away without calling a general election.  This is why, despite most of the Liebour Party clearly having absolutely no faith in the ignorant jock, they are still trying to keep him in a job.  They know there’s more chance of Chelsea fielding a full squad of Englishmen than there is of Liebour winning the next election and they want to cling on to power just that little bit longer to prime the ticking timebomb for the incoming Tory government.

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Another one bites the dust … make that two

The American insurer, AIG, asked for a $40bn emergency loan from the US Federal Reserve the other day and overnight they gave them $85bn. Curious.

Meanwhile, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) has lost half its value in a couple of days on the back of the imminent collapse of the American banking sector. LloydsTSB is prepared to take over HBOS, complete with its £167bn gap in provision. The British government says that it will overrule the Competition Commission if it raises any objections which it is likely to do as LloydsTSB is already the largest high street bank in the UK.

LloydsTSB has told staff to expect up to 40,000 job losses.

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WTF are the Americans playing at?

Lehman Brothers, the third largest investment bank in the US, has gone bust. The US authorities refused to bail them out because Lehman hadn’t taken advantage of previous chances to sort themselves out. The word on the (Wall) street is that the regulators were making an example of Lehman to show American banks they aren’t going to flash the cash when things go tits up.

Meanwhile, the Bank of America has bought Merrill Lynch for $44bn rather than let it go under. Merrill Lynch said, only a few days ago, that it had 110% of the capital it needed to remain solvent.

AIG has asked the Federal Reserve for a $40bn emergency loan to stave of bankruptcy and has been given permission to borrow $20bn from itself. Not quite sure how that works but it sounds suspiciously like the kind of pyramid scheme that comes back to bite you in the arse when it’s rather inconvenient.

The FTSE fell nearly 213 points on the back of these American banking disasters and shares in UK banks have been badly hit. The Bank of England has responded by magicking another £5bn worth of currency out of thin air to stabilise the banking sector. The problem with this, of course, is that it devalues the pound making imports more expensive at a time when cheap imports start to become more important than exports – an economy in recession becomes more insular. Federal Europe has only put in €30bn (about £23.7bn) to shore up the euro which is unlikely to make a significant difference to the eurozone economy which has been pulling itself apart for a while now but will help to bring the pound and euro closer to parity.

Now is not the time to start buying shares in banks!

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Home Office: European Citizenship does not exsist [sic]

I was bored the other day so I thought I’d have another pop at getting the Home Office to tell me how to renounce my EU Citizenship …


I have emailed about this a few times but nobody ever comes back to me. I suspect the answer is inconvenient for you but I really would like an answer.

I am currently a British citizen and an EU citizen. International law says that I can only renounce my citizenship if I am also a citizen of somewhere else so that I don’t become a stateless person. For example, if I was a British citizen and an American citizen I could renounce my British citizenship because I would still be an American citizen.

With this in mind, I would like to know how I go about renouncing my EU citizenship. Doing so will not leave me a stateless person as I will still have British citizenship. I didn’t ask for EU citizenship and I don’t want it so can you please advise:

1. Is there a law that *compels* me to have EU citizenship in addition to British citizenship?
2. If the answer to question 1 is no then how do I go about formally renouncing EU citizenship?


Stuart Parr

Today I got a response from the Home Office. I did wonder, for a moment, whether Dirty European Shithead had written the response judging by the spelling and grammar …

Dear Mr Parr.

European Citizenship does not exsist. You are a British Citizen, and Britian is part of the European Union.
I hope this answers your Query


Mr B.Watt | General Correspondence | Correspondence Enquiry & Support
Team | UK Border Agency | Nationality Group

Hmm, does it answer my question? Not really, no. In fact, it poses more questions than it answers …

Dear Mr Watt,

I’m afraid it doesn’t answer my question.

Article 17 (1) of the amended EC Treaty says:

“Citizenship of the Union is hereby established. Every person holding the nationality of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union. Citizenship
of the Union shall complement and not replace national citizenship.”

The EU Justice and Home Affairs website says:

“Every person holding the nationality of a Member State of the European Union is, as a result, a citizen of the Union. Citizenship of the Union supplements national citizenship without replacing it. It is made up of a set of fundamental rights and obligations enshrined in the EC Treaty among which it is worth underlining the right not to be discriminated on the basis of the nationality.”

The Maastricht Treaty established the concept of EU Citizenship in 1992. An Act of Parliament would have been passed to make the Maastricht Treaty law in England. Does that Act of Parliament require me to be an EU Citizen? If not, how do I go about renouncing that citizenship? If, as you say, there is no such thing as EU Citizenship, what has happened to the part of the Maastricht Treaty that created EU Citizenship and how are the British government and I bound by the “fundamental rights and obligations” of EU Citizenship?

Perhaps you could check again and get back to me?



After sending that email it occurred to me that there might be some laws that mentioned EU Citizenship in them so I had a quick look at the British government’s Statute Law database and found a mention in the 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act as well. So I emailed him back to tell him about that as well.

It’ll be interesting to see what he comes back with, if anything. Either EU Citizenship exists and I can renounce it or it doesn’t and all the Treaties and laws referring to it are on a pretty dubious footing.

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Sharia Courts given official status in England

I haven’t seen this mentioned on the news (surprise, surprise) but according to the UKIP website, five Sharia courts are now allowed to have their judgements enforced by the High Court or a County Court.

Muslims have been calling for their barbaric Sharia Law to be given equal status to English law for years and now it looks like the British government is making that possible for them. Under Sharia Law it is possible to have multiple wives, to beat and rape women and to kill non-believers. Luckily they are covered by criminal law in England and the Sharia courts are only allowed to pass judgement on civil cases. For now.

This will no doubt be of great comfort to Anjem Choudary who preaches that muslims should have lots of babies so that they can turn the country into an Islamic state from the inside.

Here’s a quote from the delightful Mr Choudary:

We do not integrate into Christianity. We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law. Our eyes are on Downing Street

Racial and religious segregation has been happening for years under the guise of multiculturalism and positive discrimination and now we are paying the price. We are fighting a losing battle against these racist shitheads who move to England, refuse to get a job, refuse to speak English, refuse to integrate into our own society and then preach their racist filth to young impressionable muslims.

There should be no Sharia Law, no muslim special advisors in the British government, no muslim-only groups and forums – all they are doing is driving an even bigger wedge between the natives of this country and muslim minority. If a muslim moves to England then they should expect – and be forced – to become English, to integrate with our society to adopt our culture and to understand that their alien religion is theirs, not ours. Anyone preaching anything to the contrary should be put on the first plane to Durkastan and banned from re-entering the country.

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Learnign to speel

I just took #4 to bed and read a book with her. It was a simple book – One Apple, Two Ducks, that kind of thing. Normally she’d have something with a bit more of a plot but I’m trying to teach her to read.

Anyway, she did well reading out the letters and doing the sign language to go with the pictures and numbers so I went for gold:

Me: How do you spell Dad?
#4: D
Me: Yes, what else?
#4: D O P I E

Hmmmm, I detect Mrs Sane’s influence here.

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14 years and counting

Federal Europe’s own internal auditors have refused to sign off their accounts for the 14th year running.

Every year the European Court of Auditors refuse to sign off the EU’s accounts because of the rampant fraud and corruption that sees £1 in every four lost to fraud and bureaucracy.

Federal Europe is after a 3.15% increase in its budget in 2009 to £116bn yet they can’t even be trusted to spend the money they already plunder from the Treasuries of member states. According to UKIP, a lot of what has been earmarked in the 2009 budget is for things that are in the EU not-a-constitution and have no legal basis.

Fuck the EU and fuck the corrupt bastards that run it.

See Also:
Resistance is Useless, The Last Ditch & Conswervatives

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Dirty European Shithead

This should brighten your day up – a whole page dedicated to insults meted out at the illiterate eurofederalist commie retard, Dirty European Spunkmonkey Socialist.

I just happened to mention, in passing, to the ginger one that it would be funny if all the insults he’s had were collated in one place and lo and behold, here it is: The Wall of DES.

The only thing missing is a picture of the slack jawed knob gobbler himself.

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In your face Gillingham

I thought Mrs Sane was taking the piss when she said that Shrewsbury were winning 6-0, imagine my surprise when I saw that by the time the final whistle was blown, they had actually won 7-0!

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Binge Drinking in Broseley

Went out to the inbreeding capital of Shropshire last night for a binge drinking session with Mrs Sane and a cabal of drunk women to celebrate her birthday.

Mrs Sane got predictably drunk. I’m thinking of buying some shares in Bailey’s to try and claw back some of her bar bill next time round. 😉

The Wine Bar was packed so we left there pretty sharpish (but not before having my first pint of Caffrey’s for years – why doesn’t anybody serve Caffrey’s any more?) and went up to the social club. The singer, Mark Anthony, was pretty good and the booze was really cheap. Which is lucky because we got through a fair bit.

I managed to drag Sir Bendy and his lady friend Jem out. I went to school with Sir Bendy and hadn’t seen him for about 8 years so it was good to catch up. I didn’t ask why he now calls himself Sir Bendy, I suspect some V1agra or C1alis would cure him but I didn’t like to pry. 😆

Well, Mrs Sane has finally risen from her pit at 10:15am and I’m off to Telford Town Park for a bit of protesting.

Some pictures from the night out …

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The economy is in an XLent state

Another day, another bankrupt company.

El Gordo has been telling us that he’s the man to steer us through these difficult economic times which are nothing to do with his management of the economy for the last decade. He’s the man to guide us out of recession and make the People’s Republic of New Britain the place to be come the glorious socialist revolution once he’s delivered us from the hands of the evil capitalists clutches of the global economic downturn.

So how does he explain today’s collapse of the airline, XL? I must confess, I hadn’t even heard of XL until today but they’re actually the third biggest package holiday provider in the UK with 11 aircraft and about 1,700 staff. Did the airline take on Xcessive Liabilities? Was it a result of Xtra Lending? No, it was Xpensive Lubricants – XL said that its operating costs were rising by $80m per year as a result of rising fuel prices.

About 80,000 passengers that flew with XL are currently stranded and the Civil Aviation Authority now face the mammoth task of co-ordinating the return home of them all. 67,000 of the stranded passengers booked their flights directly with XL and will most likely have to pay at least part of the cost of getting home. The remaining 23,000 should be able to get home for free via other ABTA operators.

The Chief Executive of XL, Phil Wyatt, was gutted when he gave the press conference this morning, on the verge of tears throughout. Probably not as gutted as the people who have been left stranded abroad or the people whose holidays have been cancelled because XL’s planes have been grounded by the administrators but it was genuine emotion.

The economy safe in Gordo’s hands? Don’t make me laugh.

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Shropshire Star: New flag pointless

This was published in the Shropshire Star last night, rather amateurishly edited:

New flag pointless

It’s a shame readers have been unable to see John Yates’s [sic] proposed new British flag. Mr Yates has spent 30 years agonising over the exclusion from Wales that he hasn’t noticed most Welsh people don’t consider themselves British any more.

Redesigning the flag when the union is unlikely to see out the next decade is a bit like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

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Gordo announces new package of old measures to help with energy bills

El Gordo, the great provider, has seemingly rediscovered socialism.

According to the BBC he’s unveiled a £910m package of measures to help people pay for their gas and electricity without putting peoples’ bills up.  Typical of the lazy-assed reporting that you see at the BBC when they’re faithfully spinning No Mandate Brown’s bullshit propaganda for him, they fail to point out that most of it is old news.

Free cavity wall and loft insulation for pensioners and poor households?  That’s been available for years, even took advantage of it myself.

50% off the cost of insulation for all households?  Not 100% sure on this but I think grants have been available for some time available to everyone.

Freeze on this year’s bills for half a million poor consumers?  The social tariffs have been in for a couple of years now.

Partial reversal of cut to warm front programme giving free central heating to poorest pensioners?  Why was it cut in the first place?  The Gord giveth and the Gord taketh away.  All pensioners in Scotland are entitled to free central heating.

Cold weather payments to go up from £8.50 a week to £25 a week for pensioners, disabled people and unemployed families with children under five if temperatures drop below zero for seven consecutive days.  I’d be interested to know how many times this happens.  My guess is, on average, roughly once ina  blue moon (where does that phrase come from, incidently?).

The Goblin King says the British government aims to insulate every home in Britain (you sure about the “B” word there? Warm Front is England-only) by 2020.  Will homeowners be forced to insulate their homes with penalties for those that don’t?  What if you don’t have cavity walls or a loft or you are one of those people that believes filling cavity walls with insulation is a bad idea because cavity walls were invented to stop damp?  Not every home can be insulated and when I had my house done, Warm Front wouldn’t pay for the floor of of a bedroom we have over the top of an alleyway to be insulated so the room is still unusable in the winter.

Now don’t worry yourself about the cost either.  It’s not going to be passed on to the consumer:

I do not expect the £910m that we raise to be passed on to the consumer by the energy companies. I think that’s a very important point to make.

Oh yes Gordo, very important.  New legislation is going to be passed requiring energy companies to pay for this near billion pound social spending bonanza which will take a few months at least to work its way through Parliament so just watch your gas and electric bill rocket over the coming months to compensate for the stealth windfall tax.

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Greenpeace green light for criminal damage

The Greenpeace ecoterrorists that broke into Kingsnorth power station during a protest against the proposed building of a new, cleaner coal powered station on to replace the current one, have been acquitted of charges of criminal damage.

The ecoterrorists broke into the power station and climbed the chimney during their protest causing the power station to be shut down and £30k worth of damage.

Their defence was that the law says you can cause reasonable damage to property to prevent greater damage being caused and that a new power station would cause greater damage to the climate than the damage to the power station.

Holy.  Fucking.  Shit.

This is going to open the floodgates for similar action, safe in the knowledge that a jury has just given the green light to ecoterrorists to cause tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to private property if it’s in the name of fighting climate change.  Please, nobody tell Greenpeace and lets hope they don’t figure out that they’ve now got carte blanche to go around terrorising anyone and everyone in their fucking dipshit hippy crusade.

Oh shit, we’re too late.  Here’s one of the pale faced fuckwits talking to reporters outside the court:

This verdict we think marks a tipping point for the climate change movement when 12 normal people say that it is legitimate for a direct action group to shut down a coal fired power station because of the harm that it does to the planet then one has to ask where that leaves government energy policy.

Normal?  They broke into a power station, climbed a fucking 650ft chimney, shut down a power station and caused £30k of damage.  Fucking normal?  They’re fucking retarded hippy terorists that need locking up.

Where will it stop?  The ecoterrorists want to stop us driving cars because they say they’re damaging the environment so how long will it be before we can expect gangs of feral, dreadlocked ecoterrorist hippies roaming around housing estates trashing cars?

Won’t somebody do the decent thing and shoot these fucking retards?

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Telford & Wrekin Leader issues apology over fascist policy

It seems Telford & Wrekin Council’s sockpuppet, Chris Pettman, was wrong when he disagreed with me that they would climb down over their fascist policy of interrogating and adults in the park without a child.

Shortly after Chris Pettman’s comment, the Leader of the Council, Andrew Eade, issued an apology and said that the letter from the Council’s Sport & Leisure Manager was wrong and it wouldn’t be happening.

A victory for common sense.

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Barnett Formula has cost £200bn

The Taxpayers Alliance have produced a report into the Barnett Formula – the unfair formula that automatically hands over billions of English pounds to the celts whether they need it or not – and concluded that it has cost the English taxpayer £200bn in the last 20 years.

I wrote about this earlier on the CEP blog.

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