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No Election

No Mandate Brown, the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan, has decided not to call an election after all.

After seeing the latest batch of opinion polls showing that support for the Conswervatives was increasing whilst support for Liebour was decreasing, he has decided that he “wants a mandate on policy, not on promises”.  Or votes for that matter.

God, how I hate that lying, conniving, cheating, unelected, illiberal, disrespectful, cowardly, dictatorial, two-faced turd.

Like I said the other day, the Ignorant Jock shouldn’t have any say whatsoever on when an election is called.  An election is an opportunity for the people to give or take away the mandate of the ruling party, not a political tool to be used for the benefit of the party or personal career or the Prime Minister – especially when that Prime Minister has never contested an election as leader of his party and has no right to interfere in domestic policies in England.  The timing of elections should be the responsibility of an independent body – the Electoral Commission would be perfect if it could ever be made impartial – and not the ruling party.  It’s an absolute sham.

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What will Brown be doing for Scotland?

This morning I asked “What will Brown be doing to England“?  Tonight I’m asking, “What will Brown be doing to Scotland”?

What was in Britishness Brown’s speech today?

Well, he’s promised to stand up for schools* and hospitals* and British values*.  He also wants to build 10 new “eco-towns”*.

He wants to increase stop and search powers for the police* and says that hospitals will be getting a good clean to tackle MRSA*.


So, what is there in No Mandate Brown’s speech for Scotland, the country he was elected in?  Simple – absolutely chuff all.  Every domestic policy in his speech only applies to England because, in his own constituency in Scotland, they are all the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament.  Education, Health, Housing & Planning and Police are all devolved in Scotland and Gordon the Goblin King has not secured a single vote to give him a mandate on any of these issues.  British values and Britishness in general is reserved only for England.  Britishness lessons in schools, the British flags on public buildings – only in England, never in Scotland.

And how many newspapers or news channels have pointed out this shocking, undemocratic, morally and democratically corrupt state of affairs?  None of them.

What will Brown be doing to England?

The BBC tells us what No Mandate Brown is planning to announce in his Liebour Party Conference speech.

He’s going to be backing greater use of stop and search by the Police.  Doesn’t apply in Scotland.

He’s going to cut cancer waiting lists so you can have longer to accept the fact that because you’re English you aren’t allowed the same expensive cancer treatments that they have in Scotland and as a result are going to have to die.  Doesn’t apply in Scotland.

He will remove barriers for poor people to get a university education.  Barriers such as top-up fees which only English students pay thanks to MP’s elected in Scotland forcing through the vote against the will of a majority of English MP’s?  Don’t bank on it.  Doesn’t apply in Scotland.

SNP motion to congratulate England

Britishness Brown, the non-mandate British Prime Minister, was too busy to phone Steve McLaren to congratulate him on England’s 3-0 victory over Russia last week but managed to find the time to phone Alex McLeish, the Scottish manager, to congratulate him on their defeat of France on the same night.

Even though No Mandate Brown professes to be British to the core and treat English and Scottish equally, he makes no effort whatsoever to actually live up to his false claims.

The SNP have tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament congratulating England on their defeat of the Russians whilst Liebour were responsible for one of the five motions in the Scottish Parliament congratulating Scotland on beating France.

I really fail to understand why No Mandate Brown persists on keeping up this pretence that he even likes English people, let alone considers us equal to his beloved homeland.  He signed the Scottish Claim of Right affirming Scotland’s right to chose the best form of government for itself and pledging to put Scotland’s interests first and foremost.  He hasn’t renounced that pledge and has done nothing to indicate that he no longer intends to put Scotland’s interests first.

NHS Review

Lord Darzi, appointed by No Mandate Brown to “reform” the English NHS, is aiming to get GP’s to see their patients out of hours.

GP’s used to run out-of-hours surgeries but the British government gave them new contracts that allowed them to pass their obligations on to NHS Direct with a hefty pay rise to keep them voting Labour happy.  It has been suggested that GP’s should be paid more to see their patients out of hours, possibly by allowing them to charge patients to see them out of hours.

Lord Darzi’s report won’t be made public for another 3 weeks but it has been presented today to the rump cabinet.  No Mandate Brown looked particularly happy with the report – probably because if it all goes tits up it doesn’t affect a single person who voted for him.

How Ironic

The Tibetan government in exile is visiting England on an official fact-finding visit to the British Parliament.

The Tibetan government in exile has its base in Dharamsala in India and are looking for tips on how to form policy and introduce laws but, says the BBC, “this is tricky when you are not actually in the country you are trying to form a government for”.

Well gentlemen, you came to the right place. No Mandate Brown is an expert on passing laws in a different country when he can’t do so in the country he’s based in.

More regionalisation from Brown

No Mandate Brown has shown that he is hell-bent on the destruction of our country and the imposition of regional government whether we want it or not.

Hot on the heels of his appointment of regional ministers to each of the euroregions in England (the West Midlands has been lumbered with Liam Byrne, MP for Hodge Hill, ensuring the regional bureaucracy remains centred on Birmingham) comes regional question time and regional committees.

It also looks like the regional ministers will be responsible for overseeing the appointment of the chair and board of the regional development agencies, meaning that regional quangos will be even more politicised and loyal to the Labour Party.

Buggering up the English NHS … again

The Financial Times reports that No Mandate Brown left a little present for the English before he left the Treasury – a £2bn cut in funding for the English NHS.

It’s not the fact that he has no mandate on health with it being devolved in his own constituency, it’s not that he kept it quiet until after his coronation, it’s the fact that the Barnett Formula is being fudged so that the cut in health funding won’t be passed on to Scotland that makes me so fucking angry.

The Goblin King has defended the Barnett Formula saying that it’s a fair way of distributing funding to the “nations and regions” based on need.

Draft Local Transport Bill – Hansard

Not much information in the Hansard on the Draft Local Transport Bill – no dissenters, no cries of “NO MANDATE” from the opposition benches.

However, the Hansard for the bill does start thus:

Draft Local Transport Bill

The Secretary of State for Scotland (Mr. Douglas Alexander):
I am today publishing a draft Local Transport Bill, for public consultation and parliamentary pre-legislative scrutiny.

Forgive me if I’m starting to sound like a broken record but TRANSPORT IS DEVOLVED.  Why is the Secretary of State for Scotland, an MP elected in Scotland, introducing a bill that only applies to England?