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Two countries to have EU Constitution referendum

The Republic of Ireland will hold a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution thanks to the provisions of their constitution.

Denmark was expected to hold a referendum when it was reported that a majority of Danish MPs wanted one but this appears to have fallen by the wayside.

Enter Alex Salmond:

When the constitutional treaty was alive, the Labour Party promised a referendum before the General Election of 2005.  While there are some differences between the constitutional treaty and the reform treaty, in substance they are almost identical.

Scotland will be holding its own referendum on the EU not-a-constitution.  It won’t be binding on the British government but it will be an opportunity for 10% of the population to make their views known and a blow to the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan who is determined not to allow the mostly eurosceptic electorate throw the constitution out of the window.

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Could England’s future be in the hands of Kosovo?

Kosovo has suffered terribly at the hands of the Serbs ever since Yugoslavia broke up.

For a while now, Federal Europe has provided mediators to try and come up with a solution that would allow Kosovo to remain part of Serbia which would be acceptable to both the Serbs who don’t want to lose Kosovo and to the majority Kosovan Albanians who want independence.

They have so far failed to come up with a solution and it’s now almost certain that Kosovo will declare independence very soon but there is opposition amongst some EU member states who are concerned that recognising Kosovan independence would set a precedent and force them to recognise the independence of their own seperatist regions.

Belgium has seperatist movements in Flanders and Wallonia; Denmark has seperatist movements in the Faroes and Greenland; Finland has a seperatist movement in Åaland; France has seperatist movements in Brittany, Corsica and Savoy; Italy has seperatist movements in Sardinia, Sicily and Northern Italy; Romania has a seperatist movement in Transylvania; Spain has seperatist movements in the Basque Country, Catalonia and Navarre; Sweden has a seperatist movement in Lapland; The UK has seperatist movements in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Cornwall.

Belgium has been without a government for months now after the main parties failed (several times) to form a coalition government.  The former Prime Minister has been caretaker-Prime Minister ever since the last election.  There are strong calls for independence for Flanders and to a lesser extent, Wallonia.  The situation in Belgium is similar to in the UK – a constitutional monarchy, no-mandate Prime Minister, an artifical union at the end of its useful life, one nation of the union subsidising the rest and a lack of concern as to whether the union breaks up or not.  What is different, however, is that Belgium is held up by Federal Europe as the perfect multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual union.  It is, in short, what the European Union wants to be when it grows up and that’s why the break-up of Belgium is so important to the majority of Europeans who don’t want to live in a Federal Europe.

The Basque Country is virtually independent now within Spain.  They have so much autonomy that there is virtually nothing that can be devolved from Spain other than foreign relations and defence.  It is only a matter of time before Basque declares unilateral independence from Spain.

Scotland is also on the verge of leaving the UK but it’s proving difficult for the SNP to convince the Scots to cut the apron strings and go it alone.  This is, I think, partly to do with the fact that they want to leave a union that they control and benefit from financially to a European Union in which they will be an irrelevance and will probably end up being a net contributor to.

Kosovo could be the key to independence for many nations in Europe and ultimately the dissolution of the European Union.  The UK, Italy, France and Germany have written to other EU member states asking them support Kosavan independence if they declare it.  Italy, France and Germany don’t have much to worry about from a precedent for recognising independence because they don’t have strong seperatist movements but the British government does.  There are two possible reasons why No Mandate Brown would support setting a precedent for recognising unilateral declarations of independence – either he thinks that he could take power in an independent Scotland or he really is stupid enough to think that the union will last beyond the next 10 years.

No matter what the reasons the powers that be have for supporting independence for Kosovo, it has the potential to give English people what they want – self-government (one way or the other) and the break-up of the Federal Europe.  For these reasons, every Englishman should actively support the Kosovan independence movement.  A vote for Kosovo is a vote for England!

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Now the Police are missing out

English police are on the receiving end of the same racist treatment as English nurses when it comes to pay increases.

Earlier this year, our nurses were told that they would be getting the same percentage pay rise as Scottish nurses but rather than a single pay increase like in Scotland, their pay increase was to be staged meaning they were getting less.  English police officers have now fallen foul of the same discriminatory policy – they are to reveive the same 2.5% pay rise as Scottish officers but it won’t come into effect until January whilst in Scotland the pay rise is immediate, in full and backdated to September when the British government and the Police entered arbitration over the pay deal.

The emergency services are being treated like pawns in this game of robbing from the English to pay for the Scots.  This isn’t a game, peoples’ lives are at risk if nurses and police officers decide that they don’t want to do their job any more because of this racist, discriminatory decision.

Racial discrimination against the English: just another service New Liebour provide.

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Happy St Andrews Day

I’d like to wish a Happy St Andrews Day to all my Scottish readers, friends and enemies.

To mark our neighbour’s special day, I will refrain from taking the piss out of Scotland or Scottish people for the duration.

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From the BBC … 

Ministers have come up with a “vibrant” new message to greet tourists arriving at Scotland’s airports.

The new message is … “Welcome to Scotland”.


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Scottish woman travels to Malta for hip replacement

A Scottish woman who doctors said was 30lbs overweight has travelled to Malta for two hip replacements at a cost of £7,000 each because the Scottish NHS refused to even put her on the waiting list.

I guess I must be lucky (if you look at it that way) in that I’ve never been turned down for surgery on my knees even though I’m overweight.  It probably helps that I’ve been seeing the same consultant since I was at school but it’s probably more the fact that he understands that when you have real trouble walking it’s very difficult to control your weight.

If surgery is being refused on the rather lame pretext of being overweight in Scotland, you have to wonder what all these billions we’ve been sending north of the border have been spent on.

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Hat-tip to “axel” (reader)

Scotland – Italy

I only wish the match wasn’t on Sky Sports so I could cheer Italy on.

Italy are leading Scotland 1-0 in the second half.

18:24 – Noooooooooooooo, Scotland have equalised.

Scotland lost 2-1 to Italy and are out of the Euro 2008 competition.

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Bit more salt in the wound, sir?

The Crossrail project – a huge train network in the south east of England, centred on London – is estimated to cost the taxpayer £16,500,000,000.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Building Crossrail – £16,000,000,000
  • Buying Scottish votes – £500,000,000

Under the Barnett Formula, Scotland is entitled to £500m purely because £16bn is being spent in England.  It doesn’t matter that the money is being spent on London and Crossrail will benefit nobody outside of the London commuter belt.  It doesn’t even matter that Scotland doesn’t need the money or have anything in particular to spend it on.  They will get half a billion pounds simply because the Scottish Raj won’t risk losing Scottish votes by abolishing the unfair Barnett Formula.

Scotland gets its own budget, a multi-billion pound subsidy from the English taxpayer, its own parliament and its MPs treat England as a personal feifdom.  Then they pull this kind of stunt which really rubs salt in the wound.

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Free Prescriptions for all …

… Scots.

The Scottish government is abolishing prescription charges in Scotland for all Scots.  At the moment, 96% of all prescriptions are dispensed free of charge.

Abolishing prescription charges north of the border is going to cost the English taxpayer another £70m.

In April this year, the Welsh government abolished all prescription charges in Wales on the same day that prescription charges in England rose to £6.80 per item.  Paid for by the English taxpayer of course.

The Daily Mail is calling this “The Great Divide” and says that it’s the final straw for English taxpayers.  For me, the final straw whizzed by years ago and I’m now in a constant low-level rage aimed at this racist Scottish Raj.

My nan has Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).  It’s the most common cause of blindness in over-60’s in England but can be cured.  Can she get it treated?  No.  She lives in England and therefore must go blind so that enough money can be stolen from the English NHS to pay for ARMD treatment in Scotland.  She worked and paid taxes all her life, right up until she was in her 50’s when she had to stop because of ill health.  She worked in a munitions factory during the Second World War while my Grandad was on the front line in Korea.  What reward does she get for her contribution to the country?  Second-rate, third-class treatment at the hands of the NHS – she even got a hospital superbug when she had a knee replacement!

My youngest son has Dyspraxia.  He was lucky enough to get it diagnosed at such an early age – 5 years old – because he can get help before he gets too far behind and loses interest at school.  He already complains that it’s hard at school and he has a concentration span you measure in seconds.  A doctor has referred him for speech therapy and occupational therapy.  There is one child occupation therapist for the whole county of Shropshire.  The NHS provides one child occupational therapist for around 444,000 people.  Unsurprising, then, that the waiting list is at least 12 months long.  In Scotland, they’ve been pumping money into occupational speech therapy for children since 2003 to improve the service.

Meanwhile, a new report by the Audit Commission into the English NHS says that one third of NHS Trusts were still in the red.

The American Civil War started on the premise of “No Taxation without Representation”.  The American colonies were taxed by the British government but weren’t allowed to vote.  The American colonies were subsidising Britain and got foreign rule in return.  Sound familiar?  Come the revolution, we’re going to need a big wall.

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Free school meals for primary children

Primary school children in Scotland are to get free school meals in a pilot scheme costing the English taxpayer £5m.

Parents of English children will still have to pay for their children to have school meals.

School meals in England current cost as little as 37p to produce with the British government pledging to increase this to 50p.  In Scotland in excess of 70p on average is spent on a school meal.

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Scotland out of rugby world cup

Oh dear, Argentina knocked Scotland out of the rugby world cup.  Sadly, it does mean we won’t have the opportunity to dump the master race out of the competition ourselves.  Oh well …

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What will Brown be doing for Scotland?

This morning I asked “What will Brown be doing to England“?  Tonight I’m asking, “What will Brown be doing to Scotland”?

What was in Britishness Brown’s speech today?

Well, he’s promised to stand up for schools* and hospitals* and British values*.  He also wants to build 10 new “eco-towns”*.

He wants to increase stop and search powers for the police* and says that hospitals will be getting a good clean to tackle MRSA*.


So, what is there in No Mandate Brown’s speech for Scotland, the country he was elected in?  Simple – absolutely chuff all.  Every domestic policy in his speech only applies to England because, in his own constituency in Scotland, they are all the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament.  Education, Health, Housing & Planning and Police are all devolved in Scotland and Gordon the Goblin King has not secured a single vote to give him a mandate on any of these issues.  British values and Britishness in general is reserved only for England.  Britishness lessons in schools, the British flags on public buildings – only in England, never in Scotland.

And how many newspapers or news channels have pointed out this shocking, undemocratic, morally and democratically corrupt state of affairs?  None of them.

All Blacks demolish Scotland

anyonebutscotland.pngThe All Blacks gave Scotland a going over in the rugby today with Scotland failing to score.

Thank god we’re not going to be the only home nation to get a wooden spoon!

The most interesting thing about the whole game was the atmosphere.  Or lack of it – the crowd were virtually silent the whole way through.

Free university tuition in Scotland

The SNP has announced a bill to abolish the graduate endowment in Scotland making university education totally free of charge for any Scots studying in Scotland.

Under EU rules, any EU citizen studying in Scotland will automatically be entitled to the same free university education, as will the children of asylum seekers who have lived there for more than 3 years.

English students, meanwhile, will have to pay for their university education in Scotland and pay for their fellow students’ free education if they get a job and earn enough to pay taxes.

Let it go!

Our celtic friends have long memories.  Half of them couldn’t tell you what caused either of the world wars or who took part in the Boer or Crimean wars but they can give you a magnificent account of the Battle of Banockburn or the Battle of Culloden.  They’ll reel off a long list of everything that the English have done to Scotland in the past 800 years and vice versa.  They’ll give you a tearful rendition of Mel Gibson William Wallace’s “You’ll never take our freedooooooom” given half a chance.

It’s a dangerous position to be in – there is so much racial hatred ingrained in the Scottish psyche that some of them feel moved, by a work of fiction such as Braveheart, to carry out racist attacks.  Innocent English people who are attacked in the street for the hideous crime of wearing and England football shirt had it coming to them for rubbing salt into 500 year old wounds.

Of course, most Scottish people don’t feel the urge to beat up people or vandalise their houses for being English but there is a vocal minority that really do hate the English with a passion simply because of things that happened hundreds of years ago.

Don’t worry, there is a point to – stay with me.

The anti-English feeling north of the border has been passed down from generation to generation and the emphasis placed on Scottish history (the only history Scotland really has is of fighting with England) has helped to reinforce that anti-English sentiments that are almost part-and-parcel of everyday Scottish life.

I’m getting to the point now.  A Scottish-born millionaire who, like so many other Scottish “patriots”, loves Scotland so much he lives in Canada has paid for a “Clearances Centre” and a statue near the Strath of Kildonan.  The statue is to remember the Scots that suffered from the Highland Clearances when Lord Sutherland had families evicted from his estate.  The commonly accepted version of events holds that the Highlanders were treated appalingly – the full works, rape, pillaging, etc.  There is an alternative version of events that says that they weren’t as bad as all that but that it was used as a propaganda tool.  We’ll never know which version of events is true because it’s in the distant past but how often will this be mentioned in Scottish history lessons?

Even after hundreds of years the wounds are still raw north of the border and this statue – as with the statue of Mel Gibson pretending to be William Wallace – will only serve as a permanent reminder and a focal point for agression.  The Scottish/Canadian patriot wants 5 or 6 of these statues in places where Scots have settled in places like the US and Australia.  I’m half expecting a public apology from the Scottish Prime Minister on behalf of his English subjects for the treatment of Scotland.

No matter what your background is or your personal feelings, you have to ask what kind of a message this conveys.  It’s time to stop looking to the past and letting events of 300 or more years ago define your existence.  The statues are a bad idea, they’re negative and to be quite frank, they’re irrelevant.  It’s time Scotland put the past behind them and started looking to the future.

Redistribution of wealth

I tend not to post comments on Scottish nationalist blogs because they’re generally greeted by a torrent of racist abuse or wildly inaccurate paraphrased quotes from SNP propaganda.  However, I made an exception for Richard Thomson’s blog – Scots and Independent – because he seems to be fairly well adjusted for one of our celtic neighbours.  I don’t usally re-post my comments on my own blog but I thought this one was worth reproducing in reply to a claim that Scotland’s GDP is £111bn because of “oor oil”:

You’re making the mistake of assuming that when the division of wealth, resources and liabilities takes place prior to independence, Scotland keeps what has been so generously donated to it.

The maritime border between England and Scotland used to follow international convention which dictates that a maritime boundary is an extension of the land boundary. In the case of the Anglo-Scottish border, this meant that England’s territorial waters extended north east and north west. I believe it was in the 60s when the boundary was moved with the Continental Shelf Act (I could be mistaken on the name) to extend at a parallel conveniently placing most north sea oil and gas in Scottish waters. The English weren’t consulted on this mass transfer of resources.

Then there is the national debt. Pretty large and Scotland has had more out of the coffers than it’s put in for a long time.

You’re also assuming that as a terminally socialist country, Scotland doesn’t turn into an overburdened, border-line communist state and end up vying for bottom place with Albania.

The gravy train for Scotland started 300 years ago with the money England gave to make Scotland somewhere near solvent again after bankrupting itself trying to colonise Panama. Scotland has benefitted hugely from the English empire which was later expanded as a British empire. For the last few decades Scotland has been receiving subsidies worth billions thanks to the Barnett Formula. Until Scottish Labour took over, Scotland was in the periphery – over-represented at Westminster but always in the shadow of England.

Can Scotland suddenly go from being the proverbial kept woman to a working woman without actually becoming the other type of the proverbial “working woman” selling herself to the EU?

SNP pledge to abolish council tax in Scotland

Scottish Socialist Republican flagThe SNP have pledged to abolish the council tax in Scotland in two years.

The plan is to freeze council tax next year and replace it in 2010 with a local income tax.  The SNP is working with the Illiberal Democrats who have had local income tax as one of their policies for a long time.

According to the SNP, Scots with low and middle incomes will be about £300 per year better off.  Those with higher incomes will pay much more than they currently do to pay for the redistribution of wealth.

SNP take power in Scotland

Alex Salmond has come to an agreement with the Greens in Scotland to become the first Scottish nationalist First Minister.

This is good news for those who would gladly see tha back of Scotland but don’t get too enthusiastic – the SNP will be forming a minority administration and any attempt to hold an independence referendum is likely to be defeated by the eurofederalist Lib Dums and the Liebour facists.

There is a convention in the British parliament that manifesto pledges will travel through parliament unopposed.  Lets hope that “No Mandate” Brown’s leadership manifesto pledges (which only apply to England anyway) are given the same rough ride that the SNP will be getting on their manifesto pledges.  What’s good for the goos and all that.

Today is a special occassion

Today is the anniversary of …

  • The death of Hitler
  • The RAF bombing 2 airfields at Port Stanley in the Falklands to stop the Argies from using them
  • The death of Ayrton Senna
  • The UK’s biggest general one day strike (over a million people)
  • The banning of elections in Cuba
  • May Day riots in London in 2000

That’s from the BBC’s list but there is another anniversary which the BBC have missed and which, I suspect, will go un-noticed up and down the country.  Today is the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union between England and Scotland.  Will there be a 301st birthday or will the union be dissolved in the next 12 months?  The SNP are predicted to win the Scottish elections on Thursday and that means a referendum on independence.  A few weeks back the SNP said that it wouldn’t hold a referendum for a few years but once they’ve got a taste of power it won’t be long.

Whose oil is it anyway?

The Tartan Taxman is adhering faithfully to Labour’s new policy of reminding Scots how much they stand to lose financially if they cut the English purse strings.

He’s told the SNP that they can’t have it both ways – if they claim all the revenues from north sea oil and gas (including English oil and gas that was donated to Scotland without our permission) then they can’t have all the money from the Barnett Formula.

The SNP’s screwy maths leads them to think that the oil and gas is worth almost a billion a month in revenues when it’s actually £7bn which is £4.3bn short of the amount English taxpayers subsidise them by and presumably why Gorodn Brown is saying they can’t have all the money they currently get under the Barnett Formula rather than telling the scrounging subsidy junkies that they can’t have anything.