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Sick, sick bastards

A couple from Handsworth have been charged with child neglect after starving their six children.

Police and ambulance crews took away the six emaciated children 4 days ago but one died in hospital.

One neighbour said she used to throw bread out for the birds but then the childrens’ stepfather, Junaid Abuhamza (is Abu Hamza his real name?), complained at her for feeding the children. Imagine being so hungry that you would eat scraps of bread off the floor that have been thrown out for birds.

Social Services refused to comment on whether they were aware of the family which is Social Services code for “oh shit, we’ve fucked up and let a kid die again”. The children hadn’t been to school for months, of course Social Services knew about the family. There will no doubt be an investigation, Social Services will apologise for not doing enough to protect the children and a review of processes will take place and nothing will change. One child is dead, five others are seriously ill and the scum that did this to them will get what? A couple of years in an open prison? Death is too good for these people.

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Tamsin “Toff” Dunwoody defends election campaign

Tamsin Dunwoody, the granddaughter of Baroness Norah Phillips and daughter of Doctor John Dunwoody, has defended her election campaign which is based almost entirely on telling the people of Crewe & Nantwich that they should vote for her because the Conswervative candidate is a rich and successful lawyer.
She said:

I don’t have a £53m pound fortune supporting me. I don’t have a £1.5m mansion. I am just a single, unemployed mother of five fighting hard for a job.

Fighting for a job you see, not for a chance to perform a public a service but for a job that pays £61k.

Stephen Ladyman, who has been running the disastrous campaign for Liebour said:

Maybe it’s a little crude but it’s trying to get across a legitimate political message that the Conservative candidate hasn’t done anything in the area. He’s a rich man and he won’t understand the problems that people face day-to-day.

Of course, he’d know what problems people face day-to-day on his salary of almost £139k. Just like the previous MP, Tamsin Dunwoody’s mother, knew all about the problems people face day-to-day. She had to struggle on a meagre £61k a year salary – slightly higher than the £26k national average which most of her constituents could only dream of.

So basically, if you’re writing off the other parties, what you’re looking at is a choice between a rich lawyer who doesn’t need the money and who presumably wants the job for what it is – a public service – and an unemployed single mum who wants the job for the salary having been unemployed since losing her seat in the Welsh Assembly to a Tory and who’s so posh she’s got her own entry in Burkes Peerage.

What is it they say about people in glass houses? Who’s the real toff? The rich lawyer or the granddaughter of Baroness Phillips with her own entry in Burkes Peerage?

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Anthem4England: What’s good enough for Wales is good enough for England!


Embargo: Immediate, Tuesday 20th May 2008

Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds North West, has said that, after the Welsh National Anthem was played alongside God Save the Queen at Wembley at the weekend to mark the fact that Cardiff City made the final, it is time for an English anthem to mark when English teams compete internationally.

Greg has written to the Football Association to outline these views.

Commenting on the opening Greg said:

“It is rather odd that the welsh national anthem was used for a welsh team playing in the FA Cup Final, yet the English Football Association continues to ignore the obvious fact that the England football team should use an English national anthem.

“It is time this blind spot was addressed. I am all for Scotland and Wales having their own anthems and using them when appropriate, but how long must we endure England being overlooked or lazily confused with Great Britain and the UK.

“It is time English sporting associations, starting with the FA woke up to this. In 1966 England fans waved union jacks, now they proudly and correctly fly the cross of St George. “

“It is time we made the same logical step with the anthem and left God Save the Queen for its correct usage such as at the Olympics when we are competing as Great Britain or the United Kingdom”.


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It’s not looking good for Gordo

Following yesterday’s revelation in the press that Liebour is on the brink of bankruptcy, I did some digging of my own.

According to the list of loans at the Electoral Commission’s website, Liebour has almost £13m of loans due for repayment this year.

It also transpires that in quarter 4 of last year, even the Illiberal Dumbocrats took more in donations than Liebour did.  The Conswervatives, meanwhile, took around four times as much in donations than Liebour.

I’m currently waiting on someone from the Elecoral Commission to tell me what happens when the party in government is declared insolvent …

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Brace yourself

I’ve been wearing my braces every day like a good boy, as much as I’d love to chuck the bloody things in a cupboard and forget about them.

I’ve been wearing them for about an hour a day but today I managed to keep them on for about 3 hours.  When I took them off I’d got a perfect red imprint of the braces on my legs.

They’ve given me braces to wear to try and shift my knee joint over a bit and take the weight off the normally weight-bearing inside of the joint because the cartilage is all rough and missing in parts.  The braces push the knee joint over from the outside so the weight shifts to the centre.  Believe it or not, just 3mm of lateral force (yes I know millimetres aren’t a measurement of force but you know what I mean) is enough to move the weight from the inside of my knee to the centre.

It’ll be a while until we find out if they’re making a difference.  If they do then I gather the plan is that I’ll wear them all day eventually.

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Today I have finally arrived in the world of blogging.

No, I haven’t been offered a book deal or a newspaper column or a blog on the BBC.

I have … wait for it … I’ve been insulted by Pigdogfucker.  It’s terribly exciting to have been verbally abused from someone so close to God.  Not only is he atop his high horse but he’s also at the summit of the moral high ground.  He’s almost at the pearly gates already.  Either that or he’s a gobshite with a superiority complex and a stunted vocabulary.  I’ll let you choose which.

But it gets better.  Not only have I been insulted by someone so obviously special (possibly special needs but special nonetheless) but Chicken Yoghurt has taken the piss out of the Liebour nazi picture I made a couple of years ago.  I’m not worthy.

Truly I have arrived in the blogging world.

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Chief Constable wants more over-representation for BME officers

The Chief Constable of Cheshire, Peter Fahey, has said that “whispering campaigns” might be happening to prevent black or asian police officers from getting promoted and has called for a “fairer” system to ensure more of them get promotions.

Fahey has previously called for a change in the law so that police forces will be able to operate quota on promotions to ensure that more black and asian officers are promoted.

The BBC says that only 7 out of more than 200 senior police officers are black or asian.  What they fail to mention is what percentage of police officers are black or asian.  If it’s more than 3.5% then it’s possible, based on the law of averages, that they are being overlooked but if it’s less than 3.5% then they’re already over-represented.

So what percentage of police officers are black or asian?  According to this 2006 report by the Internet Journal of Criminology it’s 3% so the 3.5% of senior police officers that are black or asian is actually and over-representation and Fahey wants to introduce more discrimination against white officers to ensure that black and asian officers are even more over-represented.

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Referendums will not be devolved

The Commons Scottish Affairs Committee of British MPs has decided that responsibility for holding ballots should not be transferred to the Scottish Parliament.

They cited the lack of faith amongst the electorate for the electronic voting system used in Scotland as a reason for keeping the responsibility with the British government’s Scottish Office.

Alex the Salmon won’t be very happy, though, he’s been pushing for this responsibility to be devolved which is the real reason why it won’t.  It’s nothing to do with the voting system used in Scotland, it’s because devolving responsibility for ballots to the Scottish government would enable the SNP to hold a legitimate referendum on independence.

Turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas.

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Eurofederalist regionalist professor defends AWM

The Birmingham Post is claiming that a Tory plan to strip Regional Development Agencies of some of their powers will damage the economy of the West Midlands and centralise decision making.

This is absolute nonsense. Removing the regional quangocracy will empower local communities, increase democratic accountability in the decision-making process and could provide a vital boost to the local economy at a time when the global economy is taking a nosedive.

Not convinced?

Planning and transport are important areas of policy – the West Midlands has a population the size of Scotland (about 5 million) and the policy that determines when and where a road will be built, the buses and trains run and houses and factories are built is in the hands of an unelected quango with a Birmingham-centric view. Birmingham may be the largest city in the West Midlands but it’s not the only place to live or do business. There are about a million people living in Birmingham – that leaves another 4 million “West Midlanders” treated as an afterthought by the quango that’s supposed to represent their interests.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland planning and transport has its own ministry with dedicated, qualified staff and elected ministers answerable to the electorate for the actions of their department. In the West Midlands we have unelected quangos unanswerable to the 4 million or so voters in the West Midlands.

It is wrong to assume that abolishing regional quangos will result in centralisation – there is no reason why the powers given to regional quangos shouldn’t be given back to the local authorities that they were taken from in the first place.

The Birmingham Post cites the collapse of MG Rover as an example of the value of the Regional Development Agency, Advantage West Midlands. “Whilst the MG Rover collapse was a very substantial shock to the West Midlands economy, the impact would have been much greater if the firm had collapsed in 2000? says David Bailey, the author of the Birmingham Post article. True, the collapse of MG Rover had a major impact on the West Midlands conurbation. It had an impact all over the country but the main impact was felt in Longbridge and the urban core of the West Midlands. The effect of the collapse of MG Rover was probably no worse in Worcester or Oswestry or Stafford than it was in Edinburgh or London or Cardiff.

There is no doubt that the collapse of MG Rover required a response on a grander scale than the local authority covering Longbridge but is the Birmingham Post really suggesting that it is beyond the wit of our elected local councils, who themselves manage multi-million pound budgets and provide hundreds of services under close scrutiny of the electorate, to work with each other to cope with the fallout from the collapse of MG Rover or any other “big issue”?

Whilst Advantage West Midlands was diverting all its energies into buying the Longbridge site and providing advice to businesses in Longbridge and the surrounding area, other parts of the West Midlands were losing out. Making certain polices and functions the sole responsibility of Advantage West Midlands is rather like putting all your eggs in one basket. Local authorities either aren’t allowed – or don’t have the resources – to provide the services Advantage West Midlands would have provided if they weren’t concentrating on MG Rover.

Just like a local solution to a problem isn’t always appropriate, a regional answer isn’t always right either – especially in a euroregion so economically and demographically diverse as to contain England’s second city and most rural county. This is why regional quangos like Advantage West Midlands need to be wound up and loose alliances formed on an issue by issue basis by local authorities and other interested parties. This way decision making remains in the hands of democratically accountable local councils but a “joined up” response to bigger issues is still perfectly workable when it’s needed. And more importantly, from the point of view of the local economy, businesses can be reassured that they won’t be subject to the whim of an unelected, undemocratic quango based in Birmingham.

Perhaps Professor David Bailey’s profile at the Birmingham University website might shed some light on his defence of the indefensible:


Industrial policy, economic development policy, policy towards transnational corporations and FDI, transition in Central and Eastern Europe, European integration and enlargement particularly with reference to EU Structural Funding and Regional Policy, structural change in the Japanese economy, economic freedom, the automotive industry.


David is Professor of Economic Policy and International Business and Head of the Industrial and Labour Economics (ILE) Group at the Birmingham Business School. He is also an attached member of staff of the University’s European Research Institute and co-chairs the University’s Europe Group.

Outside of Birmingham, David is Chair of the Regional Studies Association and is a member of the ESRC Virtual College. He is also an Academician of the Social Sciences, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Of course, you’d have to be one of life’s cynics to think that his defence of Advantage West Midlands is influenced at all by the funding Advantage West Midlands provides to his department or his support for European integration and regionalisation.

Liebour Party Bankrupt

The Liebour Party is on the verge of bankruptcy and needs an extra £4m funding before auditors will sign off its accounts as a going concern.

In 1997 Liebour had 400,000 paying members, today they have less than 200,000. In the last quarter of 2007 they had £2.86m in funding from members, in the first quarter of 2008 they had £581,000. They are struggling to pay staff wages and are only able to pay the bills because the unions have increased their donations from £1.6m in the last quarter of 2007 to £4.5m in the first quarter of 2008.

Liebour is now £21m in debt.

I don’t think there is a precedent for what would happen if the party in power went into administration but I’m looking forward to finding out!

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When did evidence become optional?

Via An Englishman’s Castle, a 73 year old former Grenadier has been tagged for failing to stop at the scene of an accident which he says he wasn’t involved in.

He says that a woman ran out in front of a car and the car knocked her over and then drove off.  He says that he stopped to see if she was ok and when a passer by said they’d phoned the police he went on his way.

The following day he stopped at a police station to find out if the woman was ok and was arrested on suspicion of running the woman over.

Apparently the woman’s DNA was found on the man’s car but when it came to court the Crown offered no evidence so he was found innocent of having run the woman over but was convicted of failing to report the accident he was found innocent of being involved in.

New Liebour, New Britain, No Justice.

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Bye Bye Jaguar

Federal Europe is currently working on plans to fine car manufacturers for every vehicle they produce that exceeds the finger in the air figure of 130g/km of Carbon Dioxide emissions.  The fine is expected to be £68 per gramme.

Of course, with this being the EU, the regulations are ridiculously ill conceived and designed to benefit only the largest continental producers.  The limit of 130g/km is an average across their entire product range so a large manufacturer just needs a couple of token low carbon matchbox cars to bring its average down, even if they produce a 4 litre V8 monster.

The example I’ve been given by Mike Nattrass MEP (good luck in Crewe & Nantwich, Mike) shows just how ridiculous the new regulations are.  Jaguar and Land Rover have been sold by Ford to Tata.  Across Ford’s entire product range they have managed to stay below the 130g/km limit – even when they produce cars like the 4.6l, 300bhp V8 Mustang or the 5.4l, 550bhp V8 Ford GT.  Tata, however, don’t have a range of toy cars like Ford to bring down their average so they will have to pay fines on every Jaguar or Land Rover they produce.  A 2l diesel X-Type Jag will attract a fine of £1,292 per car whilst a V8 Range Rover will attract a whopping £16,728 fine per vehicle.

So what will happen to Jaguar and Land Rover?  They simply won’t sell anything with a tax like that on top of the price of the car so they’ll just shift production outside of Federal Europe, jobs will be lost and a piece of history will come to an end.

The British government must be worried at the loss of jobs and the inevitable loss of Land Rover and Jaguar from these shores?  Liebour MP, Richard Burden, asked the Treasury and got the following garbled and essentially meaningless message:

I am happy to assure him that the Government are aware of the points that he makes and are keeping a close eye on the progress of discussions about the development of EU regulations in Europe

Wow!  They’re “keeping a close eye on the progress of discussions”.  Here’s a suggestion – have some discussions of your own.  Perhaps something along the lines of “this is a stupid fucking tax and there’s no way you’re destroying our economy with your punitive and utterly pointless eco taxes so fuck off back under your rock you clueless facists”.  Or words to that effect.

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Fat people are to blame

Rick Waller - Greenpeace Most WantedAccording to a report by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, fat people are to blame.  For everything.

Global food shortages?  You thought it was because the world population is growing too fast at the same time as the Chinese are moving to an inefficient protein-based diet and farmers in the developing world are turning over fields previously used for crops to biofuels.  But no, fat people are eating all the food and because they use more petrol in their cars the price of oil is going up making food more expensive to transport resulting in poor people not being able buy food.  And because fat people use more fuel they’re damaging the environment.

Therefore, fat people are to blame for poverty, starving pensioners, climate change and global food shortages.

With the number of obese people in England growing, this obviously presents the British government with a dilema … just how the fuck do you tax fatness?

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British nationalist Scots

The belligerence within the English tradition is still a fresh memory and for some people the national flag is associated with football violence.

Billy Bragg

Rangers Fans Destroying Car

Rangers Fans Attacking Policeman

The British flag is associated with the racist far-left BNP and the violent Brit-Scot nationalist Rangers fans and Bragg has the nerve to claim that the Cross of St George is associated with violence?

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No Mandate Brown pushing for internment

No Mandate Brown says he wants to win the argument for 42 days internment of “terrorism” suspects.

As I’ve pointed out many, many times, the terrorism laws we have now are appallingly slack resulting in people being arrested under anti-terrorism laws for such heinous offences as carrying a blank placard within 1km of Parliament and reading out the names of dead soldiers outside Downing Street.  Giving the British government the power to have someone interned for a month and a half in the name of such a poor piece of legislation is just unbelievably stupid.  It’s no wonder even Liebour MPs are opposing it.

I certainly hope Gordo doesn’t win any argument over this illiberal, unconstitutional attempt at advancing the police state.

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Run Forrest!

Got my knee braces yesterday. Thank god I only have to wear them for an hour a day to start with!

Run Forrest!

And no, they don’t make me run at 100mph or jump buildings like the Bionic Man.

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No mandate reforms from no mandate PM

No Mandate Brown has set out his no-mandate “reform” programme (there’s that fucking word again – reform) to try and recover from the devastating trouncing Liebour had in the last by-election and nosediving support from traditional Liebour voters.

Let’s take a look at what batshit ideas he’s pulled out of his arse this time. I’ll use the BBC’s list

Help for homebuyers
Great, what help will that be? Mortgages for cardboard boxes? House prices are too high and most of the council houses have been sold so people just don’t have anywhere affordable to live. Gordo’s answer is to buy unsold new houses and rent them to social tenants. But why are there unsold houses and why are they pushing for millions of new houses to be built over the next decade if they can’t sell the houses that are already built? Doesn’t apply to Scotland.

A savings scheme for low earners
What fucking planet do you live on Gordo? Low earners don’t have money to save, especially after you – sorry, your sockpuppet Darling – took the 10p tax band away.

New rights for workers to request training
Ok, here’s how things work in business Gordo. The Treasury might be able to borrow a few billion quid whenever it can’t pay the bills but companies can’t and training costs money. Running a business is getting harder and more expensive thanks to stupid regulations and ever increasing taxes. What our struggling businesses don’t need is even more legislation making them less competitive.

Hospital funding will be linked to performance
Genius. A hospital under performs so rather than give them some cash to get their arse into gear, you take money off them. Too much stick and not enough carrot as per fucking usual. Doesn’t apply to Scotland.

Elected police chiefs
Great. Will this be “indirectly elected”, ie. voted for by their peers? Or will us peasants be given a vote? Politically aligned police chiefs, just what we need. Doesn’t apply to Scotland.

£2.7bn tax cut
An entirely unfunded tax cut paid for by borrowing £2.7bn on the private market increasing public debt significantly. The Treasury is insolvent, how long before one of the high street banks files for a winding up order? To be fair, that might not be such a bad thing – we might get someone running the Treasury who’s got even a vague idea of how to run the fucking economy.

Jobless training and skills assessments
Sorry but about 10 years ago I had an operation and I was left unemployed as a result (I think I must have been temping). I hadn’t paid enough national insurance so I had to go on Jobseekers instead of getting Income Support or Incapacity. Despite being medically unfit I had to sign on once a fortnight and they even made me go on a training and skills assessment. This is nothing new … unless Liebour abolished them? Doesn’t apply to Scotland.

Parents councils to help runs schools
Erm … I can’t actually pick fault with that, parents need to be more involved in their children’s education – especially when they’re getting filthy propaganda shoved down their throats. Doesn’t apply to Scotland.

Rights to flexible working for parents
See the above comment on the right to training. Employers need people to work set hours to fit in with their business. Doesn’t apply to Scotland.

Tests for immigrants
Yeah because the citizenship test has been such a success. Perhaps the rule that exempts immigrants from taking the test if they don’t speak English wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Lords reform
No. No, no, no. Fucking NO! Put it back to how it was before the grinning monkey faced fuckwit that preceded you broke it. Elected Lords or appointed Lords are a disaster for democracy because it ensures that the party controlling the Commons controls the Lords as well. Hereditary peers mean the political make-up of the Lords is decided by an accident of birth, not by toadying up to fuck face Brown or coming with stupid populist ideas to appeal to idiot voters who’d vote for a monkey if it had the right colour rosette.

Party funding reform
This had better not include state funding for parties or I seriously am going to pop a vein. By far and away the biggest bunch of thieving bastards in the Commons are the Liebour Party. The only reason harsher rules are needed on party funding is because Liebour are so fucking corrupt.

Consultation on the Bill of Rights
WE. ALREADY. HAVE. A. BILL. OF. RIGHTS. We don’t need another Bill of Rights, we just need the existing Bill of Rights honoured. That means abolishing all forms of summary justice, including parking fines and speeding tickets. No conviction, no fine. End of.

Introduction of a National Coroner Service
Riiiiight. And this is vitally important and worth spending money on when you’ve just borrowed £2.7bn for a by-election bribe is it? Doesn’t apply to Scotland.

I make that 14 pledges, only 7 of which apply to the people in Scotland who voted for him. Democracy? What democracy? Come the revolution, he’ll be the first against the wall.

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Penny for them …

I had to get petrol today so I went to the petrol station and stopped when I was dead on £20.  I carefully removed the nozzle, held it upright and dropped it onto the holder.  As the pump stopped the gauge rolled over to £20.01.

I went to pay and the bloke behind the counter said £20.01 and I said “actually, it was £20 until I put the pump back and then it changed”.  He rolled his eyes and asked if I wanted the penny.  I said yes and he gave me a penny out of the till!

It might seem petty but it’s the principle – it’s a really busy petrol station and I didn’t get that extra penny’s worth of petrol.  If I was buying meat from the butcher I wouldn’t expect them to weigh it, wrap it up and then add a bit so why should the petrol station get away with it?

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David Wright throws his teddy out of his pram

My useless Liebour MP, David Wright, has thrown his teddy out of his pram after a spoof blog was set up in his name.

It was pretty obvious it was a spoof but there were a lot of comments from people who thought it was real and comments saying they didn’t agree with him but they were glad he’d set up a blog.

I think he should break with tradition and actually listen to what his constituents want rather than wasting police time trying to find a crime that might have been committed!  I kid you not, he has reported it to the police, likened it to identity theft and according to the Shropshire Star, the police are investigating it to see if a crime has been committed.  Muggers, rapists and murderers can go about their business safe in the knowledge that the local police are devoting their resources to trying to find out if impersonating an MP for a joke might be illegal.  Here’s some free advice for you – it isn’t!  Now go catch some criminals.

The blog was taken down by WordPress but I took a copy of it on the day it was taken down so it’s probably quite up-to-date.  Do you want to see it?

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Defattyfying Update

Just a quick update on the diet – I’m 2lb off losing 2st, thanks in part to the 24 hour bug I had Sunday which caused me to lose 3lb overnight!

Getting close to half way to my target.

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