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No Mandate

No Mandate Brown survived a coup attempt at a meeting of the Parliamentary Liebour Party last night.  He has promised to listen to MPs more and take their views into account.

How about listening to the electorate Gordo?  How about taking the electorate’s views into account?

On Thursday the electorate overwhelmingly rejected Liebour in the English local elections.  No votes = no councillors = no mandate.

On Sunday the electorate overwhelmingly rejected Liebour in the EU imperial elections.  They are the third UK party in the EU parliament, they have no mandate.

As I type, 66,966 people have signed a petition on his own website calling for No Mandate Brown to resign.

A meeting of the Parliamentary Liebour Party is not a democratic mandate to govern this country.  The people have spoken and they have said no to Liebour, no to the European Empire and no to Gordon Brown.

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What planet is Mandelson on?

Peter Mandelson on the Andrew Marr show this morning:

What the public wants to see us doing is the new ministers getting on with their jobs, they want to see us cleaning up the expenses system in Westminster, they want to see us intensifying out focus on the economy and getting out of the recession and they also want to see us taking forward New Labour’s public service reforms.

No Mandy you smarmy dishonest fucking cretin, what the public wants – and what they told you through the ballot box on Thursday – is that they want Liebour out of power and as soon as is humanly fucking possible.

God, just hearing his condascending voice spouting complete bullshit and openly lying on national TV … I just want to punch the dishonest little shit in the face.

Deep breaths.

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Camoron ignores 77% of members on EU

A poll by ConservativeHome shows that 77% of Tories think Tory MPs and PPCs should be able to sign up to the Better Off Out campaign.

David Camoron has banned Tories from publicly opposing the UK’s membership of the European Empire via the Better Off Out campaign. Supporters of Better Off Out are not allowed to be PPCs, MPs that sign the Better Off Out pledge face losing the Tory whip and any MP who was already a signatory before the ban was introduced is banned from sitting on the front bench.

Camoron will not tolerate open euroscepticism in the Conswervative Party, all MPs must get behind his eurofederalist ideals.

If Camoron is prepared to ignore 77% of his own membership then why should we believe that he will listen to the electorate?

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Men an underperforming minority in universities

More women get university places, more women get places in top universities, more women than men on professional courses such as medicine and law, women getting better qualifications than men.

Someone remind me why we need a Minister for Women but no Minister for Men.

Petition the PM: create a Minister for Men and balance the gender bias in the Ministry for Equality.

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Guardian upgrades its spellchecker

CEP Header

I see the Guardian have updated their spell-checker we already know it replaces “English” with “British” but now it replace “Cross of St George” with “Union Flag” as well.

English Democrat flies the Union flag in Doncaster

Doncaster starts a new life this week under a leader from a party previously associated with minuscule numbers of votes at byelections and an obsession with the flag.


His other eye-catching policies were in the same vein: reducing councillors’ numbers by two thirds to 21 (which he almost certainly has no power to do) and holding a referendum on whether his own post should exist. It was created in 2001 after a referendum with a 25% turnout. Although the English Democrats are routinely called right-wing (every public building would have to fly the Union flag) and want tight immigration curbs, they out-zeal the Liberal Democrats in wanting devolution from Westminster, election of every post in sight and the reunification of dismembered Yorkshire.

Well done to the English Democrats in getting one of their number elected as Mayor of Doncaster.  I don’t know why Doncastrians voted for him – whether it was for his euroscepticism, his English nationalism, his local policies or purely as a protest vote – but they did vote for him in large numbers and I’m sure we all wish him the best of luck in the English Democrats’ first foray into mainstream politics.

Now, back to the Guardian.  The failed communists at the Guardian hate the very idea of an English Parliament, partly because their beloved Labour Party would probably never leave the opposition benches in an English Parliament and partly because they only like the nationalism of the “oppressed minorities” on the celtic fringe.  You can expect more of this sort of thing from the Guardian and the rest of the anglophobic left wing media if Mayor Davies proves to be popular.

I very much doubt that Mayor Davies of the English Democrats will be flying the British flag in Doncaster.

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Lord Sugar of Shit

No Mandate Brown’s choice of Sir (soon to be Lord) Alan Sugar for his cabinet of all the talentless is interesting when you read the Telegraph’s brief bio on him …

While Sir Alan spends the majority of his time on The Apprentice, he has not completely severed his ties with the business community, still chairing a computer company, Viglen, in which he is a major shareholder.

Just a month ago, the company won a £30 million contract to supply Government departments, such as the NHS, with 70,000 computers.

Interesting.  But there’s no conflict of interests of course, Sir Alan Sugar says so and you can trust him because he’s an honest and Alan Sugar - Gordon, you're firedsuccessful businessman.

At its peak Amstrad, which made hi-fis, car radios and helped pioneer home computers in Britain, was worth £1.2 billion


In 2007 he sold the company for £125 million to broadcaster BSkyB, a 10th of its value during the boom years.

So, he took a £1.2bn company, turned it into a £125m company and now he’s going to make policy on business and enterprise?  I suppose it’s no worse than No Mandate Brown taking a booming economy and turning it into a national debt roughly equal to 150% of GDP.

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How many times do we have to say no?

I will not waver, I will not wok away

Don’t you get it? We want you to waver, we want you to walk away.  That’s why we’re not voting for your useless party.  -200 councillors and counting Gordo, take the fucking hint!

Don’t forget, there’s a petition on the PM’s petitions website calling on him to resign.

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Election update: it’s a blue-wash

As the results trickle in, Liebour’s election meltdown is reaching epic proportions.

Only 18 councils out of 34 have declared their results so far and Liebour has failed to win control of a council.  They have, in fact, lost control of 4 councils and have made a net loss of 144 councillors.

Every council has gone to the Tories, apart from Bristol which has gone to the Lib Dims.  The English Democrats have got the Mayor of Doncaster and the independent Mayor of Hartlepool (the bloke in the monkey suit) has won a third term.

Meanwhile, another couple of cabinet members have resigned messing up No Mandate Brown’s reshuffling of the deckchairs.  The Liebour cabinet now has seven unelected peers – I always understood there was a rule limiting the number of peers in the cabinet to 3, when did this change?

The way things are going, the only councils left under Liebour control by tomorrow will be the ones who didn’t get a vote yesterday.

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Replacing people who’ve resigned isn’t a reshuffle

Well, it’s not been much of a cabinet reshuffle so far … more sort of replacing the people who’ve resigned because El Gordo is such a dick.

The Defence Secretary, John Hutton, has resigned and is yet to be replaced.  Alan Johnson has been made Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper has been made DWP secretary and Alan Sugar has been made “enterprise czar” which will explain his public support for El Gordo this morning.  In fact, I listened to my crooked MP, David Wright, this morning claiming that Liebour isn’t dead yet and El Gordo has a broad base of support based solely on the fact Alan Sugar praised him.  If the only people they can find to publicly support El Gordo are Fatty Prescott, a back bench nobody and a c-list celebrity who he’s just given a job to, Gordo’s position is more desperate than many people thought!

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Liebour’s dying days

The first results are in for yesterday’s local elections in England and as expected Liebour has taking a severe battering.

The Conswervatives have gained 18 councillors and retained 2 councils.  The Lib Dims have gained 1 councillor and one council (Bristol) which was previously under no overall control.  Other parties have gained 4 councils, one of which I believe is a UKIP councillor elected in Newcastle-under-Lyme.  Liebour have lost 23 councillors.

The Conswervatives have taken most seats on the new Central Bedfordshire Unitary Authority, Liebour have failed to win a single seat on the council.

Meanwhile, No Mandate Brown is reshuffling the deckchairs in his cabinet. What do you reckon the band will be playing in the cabinet office?

More election results are due in during the day, it’s going to be an interesting few hours.

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Dead Man Walking

I thought Gordo would hold on to power until the next election, that the ragged remains of his cabinet would rally round their leader to postpone the inevitable electoral destruction.  But not now – El Gordo is a dead man walking.

Jackboots Smith, the fascist bitch of a Home Secretary has resigned.  Hazel Blears, the psychotic ginger dwarf has resigned.  Beverley Hughes, another fascist bitch, has resigned.  Patricia Hewitt and David Chaytor are resigning.  But the most important resignation is James Purnell, the no-mark DWP minister, who has blamed No Mandate Brown for his resignation and called on him to resign as leader of the Liebour Party.

When ministers are resigning on an almost daily basis, a secretary of state openly challenges you to resign, an email is doing the rounds of your MPs gaining signatures to call for your resignation and your party is slugging it out with the Lib Dims for 3rd spot in the euro-elections, you’re fucked.

There’s no doubt about it, El Gordo is in the last few days of his leadership.  The only important unknown is whether Liebour will have the brass neck to try and go on for another year with another unelected Prime Minister or if they’ll bite the bullet and call a general election.  Who knows, her majesty may decide that enough is enough and dissolve parliament herself.

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Job Advert of the year

This job advert was in the Shropshire Star tonight.  It was so unusual, I had to give it a public airing …

Glue pot wanted.

Will live in the Wrexham area and work from home.

Will be computer literate and attractive personality with a flair for organising and acting as part time secretary, dogsbody, research assistant, admin manager, arranger.

Self starter who can see the wood for the trees and can get things done without needing somebody else to tell them how to suck eggs.

Not hard work, probably requiring no more than 16 hours a week.  More intelligence and brain power and ability to think outside the box.  You will be supported by the Moneypenny telephone answering service.  Tell us about yourself and salary required and any future ambitions.

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Why Cameron won’t answer the referendum question

Lots of people are wondering why David Camoron keeps avoiding answering the question of whether he will hold a retrospective referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

The reason is simple – he doesn’t want to admit that he can’t.

To repeal the Lisbon Treaty, or even to just repatriate powers from the EU like the Tories say they will in their manifesto, requires the unanimous agreement of all EU member states.  The only way to repeal the Lisbon Treaty after it has been ratified by all member states and comes into force is to repeal the European Communities Act and leave the European Empire.

This is why David Camoron refuses to answer the question of whether he will hold a retrospective referendum.  He knows that if he holds a retrospective referendum he can’t honour the inevitable no vote unless he takes the UK out of the EU and he has already said that the UK will never leave the EU under a Tory government.

As I said the other day, David Camoron is a fundamentally dishonest person.  Don’t waste your vote on the Tories and their false promises, vote UKIP.

June the 4th is UK Independence Day

Today is June the 4th, UK Independence Day.

Here are your instructions for tomorrow:

  1. Take your voting card to your local polling station
  2. Exchange your voting card for a ballot paper
  3. Find the box with UK Independence Party written next to it
  4. Put a cross in the box

If you encounter any canvassers for the LibLabCon, the Greens, Libertas, Jury Team, the English Democrats, the BNP or any of the other eurofederalist and/or racist parties, adopt the Churchill victory pose as seen on the thousands of UKIP billboards and posters up and down the country, rotate your raised hand 180 degrees and optionally utter the first string of Anglo Saxon words that spring to mind.

Scottish doctor calls for compulsary vaccinations in England

Sir Sandy Macara, former Chairman of the British Medical Association, has called for MMR vaccinations to be made compulsary by making an immunisation certificate a pre-requisite to being accepted for a school place.

He says that doctors have tried to convince parents but it’s not working so it has to be made compulsary, which begs the question: if the entire medical establishment can’t convince parents that the MMR jab is safe then someone, somewhere is doing something wrong.

We decided to have our children immunised even though there were doubts being cast in the media about the safety of the combined-MMR vaccination. We took a calculated risk, as we all do with any medication no matter how long it’s been around or how safe it’s been considered to be in the past. I used to have painkillers on repeat prescription when I was a teenager that were taken off the shelves a few years ago because they do nasty things to your insides. We also took a calculated risk in allowing one of our children to have his tonsils taken out even though there was a suggestion at the time there might be a risk of contracting CJD from metal surgical implements. And long time readers of this blog may recall that we took a calculated risk in allowing another one of our children to have open heart surgery even though he would be the youngest child in the UK to have had the Ross Procedure performed on him. This is what parents do – they weigh up the risks and benefits of many things every day where their children are concerned and come up with the answer they are most comfortable with. That’s what being a parent is about – caring for your children, deciding what is right and wrong for them and making the decisions for them that they can’t make.

Vaccinations are something a parent should decide on, not the state. One parent’s decision affects one child, the state’s decision will affect millions and if they get it wrong the ramifications are far greater. And, of course, the British government could only make vaccinations compulsary in England and I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that Sir Sandy Macara is Scottish.

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Thieving bastard Telford politicians

My thieving bastard MP, David Wright, clearly has a different view of what’s reasonable to the rest of us.

He thought it was reasonable to keep a 17 grand bung from a property developer for changing the tenancy agreement on a flat in Westminster the taxpayer was paying the rent on rather than give it to the Fees Office to go towards the inflated rent the taxpayer was paying as a result of the new tenancy agreement.
He thought it was reasonable to claim £599 for a TV for his flat in London so he could watch the news when he was down there.  Tesco are selling a 15.6″ HD LCD TV with built-in Freeview tuner and DVD player for £129.97.  Is that good enough for watching the news on?  I might take a trip to Tesco tomorrow and find one and take a picture of it showing the news, purely for scientific purposes of course.

He thought it was reasonable to claim £64.99 for a razor to keep at his London flat so he didn’t have to take one with him when he went to London (his explanation).  The Fees Office didn’t think it was reasonable and rejected it.  Tesco are selling an electric razor for £11.

The other thieving bastard MP in Telford, Mark Pritchard, also has a problem grasping what is reasonable to your average taxpayer.

He thought it was reasonable to move from one flat to another in Westminster and claim £1,000 for new furnishings, £199 for a new vacuum cleaner, £145 for a microwave, £55 for new kitchen utensils and £45 for new bedding rather than take what the taxpayer had already paid for from his old flat to his new flat.  What happened to the old furnishings, vacuum cleaner, microwave, kitchen utensils and bedding?  Were they sold and the money paid into the Fees Office?  Or were they left in his old flat for the next tenant, thus depriving the taxpayer of a nominal return on their investment?  If he absolutely needed to replace all these items then Tesco are selling a vacuum cleaner for £16.59, a microwave for £29.39 and a full set of kitchen utensils for £29.36.

Pritchard said:

Rather than but new furniture and kitchen appliances, I purchased second hand goods – again, keeping the costs down.

I have only claimed for the necessities for living in my flat and had no luxuries.

Second hand?  £199 for a second hand vacuum cleaner?  £145 for a second hand microwave?  Second hand, my arse.

Come the revolution, these two thieving bastard politicians will be the first against my wall.

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Alas poor Darling, we knew him well

If Alistair Darling wasn’t an English-hating, thieving bastard Scottish politician I could almost feel sorry for him.

He got promoted to the number 2 job (quite literally) in the British government just as El Gordo’s elaborate pyramid scheme collapsed and the economy took a nosedive.

He followed through (possibly quite literally) with Liebour’s policy of abolishing the 10p tax bracket – a policy that probably originated with El Gordo – and had to stand there and take all the grief for pushing hundreds of thousands of low-paid people further below the poverty line.  Then he had to cobble together a scheme to give back the extra tax poor people were paying and expose himself as a weak, incompetent Chancellor.

Like I said, I could almost feel sorry for him but I won’t because he’s a thieving bastard politician.

Alistair McDarling is reported in the Daily Telegraph as having claimed second home expenses on his grace and favour home in Downing Street and on a flat he owns in London that he is renting out.  Darling says the Telegraph is telling porkies but they have copies of the claims he made.

But not to worry, Darling will get his comeuppance very soon – El Gordo has put the curse of Jonah on him by giving him his full support.  I give him a week, two at the most.

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