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Camoron – lying eurofederalist traitor

David Camoron has admitted that the Conswervative promise of a restrospective referendum on the EU not-a-constitution would be useless.

He said that once it had been ratified and brought into force in every country, it would be “almost impossible” to have a referendum on the not-a-constitution. He said …

We may have to say, well look, we’re not happy with this situation, here are some of the powers we’d like to have back.

But we can’t give you that referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because it’s already been put in place across the rest of Europe.

No, what we may have to say is “Well look, we’re not happy with the situation so we’re leaving. We understand that under your constitution you think we need to have your permission to leave but it’s our decision and we’re leaving right now”. But of course, he won’t say that because Camoron is a eurofederalist.

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Is Chris Grayling a reader of Wonko’s World?

I wonder, is the shadow Work & Pensions Secretary a closet reader of Wonko’s World?  Or did he perhaps co-incidentally come up with much the same policy that I proposed back in October for making unemployed people work?

The only problem with their proposal is that it doesn’t go far enough.

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UKIP gets its first MP

Dr Bob Spink MP, who resigned from the Conswervatives last month after his local Conswervative Association tried to deselect him, has joined UKIP.

conswervatives.pngUKIP now has one MP, nine MEPs, two Lords and about 30 councillors.

It might not seem like much but from little acorns grow mighty oaks.

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Three years and this is the best they could come up with?

The Conswervatives have spent nearly three years “consulting” and debating the West Lothian Question and have finally come up with an “answer”.

The “answer” to the West Lothian Question, according to the Conswervatives, is “don’t answer it”.  A marginal improvement over “don’t ask it” but hardly a constructive use of three years and god knows how much money.
For the last few years, the Conswervatives have had a policy of English Votes on English Matters – an inadequate proposal that would have allowed any British MP to debate a bill that only affects England but only allow MPs elected in England to vote on it.

The latest “answer” to the West Lothian Question is … wait for it … to allow only MPs elected in England to debate an English-only bill but allow any British MP to vote on it.

The Conswervatives under David Camoron have refined the ability to piss off pretty much everybody, including their own members and supporters, almost to an art form and this is no exception.  If they can’t get support for this balls-up on a Conswervative fan-blog, it’s got to be a dud.

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Tory Turncoat

A lot of people I talk to were of the opinion that Camoron would ditch the proposed English Votes on English Matters/English Grand Committee idea once they got into power.  How wrong they were.

David Cameron is poised to draw back from proposing to slap an all-out ban on Scottish MPs debating and voting on so-called English-only legislation in a “compromise” move, according to a well-placed senior party source.


Mr Cameron will reject the so-called East Lothian Answer proposed by Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former Scottish Secretary, involving the setting up of a stand-alone English grand committee.


But the senior party source claimed Mr Cameron supported the method of an English-only bill being debated exclusively by English MPs at just its key committee stage. While Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs could debate and vote on the legislation at the later stages of a bill, they would not vote against what English MPs had overwhelmingly decided at the scrutiny stage of an English-only bill.

This solution, he added, would enable all MPs to have a say and a vote on a matter.

And how exactly does this address the West Lothian Question?  How does it attempt to bring any semblance of fairness, equality or democratic accountability to the governance of England?  It doesn’t of course because for some unknown reason David the fucking moron can’t get it through his thick poncy skull that SCOTLAND DOESN’T VOTE CONSWERVATIVE.  It is in England that the Conswervatives will get elected and it is English people that they need to concentrate their efforts on.

Camoron is a liability, an absolute fucking cretin.  Every time he opens his stupid mouth the Conswervatives drop god knows how many points in the popularity charts.  His only saving grace was that he appeared to recognise that the West Lothian Question is morally and democratically wrong.  Whether he still thinks it’s wrong or not I don’t know but if he does then he’s not interested in sorting it out.  For too long the English have been treated as voting fodder for the Brit-Scot Nationalists.  David “I’ve got Scottish blood coursing through my veins” Camoron is no different.  To be honest, I’d rather Liebour got back into power than that lying, turncoat piece of shit Camoron – at least when Liebour refuse to allow England parity with the rest of the UK, we can point at them and say “but that’s not fair, you gave it to Scotland”.  If the Conswervatives get in they’ll just go on about how Liebour left them in this mess and there’s no workable solution and ever so sorry but we’ll have to continue to treat you like third class citizens in your own country at the mercy of the anglophobic whims of foreign politicians because that’s good for Britain.

Britain, Britain, Britain.  Fuck Britain, I want out.

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Non-story of the week

I have a great deal of respect for Iain Dale, I really do. He supports the wrong party but he’s carved a career out of political commentating largely thanks to his blog and, of course, he’s shown impeccable taste in giving me awards for the last two years on the trot. 😉

However, this is the non-story of the week and I very much doubt it would have even warranted a mention had the man in question been a Liebour candidate and not a Conswervative.

Basically, a black man is standing as an MP for the Conswervatives in Chippenham, Wiltshire. A BNP councillor who lives in the same constituency is also standing as an MP for the BNP. The Conswervative candidate says that the BNP councillor is only standing because he (the Conswervative, not the BNP councillor) is black. The BNP councillor says it’s nothing to do with his colour, it’s because it’s the constituency he lives in.

Regular readers will know that although I defend the BNP’s right to exist because they are a lawful party, I despise the party itself. There appears to be nothing other than the word of his opponent to suggest that the BNP councillor has chosen to stand for election in Chippenham simply because the Conswervatives have put up a black candidate. Iain, unfortunately, has a worsening habit of bigging up non-stories to promote the Conswervatives. Not that Mr Emmanuel-Jones needs any more publicity, he’s rather conveniently got himself all over a national newspaper in the run-up to the May elections.

It turns out that the Conswervative candidate is actually from Devon and that the BNP candidate is actually the local candidate according to a comment in Iain’s post.

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Camoron plumbs new depths of stupidity

Just when I thought that Camoron couldn’t get any more stupid, he has plumbed new depths of stupidity.

He’s announced that if he gets to be Prime Minister, by the end of his first Parliament, one third of ministers will be women.  Great, positive discrimination – how very socialist of you Dave.

Despite Conswervative attempts to get more women to stand for election by forcing their constituency associations to choose women candidates even if they have much better men wanting to stand, there are still relatively few female MPs.  This isn’t because women are being discriminated against, it’s because proportionately, significantly less women want to stand for election than men.
Imposing a quota on the male/female split in the cabinet would be harmful for the Conswervatives and the country.  I don’t give a shit about how damaging it is for the Conswervatives but I do care about what quality of government we get.  Male MPs who could potentially do a very good job and shock horror, may even be qualified to fill the cabinet position they’re in (that would be a novelty, eh?) will be pushed to one side to make way for a female candidate who may be way down the list of suitable candidates in a combined male/female list but is getting the job because she’s a woman.

Just as it is wrong for the Police and Fire Service and universities to discriminate against white English people by closing recruitment drives to white people, so it is wrong for the Conswervatives to discriminate against men in the selection of parliamentary candidates and ministers.  If I was a member of the Conswervatives I’d put myself forward for selection just so I could make a complaint about sexual discrimination to try and stop them.

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Right is right

The Conswervative Party in Derby reckon that 300 Liebour members are defecting tonight to the Conswervatives.

So confident are they that it will happen that Caroline Spellman, the Conswervative Party Chairman, is travelling to Derby to receive them.

It would be funny if this was a wind-up and the Tories were left with egg on their faces but I think that it’s genuine.  I don’t support the Conswervatives but right is right.  Liebour is haemoraghing members and struggling to service £30m of debts.  It’s time they did the decent thing and wound the rotten party up.

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Hat-tip: Daily Referendum

More sleaze at Westminster

A couple of weeks ago I hypothesised that Liebour were intentionally bringing disrepute to Westminster over party funding to make state-funding appear to be the only option left to stop the corruption.

Derek Conway, a Conswervative MP, has just been given a bollocking for paying over £45k to his son from his parliamentary expenses over four years whilst employing him as a part time research assistant.  This was whilst he was studying full time at university.  It now transpires that he has paid similar amounts to his wife and other son.

He has been ordered to repay part of the money, suspended from Parliament for 10 sitting days and been expelled from the Conswervative Party.  Contrast this with the Liebour MPs and MSP that have admitted taking illegal donations and failing to declare loans and donations.  Only Peter Hain has resigned and as far as I know, only he and Wendy Alexander MSP are being investigated by the police.  Both are still in the Liebour Party.

Up until now, only Liebour have been found to have taken illegal donations so it would have been difficult to gloss over the fact that they are the single cause of the problem to justify such a major change to the political system as state funding of political parties.  However, now a Tory MP is being investigated by the police over improper use of public money, this gives them the “evidence” they needed to bring in measures that encompass the whole political system and not just their own rotten party.

The timing couldn’t be better, I predict an announcement on state funding of political parties within the next fortnight.

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Tory defects to UKIP

The leader of the Conswervative group on Stevenage Borough Council, Councillor Marion Mason, has defected to UKIP.

Councillor Mason says that the best thing for the country is to leave the EU and the Conswervatives won’t offer that choice so the only thing she could do was join UKIP.

A steady trickle of Conswervatives are leaving the Conswervatives for UKIP – including Peter Roberts, the organiser of the 1.8m signature anti-road pricing petition and UKIP PPC for Telford – because the Conswervative Party just isn’t eurosceptic any more even though the membership is.  David Camoron is a liability for the Conswervatives.

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Hypocritical Liebour

Two Liebour MPs have asked the Electoral Commission to investigate eighty Conswervative MPs over donations from “patrons clubs”.

They said that the Conservative MPs will end up paying back thousands of pounds of donations but the Conswervatives reckon that Liebour has received £2m in donations from “patrons clubs” themselves!

This is a truly pathetic attempt to divert attention from Peter Hain’s criminal failure to declare £103,000 in donations, some of which were illegally donated via a third party without the donor’s consent.

But perhaps there’s an ulterior motive at work here.  How many Liebour MPs and MSPs have been caught taking illegal donations or not declaring donations?  Four or five?  And why would Liebour MPs shoot themselves in the foot by asking the Electoral Commission to investigate donations to the Conswervatives from “patrons clubs” when they have received far more in donations from the same type of Liebour-supporting groups?  Could this be a deliberate attempt to bring so much disrepute to Westminster that the public will be convinced of the need for state funding of political parties?

If criminal convictions don’t come out of this then serious questions need to be asked of the Electoral Commission and the Metropolitan Police, both of which have so far failed to secure a single conviction for serious fraud committed by Liebour MPs.

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What’s behind the promotion of Britishness?

The Torygraph, the BBC, Walkers, Stagecoach – just four companies (yes, the BBC is a company even if it does appear to be more like a government department or a branch of the Liebour Party) that are spending their own money actively promoting “Britain” and Britishness.

Why?  What would prompt Walkers – a multinational corporation – to spend £27m on a Britishness campaign?  Why would Stagecoach spend god knows how many millions on an advertising campaign saying how wonderful “Britain” is?  The Torygraph may be the mouthpiece of the Conswervatives but why devote so much time and money to promoting Britishness, especially when the Torgraph has a Scottish edition?  And the BBC – yes, it’s the British Broadcasting Corporation but they’re short of cash, cutting back on staff and programming yet they still feel it neccessary to spend money on promoting Britishness.

There is something behind this and I don’t know who it is.  It’s got to be either Liebour, the Conswervatives or Common Purpose – I can’t think who else would have the money and influence to get a multi-national corporation to spend £27m on promoting a political agenda that will probably damage their sales.

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Shut up Camoron

Call Me Dave Camoron has declared the Conswervatives “the party of the NHS” and pledged to fine cash-strapped hospitals for every infection case they have.


The rise in “superbugs” in hospitals is down to a change in the way wards are run and cuts in cleaning and maintenance budgets because of the woeful underfunding of the English NHS.  Cleaning staff half-heartedly push a sweeper around the floor and nursing staff rub some anti-bacterial gel into their hands from time to time but that’s not enough.

Even 20 years ago you wouldn’t have seen stains on walls and ceilings on a ward or peeling paint in corridors.  You wouldn’t have seen dust on radiators and other flat surfaces.  Patients wouldn’t have had the same bedding for more than a day and you certainly wouldn’t have seen stained sheets on a bed.

The problem is down to money.  The NHS is under-funded but it still costs a fortune.  Every penny has to be accounted for and justified and performance targets are set to make sure that the money they get can provide a tangible benefit for the next election campaign.  All this bureaucracy, form filling and creative accounting requires batallions of managers, admin staff, bean counters and PR gurus.  Most of them don’t know the first thing about nursing or surgery and so they have to get the doctors and nurses to do their bean counting and form filling for them.  The introduction of so many new targets and the criticality of appearing to hit them in order to get more funding to cover costs means that managament of hospitals becomes more centralised with dictats being handed down from consultants, managers and directors instead of decisions being made on wards according to the needs of patients and staff.  Budgets are getting tighter, all the bureaucracy is costing more and costs need to be cut.  Nurses are no longer responsible for keeping their wards clean so contractors are brought in.  Money is tight so the cheapest bid wins.  It’s cheap for a reason.  Wards aren’t cleaned properly and the number of patients getting infections in hospitals goes up.  Patients are treated with antibiotics leading to the evolution of drug-resistant “superbugs” which end up killing patients.  Wards are closed, hospitals are sued and the budget gets even tighter.  You can see where this is all going …

The solution is to give the NHS the money it needs to provide a proper service but this doesn’t mean just giving them more money.  Money is wasted on unnecessary bureaucracy and the internal market.  Cutting down on the targets and centralised micro-management of the health service will free up resources to provide proper medical care.  The internal market – where hospitals buy services from other parts of the NHS as if they were seperate companies – should be scrapped.  It is a ridiculous concept that different parts of a public service should treat each other as if they were private companies and even aim to make a profit from each other.  It doesn’t encourage better financial management or better accountability – it just creates more pointless bureaucracy.  The NHS, like the state, needs to be scaled back significantly.  Waste and bureaucracy breeds more waste and bureaucracy.

Anyway, back to Camoron.  Fining hospitals every time they get a case of infection will deprive the NHS of much-needed cash compounding what is already a big problem for our under-funded hospitals.  Camoron really just needs to shut his trap because he clearly hasn’t got the faintest idea what it’s like in the real world.  He had a privileged upbringing, went to the same prep-school as Princes Edward and Andrew, went to Eton and Oxford University and then went into politics.  I very much doubt he’s ever experienced the NHS first-hand and he’s certainly never had a job as a “doer” rather than a “thinker”.  Politicians – particularly those born with silver spoons in their mouths – need to keep their noses out of the NHS and let medical staff get on with their jobs.

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MEP Trojan Horse?

UKIP stands candidates in European Parliamentary elections to act as trojan horses.  The Tories used to claim their MEPs were there to represent our interests in Europe and to slow down the transfer of sovereignty to Federal Europe.

So why would they appoint arch-eurofederalist MEP, Philip Bushill-Matthews, as the leader of the Conswervative MEP group?

As David Cameron told the Shropshire Star in August, “I don’t agree Britain would be better off by leaving the European Union.  Instead, we need to work within the EU to fight for change […]”.  Camoron is a eurofederalist and the Conswervatives are committed to keeping us in Federal Europe.

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What planet is Camoron on?

Someone, please, tell me what planet David Camoron is on because it certainly isn’t the same one that I’m on.

Camoron is actually fucking retarded enough to complain that England and Wales has the lowest conviction rate – 5.7% – amongst “leading” European states and suggests tightening laws to ensure more prosecutions.  But the conviction rate isn’t the problem – three quarters of rapes are apparently not reported in the first place.  Is the 5.7% conviction rate 5.7% of the rapes reported or 5.7% of this hypothetical figure of unreported rapes?  Does this mean that, actually, 22.8% of reported rapes result in conviction?  Is that a good rate of conviction?

What next?  Will targets be introduced for convictions?  Will judges be told to convict more suspects if they’re missing their targets?  Can we expect innocent men to be locked up in the name of hitting a government target?

There is something seriously wrong with that man.

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Another one bites the dust

A by-election in the Brookside ward of Telford & Wrekin Council yesterday saw Liebour lose yet another seat on the borough.

Earlier this year the Conswervatives took control of Telford & Wrekin Council from Liebour who had held the unitary authority since it was created.  On balance the change from red to blue has been a good one – a few broken promises but more good than bad.

My candidate of choice (an independent who runs Telford Council Watch) didn’t win, unfortunately, but I would rather a Conswervative won than another Liebour candidate.

The run-up to the election wasn’t entirely without event.  The independent candidate was first out with his posters which he replaced 3 times before giving up.  His posters were torn down and Liebour posters appeared in their place.  The police reluctantly got involved, asked the local Liebour MP, David Wright, and the prospective Liebour councillor if they knew anything about it and they said yes, they’d been told who’d done it.  Unfortunately, the police weren’t really interested in finding out who did it which is a shame because trying to unduly affect the outcome of an election is a criminal offence.

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A Conswervative with balls?

Nigel Hastilow, Conswervative candidate for Halesowen & Rowley Regis and fellow Witanagemot member, has found himself in hot water with the wet blankets at the Conswervative Party for daring to mention immigration.

In an article in the Express & Star, Hastilow said that the issue most people in his constituency were concerned about was immigration.  He went on the say that most of his prospective constituents think that Enoch Powell was right when he made his rivers of blood speech which said that mass immigration would change the country irrevocably.  Hastilow said “He was right.  It has changed dramatically”.

Liebour have called for him to be sacked and he’s been summoned to a meeting with Caroline Spelman, Conswervative Party chairman after calls for him to be deselected.

But he’s right.  Mass immigration has changed this country irrevocably.  England is a completely different place now to what it was 60 or 70 years ago, not just because of changes in technology but in society.  A far left Liebour think tank has pronouced that Christmas should be deliberately “marginalised” to give equal importance to other religious occassions brought to this country by immigrants.  Schools now have to employ multi-lingual teachers so they can teach the increasing number of children who don’t speak English.  Christmas is either ignored or called stupid names like “Winterval” to be inclusive of foreign cultures.  Muslim prisoners are sueing a prison for offering them ham sandwiches during Rammadan.

Things like this would never have happened back in the 50’s and 60’s but now it’s common place.  In that respect Enoch Powell was right and Hastilow is absolutely justified in saying so.  If the simple act of telling the truth is so offensive to Liebour, the Conswervatives or the immigrant population of Halesowen & Rowley Regis then there is something very long with society.

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Cameron: “I don’t agree Britain would be better off by leaving the European Union”

David Cameron, leader of the “eurosceptic” Conservative Party, has answered questions from readers of the Shropshire Star.  One of the questions was as follows:

Can you explain why politicians of all major parties think it is a good thing for Britain to be a part of a federal Europe and continue to say it is not necessary to have a referendum for the voters to give their opinion?  Here is your chance to convince us.  If you set a firm date for a referendum as an election promise, you would become the next Prime Minister.

David Camoron’s response was: 

I don’t agree Britain would be better off by leaving the European Union.  Instead, we need to work within the EU to fight for change but on the question of referendums, I do want to see one on the EU Treaty because that’s what everyone was promised.  The Conservative Party is campaigning very hard on just this.  Other European leaders say the latest EU Treaty is a return of the constitution in all but name so whether or not he keeps the promise to hold the referendum is a real test for Gordon Brown.  It will show whether he means what he says when he talks about restoring trust in government, and involving people more in decisions.

So there you have it – the Conservative Party membership may be eurosceptic but the leadership isn’t and the leader of the party and prospective Prime Minister is a eurofederalist.  When I asked one of my Conservative friends (you know who you are) why he stays in the Conservative Party even though he is rabidly eurosceptic he told me that he thinks the best way to change the party is from the inside.  It is clear from Camoron’s comments that the Conservative Party is no longer eurosceptic and it is the party membership that put this eurofederalist, left wing cretin at the head of the party.  There is only one place that eurosceptic conservatives (small “c”) can turn if they truly believe that we are better of out of the EU and that is to the UK Independence Party.

Tory Shadow Cabinet

David Cameron announced a shadow cabinet reshuffle today, the full details of which are yet to be announced.

What will be interesting is to see if they appoint shadow regional ministers to help along No Mandate Brown’s English balkanisation project after all their bleating about being anti-regionalisation.

You’ll forgive me if I don’t put a huge amount of faith in Call Me Dave to oppose the break-up of my country.

Spot the difference

Conservative Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, says that the Tories will carry on Liebour’s “reform” of public services.

Liebour have butchered public services, turning the country into a pseudo-socialist dictatorship.  Less well-off people are forever indebted to a “benevolent” state which taxes them to the hilt and drip feeds them just enough money to keep them ticking over.

The public sector is now over-run with unelected quangos and public-private partnerships, not quite government departments, not quite private organisations but spending inordinate amounts of our money on god knows what.

Voting for the Conswervatives is as good as voting for Liebour at the moment and Dangerous Dave is a muppet.  The Illiberal Dipshits are a complete waste of time and effort and the greens … are greens.  There’s only one solution for any self-respecting, right of centre eurosceptic – UKIP.