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Another day, another database

The British government is photographing every house from the air with infrared cameras and then knocking on doors and telling residents how much heat is escaping from their homes.

The figures will, of course, be stored in the obligatory database that will no doubt be linked to the council tax database at some point to tax people on their energy efficiency, or lack thereof.  It will, I imagine, eventually be linked into the new energy efficiency certificate database and the home information pack database and the electoral register database.

I can’t find any information about this online.  I’m particularly interested to know if this is happening outside of England because the environment is a devolved policy and the responsibility of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments in their own countries.  And, of course, I’m also keen to know who is doing the photography so I can tell them I don’t want my house photographed or anyone to visit me.

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Nokia 1984

nokia_c-u-n-t.pngI’m reading Taking Liberties again at the moment (well, not right at this moment, obviously) because it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself every now and again of the extent to which this bunch of twats in Westminster are destroying our rights and liberties.

So it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to learn that the British government intends to pass a law forcing everyone who buys a mobile phone to provide formal identification which will be logged in the new communications database to tie up all your phone and email records.

Some reaction from the blogging world here, here and here.

Come the revolution, there’s not going to be enough hemp to go around.

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Thank you my Lords

The House of Lords has rejected 42 days internment for “terrorist” suspects by 309 votes to 118 – apparently the biggest defeat in the House of Lords in living memory.

If proof was needed of the importance of an independent upper house, unaffected by the whims and whips of party politics, this is surely it.  Despite the hysterical wailings of Jacqui Smith, the power-mad fascist Home Secretary, the Lords’ vote not only reflected the will of the majority of the electorate but it was also the right thing to do.

Career politicians like Jacqui Smith will quite happily throw away centuries old civil liberties to appear to be doing something about the supposed threat from terrorism and to tighten the British government’s stranglehold over us.  Thank god the unelected House of Lords once again showed our elected representatives how to do the right thing.

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Deported for committing thought crimes

Via an Englishman’s Castle, an Australian holocaust denier has been arrested in the UK to be extradited to Germany to stand trial for breaking their holocaust denial laws.

Dr Toben runs a holocaust denial website which is illegal in Germany but not in England. He was in transit from the US to Dubai, stopping off in the UK, when police boarded the plane and arrested him for German thought crimes.

Toben will be extradited to Germany under a European Arrest Warrant – another anti-terrorism law that’s being abused – which requires only that the subject of the warrant has been accused of something that is a crime in an EU member state. No evidence is required, or even requested. There is no right of appeal and extradition is granted automatically. Most importantly, the offence that the subject is accused of doesn’t have to be a crime in the country it was supposed to have been committed in.

Under EU rules, Germany would have been within its rights to have demanded the extradition of Prince Harry for breaking their laws banning the glorification of Naziism when he dressed up in an SS uniform because, despite being a prince and 3rd in line to the throne, under EU rules he is an ordinary EU citizen.

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England Expects shut down by EU

It’s no secret that Federal Europe hates blogs – they don’t like the idea of a source of topical information and commentary that they can’t control. Hence their calls for regulation of blogs.

Sadly, they have found a way of silencing Gawain Towler, the author of England Expects. Gawain works for the Independence and Democracy group in the EU Parliament and is bound by their rules which says he isn’t allowed to do anything that brings Federal Europe into disrepute or otherwise gives the impression that the undemocratic, corrupt European Union is anything other than the best thing since sliced bread. I’m paraphrasing here but you get the picture.

Unfortunately, the threat of being fined up to four months’ salary by Federal Europe’s propaganda police means that he has got to stop writing his blog and another independent voice of dissent has been drowned out by the eurofederalists.

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Telford & Wrekin Leader issues apology over fascist policy

It seems Telford & Wrekin Council’s sockpuppet, Chris Pettman, was wrong when he disagreed with me that they would climb down over their fascist policy of interrogating and adults in the park without a child.

Shortly after Chris Pettman’s comment, the Leader of the Council, Andrew Eade, issued an apology and said that the letter from the Council’s Sport & Leisure Manager was wrong and it wouldn’t be happening.

A victory for common sense.

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More on the Telford Town Park facists

Telford & Wrekin Council have tried backtracking over their plans to question adults without children in Telford Town Park after receiving widespread condemnation, claiming that the Shropshire Star exaggerated the story and that there were no plans to routinely interrogate people.

This is despite a letter from the Sport & Recreation Manager at the council saying, in a letter to a resident:

From our previous correspondence with you, you will be aware that our town park Staff approach adults that are not associated with any children in the Town Park and request the reason for them being there.

That doesn’t need any exaggerating, it’s already pretty diabolical as it is.

The backtracking will no doubt turn into a climbdown pretty soon.  The Home Office have waded in to say that it’s not their idea and that the council has no right to interrogate people in a public place.  The Shropshire Star aren’t letting it go, Telford Council Watch has organised a protest for 10:30am Saturday morning and the story is in the Metro, the Daily Mail and the Torygraph.  There’s also blog coverage on the Devil’s Kitchen, Liberal England, Why England Needs a Parliament, Lib Dem Voice, Views from the Asylum, Connecting the Dots in the New World Order, Crimes and Corruptions of the New World Order and Legally Kidnapped.

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Telford tries its hand at facism

You would be forgiven for thinking that Telford & Wrekin Council had decided to revive the Imperial Fascist League given their recent pronouncements on the town park.

Telford Town Park was given to the people of the town with covenants protecting it as a park with free and open access for all in perpetuity.

Telford and Wrekin Council - FascistsA few weeks ago, a well-known local protester was evicted from the park for dressing up as a penguin and handing out climate change propaganda.  Now, this is someone I’ve locked horns with on more than one occasion and of course I don’t agree with her views on climate change (she believes in anthropogenic climate change, I have common sense) but on this we agreed – she has every right to stand in a public place and hand out leaflets as long as she doesn’t harass anyone.  The council officers who evicted her from that public place had no right to do so and several people told them so.  They even told her that you are only allowed to hand out leaflets in the park if you have had a Police CRB check and signed a declaration agreeing to all sorts of restrictions.  This is, of course, a load of bollocks – they cannot impose these conditions on anyone wanting to use a public place.
But they don’t let the little matter of acting without authority get in the way.  No, rather than apologise for harassing someone going about their lawful business they have announced that anyone seen in the park without a child will be challenged by their agents who will want to know who they are and why they are in the park without a child.

I’m a father of four and I want my children to be safe.  What I don’t want is the type of society where everyone is assumed to be guilty.  Have they never heard of the phrase “you can’t see the wood for the trees”?

The council’s pronouncement has gone down like a lead balloon locally and a protest has been organised for Saturday morning by Telford Council Watch.  I’ll be there sans enfants to show the facists at Telford & Wrekin Council what I think of their new rules and to exercise my right, as per the legally binding contract that transferred ownership of the park to the Telford Development Corporation (now susbumed into the council), to free and open access to the park.

See also:
Devil’s Kitchen
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British government wants video websites to self-censor

Part of the British government’s plan to censor the internet includes requiring video websites to vet all their content before it’s published.  This, they claim, will protect us from seeing porn and happy slapping and the like.

There is, of course, a pretty simple way of protecting yourself from viewing porn and violence on the internet – don’t look at it.  If a film says “Me an’ my bredren slappin’ jamal” then the chances are it’s not going to be a trailer for Bambi.  If it’s tagged “deep throat” or “hard core” then there is a very good possibility it’s not the kind of video you’d watch with your gran.

The idea of requiring people like YouTube to vet every video submitted to their site will effectively kill off their free service.  The main reason why YouTube has millions of videos and millions of users is because it’s free.  If they have to employ a couple of thousand people to pro-actively vet their content then they will have to start charging for it and that will effectively kill off video websites.

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German Police dig up grave to retrieve flag

Hindu swastika elephant coinGerman police in Passau have dug up the grave of a neo-nazi to remove a swastika flag that was thrown onto it when he was buried.

The swastika is banned in Germany, along with other symbols of Naziism and the glorification of Naziism.  It is illegal to posess a swastika (presumably Hindu’s are allowed a swastika as it’s a religious symbol) in any form, to do a  Nazi salute, to say that Hitler wasn’t a bad man (he was but some people think he wasn’t), to deny the holocaust happened (it obviously did but again, some people think it didn’t) and it’s even illegal to play a world war 2 computer game that allows you to win as the Nazi’s.

Best of all, under the European Arrest Warrant you can be arrested and deported by German police and charged with breaking their laws in England, they don’t even have to provide evidence of your “crime” before they deport you and you don’t get to appeal beforehand.

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British government want to censor the internet

DK talks about the latest murmurings about regulating the content of websites and blogs and suggests several, quite obscene and medical things, that the British government can do with their idea of curtailing freedom of speech.

If the British government intends to censor the internet with draconian, illiberal legislation then I’ll just do what Guido and others do and host and publish my blog overseas.

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Public bodies used “anti-terrorism” laws to make over half a million requests for information like phone and internet records last year.

In 2006 only 350,000 requests for information were made by public bodies, in 2007 that had risen to 519,000.

The legislation that lets public bodies such as local councils get this information and carry out surveillence is the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) which was brought in to help tackle serious and organised crime and terrorism.  Since then it has predictably degenerated into a free for all with councils using it to mount surveillence operations on people suspected of not picking up dog shit and parents they suspect of lying about being in a school catchment area.

And while all this happens we are told to trust the state with these powers.  We are told that we don’t need to worry that the British government now has the power to detain somebody for a month and a half without charge on suspicion of terrorist offences because it’ll only be used in extreme circumstances and only for real terrorist offences, not the multitude of offences under the Terrorism Act that aren’t terrorism but are covered by the internment law.

We are told not to worry about having more CCTV than any other country in the world because it’s just for our protection, to keep our streets safe.  But CCTV is now being used to prosecute motorists for parking offences without anyone having to put a ticket on the vehicle and potentially weeks after the alleged offence has occured when the driver will have forgotten what the circumstances were.

The police routinely collect fingerprints and DNA samples of everyone they interview and keep those details forever.  The law had to be changed to allow them to do this because they illegally kept details for hundreds of thousands of innocent people that they had obtained under a law that required them to remove the details if the subject was innocent.

We are all to be required to submit our biometric data – fingerprints, iris scans, DNA – to a centralised database so that the British government can use ID cards to track our movements.  Don’t worry about the fact that fingerprints and iris scans can be falsified very easily if you wanted to put in the effort or that you can buy card readers off the internet now that will read an ID card.  Don’t worry about the fact that you can buy a card reader off eBay that will read the contents of the ID chip on a passport from inside a sealed envelope.

Just how fucking stupid do you have to be to believe that all this is for our own good, for our protection?  What kind of a retard genuinely believes that every new law that infringes civil liberties won’t be abused from the day it becomes law?

We are the most illiberal, spied-on state on the planet yet we let the power-mad despots running the country pass more and more of these laws.  We can’t even go to London and protest about it any more because the police will shove cameras in our faces and arrest us for terrorist offences!

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Liebour coward criticises David Davis

Tony McNulty, the Liebour Home Office minister who helped bully and bribe the recent “anti-terrorism” legislation through the British Parliament, has criticised David Davis for resigning and forcing a by-election to give the electorate their only chance to have a vote on the abolition of civil liberties.

McNulty says that David Davis should have made his arguments in Parliament instead of allowing voters to have a say.  He went on to say “It does not need David Davis to give the country permission to have a debate on the issues”.  No, so whose permission do we need?  David Davis and many other MPs made arguments against the legislation in the British Parliament but Liebour bullied their own MPs and bribed others into backing their illiberal constitutional abortion.  The country certainly hasn’t been allowed a debate on the issues – we’ve been dictated to by power-mad facists desperate to abolish civil liberties and human rights to secure their Orwellian dictatorship.

McNulty says that while No Mandate Brown can be likened the dashing romantic hero of sorts, Heathcliffe from Wuthering Heights, David Davis is more like Homer Simpson.  I don’t have a particularly high opinion of David Davis after his shameful abandonment his principles for political gain – just like so many Liebour politicians have done over “anti-terrorism” measures – but Home Simpson?  Actually, that might not be quite the insult McNulty intended.  Homer Simpson always ends up doing the right thing after all.

On the Simpsons theme, who would you compare the Liebour cabinet to?  El Gordo would have to be Mr Burns of course, the despotic old man whose brain is on another planet.  Harriet Harperson would have to be Mrs Krabappel, the deperate old trout and what about McNulty?  Nelson Muntz perhaps?

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How long will knife suspects be locked up for?

The Counter Terrorism Bill that will allow suspects of terrorist offences such as teaching someone to shoot a gun, protesting outside parliament or saying “nonsense” to Jack Straw to be locked up for a month and a half without charge hasn’t even passed through the House of Lords yet and already the British government is scratting around for something else to introduce draconian legislation for.

No Mandate Brown has, predictably in light of recent headlines, decided that they “will take any legislative measures that are necessary to deal with knife crime in our country”.  The Met Police have already announced that knife crime has replaced terrorism as their top priority and of course the Met Commissioner and Liebour lap dog, Sir Ian Blair, was more than happy to regurgitate his party’s propaganda on terrorism to give Liebour the request from the police for more powers that they were looking for to convince readers of the Sun that they were doing the right thing.

You mark my words, very soon we’ll hear announcements that internment is going to be extended to people suspected of knife crime as well as “terrorists”.  This is just another excuse for a power grab by the totalitarian wankers in Westminster, another excuse to erode our rights and liberties by the power mad despots that form this modern day rump parliament and it won’t stop until England is renamed Airstrip One.  And I bet you a pound that the new legislation, when it comes, will be just as badly written as the “anti-terror” legislation and will criminalise anyone legitimately carrying a knife just as the Terrorism Act makes a terrorist of anyone legitimately teaching someone to use a gun.

The most laughable thing about all this sudden interest in knife crime statistics is that knife crime has only recently been reported on seperately from other weapon-related crimes so nobody actually knows what the knife crime trend is!

Anyone know where I can lay my hands on five hundred breeze blocks and a couple of tons of cement?  I really need to get started on that bunker …

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Police force EDP to remove English flags

The English Democrats Party, campaigning in Henley, have been forced by the Police to remove a table bedecked with red and white bunting, citing a local by-law that they have so far failed to provide any details of.  As the English flag is their logo, this makes it understandably difficult for them to go about their business.

This mysterious by-law banning the use of the English flag doesn’t seem to apply to the local CofE church though, the table the EDP had set up was in full view of the church proudly flying the English flag.

It also apparently doesn’t apply to the “butcher’s apron” – red, white and blue bunting is apparently all over the town.

The full story is in the Brussels Journal:

English Democrats Harassed by Police for Flying the Flag

From the desk of A. Millar on Fri, 2008-06-27 17:10

Threats of prosecution or fines for flying the England flag in England is not new, and perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that the English Democrats party – which uses the flag in its promotional material – is reporting that it has become a target of such intimidation. Yet it is different for one very significant reason: that there has been a longstanding, unspoken rule that political parties in Britain should not be harassed by the police, particularly when campaigning. We accustom such behavior with dictatorship, not democracy.

The incident occurred when candidate Derek Allpass and his team were out campaigning on June 21, for the Henley by-election (held June 26). They had set up a table with promotional material, and strung bunting sporting the red cross of St. George around it. However, the team was soon approached by the police and the Town Clerk, the latter of whom allegedly told Allpass, “we don’t want that flag here in Henley.” Darren Riley, the Party’s Kent Chairman, responded by pointing a church that was close by, and likewise flying the England flag (because it was under the denomination of the Church of England), and remarked, “if you don’t want England’s flag flying in Henley you had better take this up with the Vicar too.”

Nevertheless, the authorities claimed that the display of the flag by the English Democrats breached a by-law, and instructed them to remove both the table and bunting. The by-law in question has yet to be shown to the party, though as the town was also strewn with red, white, and blue bunting (signifying the United Kingdom, as opposed to England), one can only wonder how peculiarly specific it must be. There were several witnesses, and the party intends to issue the Town Clerk with a Section 65 Race Relations Act Questionnaire if the by-law does not state what was claimed.

The English Democrats team complied with the request – though not before taking photographs of the display – and continuing their campaigning. Henley is a Conservative safe seat, and was held by Boris Johnson until recently, who prompted the election when he resigned to concentrate on his position as London Mayor.

And the British foreign minister, David Milliband, has the nerve to appear in front of TV cameras and criticise the Zimbabwean tyrant, Robert Mugabe, when agents of the British state are harassing an English political party for displaying the English flag?

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West Mercia Police lied about attempted child abduction

Bit of a strange one here.  A couple of weeks ago a rumour circulated very quickly in Telford of an attempted abduction in the local Chavda supermarket of a young girl by a couple of Poles.

The Police immediately issued a statement which was published in the local paper, the Shropshire Star, saying it was just a rumour and reassuring residents they had nothing to worry about.

Funny that because I’ve just been told today that one of the doctors at the surgery my cousin works at was actually in the supermarket at the time, that the police were called and sealed the building and that they found a young girl in the toilets with two Romanians and a bottle of hair dye which they’d already started using.

So why did the police lie and tell us that there was nothing to worry about when really we should all have been on our guard in case there were any more of them?  I’d quite seriously like to know actually, I have young children that need protecting from threats like this.

Could it be anything to do with Hazel Blears’ instructions to local authorities and press that they should practice self-censorship on stories that might cause ethnic tensions?

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Those who would give up Essential Liberty …

I’ve been debating internment and the Terrorism Act with my councillor, George Ashcroft, over at his place. Despite being a Conswervative, he supports the detention without trial of “terrorism” suspects for a month and a half.

I’ve pointed out some serious flaws in the Terrorism Act such:

  • Section 3 says that if you use a gun to endanger a persons life then that’s an act of terrorism whether it’s for what we would consider terrorism or not.
  • Section 54 says that if you give or receive weapons or explosives training then it’s an act of terrorism whether it’s for legitimate purposes (such as a job) or not.
  • Section 58 says that holding or publishing any information that may be useful to a terrorist such as a newspaper telling people the Queen is going on a trip to Wonkoville tomorrow is an act of terrorism.

It’s a shitty, shitty piece of legislation and defines terrorism so loosely that it would be quite easy to abuse it and lock someone up for a month and a half without charge on terrorism charges even if they’re not a terrorist.

I’ve pointed this out to George thinking that he’d see sense, that his distrust of socialists and knowledge of history and politics (he’s studying for a degree in it) would make him realise that you can’t just give such sweeping, illiberal powers to the British government when they can quite easily be abused.

I asked him if he thought it would be a legitimate use of the Terrorism Act to treat an armed robber as a terrorist and lock them up for a month and a half and to my surprise, he does. The threat of terrorism is apparently so severe that we have to give up our rights, freedoms and liberty to protect us from the terrorists who want to deprive us of our rights, freedoms and liberty. We’re so at risk from terrorists that we have to submit ourselves to increasingly draconian legislation which is written so loosely and left so open to interpretation that it can be twisted to make a terrorist out of almost anyone.
The trouble is, once you establish a precedent that the British government can take away your rights, freedoms and liberty when they decide that it’s expedient to do so, they are no longer rights – they are then privileges that you can have for as long as the British government says. Those fundamental rights are no longer fundamental, no longer sacrosanct but a footnote in party policy. I’ve tried to get him to understand this but all he does is give the same spiel about how there’s a masked terrorist in everyone’s airing cupboard and a suicide bomber in every school just waiting for the message from Osama Bin Laden (a slight exaggeration).
I’ll leave you with a quote from Benjamin Franklin which has been completely lost on Goerge:

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

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Bob Spink and 42 days

Sarah asked in the comments to this post if UKIP’s MP, Bob Spink, had voted against UKIP party policy and what UKIP members think about it.

Well, the answer is yes, he voted against UKIP policy and what do members think about it?  Well, I for one am not happy that he voted for 42 days internment, not because it’s against UKIP policy but because I disagree with internment.

Obviously I can’t speak for all members but I know that the ginger one was generally pissed off with the whole thing and will be less than pleased with Bob voting for it.  Someone I spoke to today was of the same opinion as me – he voted the wrong way, he voted against party policy but we’d rather he voted with his conscience and how he believed his constituents would want him to vote than how his party told him to.  I detest the whip system no matter which party is operating it.  That said, I don’t think his constituents would want him to vote for it so he was still wrong.
I don’t know if Nigel knew that he was going to vote in favour or not (I don’t have a direct line to him!) but I don’t think it would have made any difference.

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Who’d have thunk it?

David Davis has resigned as an MP so that he can contest a by-election on a manifesto of repealing 42 days internment, getting rid of ID cards and the database state and reducing CCTV.

Apparently, he asked David Camoron to come out and promise to repeal 42 day internment if they win the next election but Captain Flip Flop refused so he resigned.

It’s a shame DD didn’t beat Camoron in the Conswervative Party leadership contest because then, instead of the next Prime Minister being a two-faced, wishy washy cretin, we might actually have someone with principles and a backbone.  Then again, DD was the Conswervatives’ greatest advocate of an English Parliament until he realised that it would harm his prospects in the leadership contest so perhaps his principles only matter when they can be turned into the mother of all publicity stunts.  The Lib Dumb leader, Nick Clegg-over, has agreed not to field a candidate in opposition to DD which I guess DD had already agreed before taking his principled stand because the Lib Dumb candidate wasn’t far off beating him last time there was an election.

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42 days internment

Tomorrow, British MPs will vote on the unconstitutional internment of “terrorism” suspects for up to a month and a half.

The former Atorney General, Lord Cashpoint Goldsmith says that there is no evidence to support the British government’s claim that locking someone up without charge for a month isn’t long enough.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald, says that there is no evidence that an increase is needed.

The Lord Advocate or Scotland, Eilish Angiolini, says there have been no cases where a month wasn’t long enough and supports the DPP’s view that an extension isn’t necessary.

The head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, has said that the security services haven’t asked for the extension.

The head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, says that they may seek a judicial review if the bill is passed because it is a breach of our human rights.

So who wants it?  Well, the British government want it and … Sir Ian Bliar, the head of the Metropolitan Police and lifelong Liebour Party member, wants it and … erm, that’s about it really.  A handful of illiberal traitors think that it’s right to illegally deprive us of our constitutional rights in the face of opposition for almost the entire population.

When Traitor Bliar first tried to get an increase to the limit on internment from 14 days to 3 months the British government said that the police had asked for it.  It transpired – not that the papers bothered to make anything of it – that the British government had written to Chief Constables asking them for their proposals on the illegal detention of terrorists for 3 months.  Liebour will stop at nothing to turn this country into a police state – even Zimbabwean law doesn’t allow the internment of suspected criminal for a month and a half.

It has to be remembered that what you and I consider to be terrorists isn’t necessarily what the law considers to be a terrorist.  To most people, a terrorist is someone who blows up buses or shoots up a few security guards before taking over a government building.  To the British government, a terrorist is someone who carries a blank placard outside Parliament or reads out the names of dead soldiers outside Downing Street.  To the British government, a lorry driving exercising his constitutional right to free assembly outside an oil refinery is a terrorist because he is trying to disrupt the supply of fuel or food.  To the British government, anyone who attempts to get them out of power by means of a protest is a terrorist.

This is what the law says a terrorist is and anyone committing any of the above “crimes” wcould quite easily find themselves illegally detained without charge for a month and a half by the state.  Even when they’re released, without charge, the Home Secretary – using the same “anti-terrorism” laws – can order you be put under house arrest or curfew indefinately.  Even if you’ve been found innocent by a jury of your peers.

Any politician that says the “anti-terrorism” laws brought in by Liebour don’t constitute the beginnings of a police state is either a liar or terminally fucking stupid.

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