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Mesh -v- Evesham: who’s the worst?

Blue Witch is urging people DON’T BUY FROM MESH COMPUTERS!

Witchy’s pet hate is poor customer service and Mesh have been giving her the run-around.

But does her experience match the sheer ineptitude of Eveshambles?  I’ll reserve judgement for the time being.

How many technicians does it take to provide a service?

Nope, it’s not a joke – Eveshambles now have 8 first-line technicians working on repairs when they had 200 prior to going into administration.

I guess Evesham Mk2 won’t be getting an award for customer service from PC Pro again this year.

My colleague’s Evesham laptop has now been with Eveshambles for 2 weeks and it still hasn’t been sent for repair.

Survey Results

A while back I posted a survey entitled “State of the Union”.

The results of the survey can be found here.

Bearing in mind the largely nationalist readership of my blog, I was surprised at the number of people who didn’t belong to any political party.  This is perhaps indicitive of the inability of any of the mainstream parties to cater for nationalists.

Of all the parties listed, only the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the EDP were thought of positively.  UKIP was almost equal positive and negative.  However, of the party leaders, only Nigel Farage (UKIP), Alex Salmond (SNP) and Robin Tilbrook (EDP) were thought of positively.

Most respondents were anti-EU, would vote for the EDP at the next election, believe that devolution has been good for everyone but England and believe England should have its own parliament.

Quality of 18 Doughty Street guests

Is it just me or are the quality of guests on 18 Doughty Street getting worse?

On this programme talking about binge drinking, one of the guests says that drinking to get drunk (apparently this wrong in todays world) says that “certainly this side of the border” it’s a problem.  Thankfully the presenter made the point that 6 people every day die of alcohol abuse in Scotland.

The other day on this programme about the BBC programme, Unmasking the English, Andrew Haydon said that every time he sees an English flag flying at someone’s house he gets very uncomfortable because he thinks that behind every one of those doors is a National Front member.

Where do 18DS get these ill-educated, populist “experts”?

Free university tuition in Scotland

The SNP has announced a bill to abolish the graduate endowment in Scotland making university education totally free of charge for any Scots studying in Scotland.

Under EU rules, any EU citizen studying in Scotland will automatically be entitled to the same free university education, as will the children of asylum seekers who have lived there for more than 3 years.

English students, meanwhile, will have to pay for their university education in Scotland and pay for their fellow students’ free education if they get a job and earn enough to pay taxes.

Ashley Mote MEP banged up

Ashley Mote, the disgraced former MEP who left UKIP to join a white supremecist group in the European Parliament, has been banged up for 9 months for benefit fraud.

Bizarrely, under the EU’s rules, Mote is still allowed to keep his job.  One of the many protections MEP’s get – immunity from prosecution for instance – is that if they get locked up for less than 12 months they can keep their job and their salary.  Ashley Mote is on £60k a year.

Makes you wonder just how corrupt and criminal you have to be to cross the line with Federal Europe.

Judge backs DNA database

Despite the fact that judges – like the police – are supposed to be the independent upholders of the law, Lord Justice Sedley has called for everyone to be on a DNA database.

Sedley says that the current system is unfair because only people who have been involved with the police are on the database.  He cites the fact that people who are arrested but not charged or people who are convicted but subsequently acquitted have their DNA on the police database forever but rather than draw the obvious conclusion – that keeping DNA of innocent people is wrong and should be taken off the database – he concludes that every innocent person in the country should have their DNA profile stored on a police database.

Lucky for Lord Justice Sedley that the British government is going to force every citizen to hand over a DNA sample for a big database and that every child is going to appear on a childrens identity database which will no doubt be expanded to include DNA samples of children as well.  But as this is all going to happen anyway, why does Sedley feel the need to ask for it anyway?  The only reasonable conclusion is that he is promoting New Liebour policy which is highly inappropriate for a member of the judiciary.

Is this what Britishness Brown means?

“British” troops pulling out of Basra …


Is this what No Mandate Brown means when he talks about Britishness?  Even in the British Army the Scots and Welsh can express their nationality whilst the English have to be British.

The Eveshambles saga continues …

Remember how the keyboard on my Evesham laptop broke a few weeks ago?  Not long after, my colleague’s Evesham laptop developed the same fault.  Geemore, the company that Evesham’s sole remaining director set up to take over the Evesham business (but not the debts), collected the laptop 10 days ago with the standard quoted repair time of 5-10 working days.

Today he phoned for an update to be told that it hadn’t even been sent for repair.  Why?  Because they’ve only just signed an agreement with the repair company (presumably Micronano again) and even though the agreement has been signed, they still haven’t paid them.  Rather helpfully, they don’t have a clue when they might be able to send laptops off for repair or how long it will be until they get them back again.

So much for Geemore honouring Evesham warranties.

When is a child an adult?

A Freedom of Information Request by the BBC has discovered that over 3,000 crimes were committed by under-10’s who can’t be prosecuted because they are below the age of criminal responsibility.

This has naturally led some to ask – including the BBC – whether the age of criminal responsiblity should be lowered.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland already have one of the lowest ages of criminal responsiblity with only Scotland and some US states trying children as adults at a younger age – 8 and 6 years old respectively.

My eldest son is 9 years old and at that age he he knows right from wrong.  However, I don’t think that he is mature enough to fully appreciate the consequences of his actions which is pretty important when you consider whether someone has knowingly broken the law with an understanding of the consequences or whether they have done so with diminshed responsibility.

Don’t worry, I’m not going soft – a child under 10 can still be tried and punished for their actions if they are old enough to know right from wrong but they will be treated as a child, not an adult.

The Childrens Society is calling for the age of criminal responsibility to be raised to 14 which would bring us in line with Germany, Austria, Russia and Japan.

I think 10 is probably about the lowest age to expect a child to have the same understanding of the consequences of their actions as an adult would.  I certainly wouldn’t be happy with the age being lowered but then I wouldn’t necessarily be happy with it being raised either.  On balance, I think 10 is fine and as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Greece gets EU aid

The EU has pledged aid to Greece following the devastating fires they have experienced in the last couple of weeks.

A €3m emergency aid package has also been approved for the hurricane victims in the Carribean.

Meanwhile, English flood victims still haven’t recieved a penny from Federal Europe and most likely never will.

Let her rest in peace

It’s been 10 years since Princess Diana and the media has been giving it some coverage, although not as much as I expected.

I really wish they would let her rest in peace though … because I’m sick to death of hearing about how frigging great she was when, to be quite frank, she was nothing special at all.

Scottish Labour leader defends subsidy

The Scottish Liebour leader, Wendy Alexander (Douglas Alexander’s sister apparently), has basically told English people to shut up whining about the fact that they subsidise Scotland to the tune of £11.3bn.

Alexander said:

It does not come down to numbers. Every part of the UK outside London is a net beneficiary from the Exchequer, and Scotland does not get a uniquely good deal.

That argument, that England would be better off without Scotland, would lead you to declare UDI for London . . . and would lead to California seceding from the rest of the United States.

There’s a small flaw in her argument though – London is in England, Scotland isn’t.  Subsidising other parts of your own country is slightly different to subsidising ungrateful foreigners that hate you.

Liebour, in all its national incarnations, is corrupt and blatantly racist.  Wendy Alexander is a Member of the Scottish Parliament and she should keep her bigotted, interfering nose out of English business.